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06 September 2022

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam



My measure is the parallel of the current Sri Lankan government’s stated basis in relation to allegations of war-crimes – that they would deal with it ‘internally’. My ‘internal’ measure was based on my own experience with the Australian Government which confirmed the use of ‘migrants’ to ‘show’ multiculturalism but failed to commit itself to practice of Equal Opportunity Laws as interpreted at global/UN level. In a free environment – our truth manifests itself. When we earn and take the true position of ‘Senior’ but overtly limit our expressions to ‘Equal’ in a Court of law, the ‘gap’ converts itself to Absolute power of Sovereignty.’ Excerpt from my book

As per the latest news ‘The Sri Lankan government would be held accountable for the “economic crimes” perpetrated against the people, at the Geneva UNHRC sessions scheduled to commence on 12 Sept., the SJB said yesterday…..

Chief Opposition Whip and SJB Kandy District MP Lakshman Kiriella, addressing the media at the Opposition Leader’s Office in Colombo, said that the UNHRC would table a resolution against Sri Lanka at the Geneva summit and it would be further detrimental to the national interests. “For the first time in UNHRC history this term ‘accountability for economic crimes’ is being used.  The resolution has already been sent to the Foreign Ministry in Colombo. It recognizes the economic crimes and accuses the governments of committing such crimes on people.https://island.lk/sjb-gosl-may-be-held-accountable-for-economic-crimes/

To my mind, by stepping down from the leadership positions, the Rajapaksa brothers demonstrated  value for the People they held as their ‘internal government’. Relatively speaking, the UN is ‘external’.

In my book, I explain the difference as follows:

[Recently, a Tamil Diaspora elder asked me to explain the difference between ‘opinion and belief.’ My response was as follows:

‘Fact’ is the parallel of individual living and operating through  Body, Mind and Soul. The body is ‘seen’, the mind is known and the Soul is beyond the seen and the known.  In ‘fact’ – the parallels are What Happened; Why it is known to have happened and Truth is the invisible Absolute power.

Belief could be our own discovery from zero base and / or a  combination of others’ discoveries and ours. To the extent we feel gratitude towards them – we are them and hence the outcome is owned by both as if we owned the whole.

My own personal analyses went deeper than the above. In terms of physical manifestations in a ‘free’ environment – they confirm our level of ‘input’ in an issue and who our internal audience is. When one seeks to ‘show’ outsiders, one needs evidence. To show our ‘internal audience’, one needs ‘indicators’. Belief is the source of Indicators. ]

The resignation of Rajapaksa Brothers from their respective leadership positions confirms ‘internal solution’. Thereafter the People are accountable for the ‘outcomes’.

As per the news:

 [The report finds fault with the Sri Lankan government for not delivering its commitments during the past 12 months. The report also highlights the use of Prevention of Terrorism Act against unarmed protesters and holding students such as Wasantha Mudalige in detention. The government will have to respond to these accusations and the whole affair is going to be very unfavourable to us and we would be further isolated by the international community” Kiriella said]

Mr Wasantha Mudalige is listed as the Convener of Inter University Students' Federation (IUSF). The government has from time to time taken action against students of the University of Jaffna – on the basis of Preventing Terrorism. In other words, as per our ‘internal indicators’ the LTTE was the Terrorist group in those instances.

The Southern parallel of this is confirmed by Wikipedia, including as follows:

[Violence inside universities has steadily increased due to political intolerance. IUSF has been accused of obstructing and engineering clashes with rival political groups inside universities. In 2009, Prof. Nalin de Silva – Dean of the faculty of Science at the University of Kelaniya – complained that pro-JVP IUSF students have threatened him with death for not agreeing to their political ideologies]

If the UNHRC did not question the government of Sri Lanka in relation to arrest of pro-LTTE students at University of Jaffna, but questions the government for taking action against pro-JVP students – then that by effect is Racism. Shame on the UNHRC.

In terms of LTTE – Tamil mothers are continuing to suffer pain due to unaccounted Persons. If economy is more important than People to the UNHRC, then its mind-structure is at the same level as that of the Sri Lankan government. To be eligible to use the Inquisitorial system, the UNHRC needs to have higher mind structure.

In terms of the final war against the LTTE as well as the recent Protests, the Sri Lankan government has used the Adversarial system of inquiry and action, driven by ‘Internal indicators’. The UNHRC has the duty to respect that and support the government.

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