Tuesday 13 September 2022

13 September 2022

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam




The importance of lawful structures that Sri Lankans have abandoned due to ‘rebel mentality’ surfaced by the passing away of the queen. Rebel mentality based on the seen and the heard,  promotes de facto governments . In Sri Lanka, the political structure collapsed due to continuous rebellions which resulted in de facto governments replacing lawfully structured common governments.

As per Hindu philosophy, all those who pass away and are honoured by us become our holy spirit. Hence the religious ceremonies. Those we honour become Common elders. That is the way of Spirit/Energy – be it positive or negative. To the extent, rebel supporters honour rebel heroes after they pass away, they would inherit rebel genes. This is on the rise in Sri Lanka –  as confirmed by the invasion of public offices by those who desired the benefits of Protests.

I was therefore happy to read the report ‘Sri Lanka declares day of mourning to honour Queen Elizabeth II’ at http://www.adaderana.lk/news/84849/sri-lanka-declares-day-of-mourning-to-honour-queen-elizabeth-ii

I was happy because, the queen represented the highest position in good government – as if she were the ancestral spirit. I oppose those who demonstrated disrespect for the queen.

An American Tamil posed the following question about the queen –

[Who is this woman to us ?]

My response was :

Who is Gotabaya Rajapaksa to this group? If he is nobody why talk so much about him? Our investment in Sri Lanka is our common interest. In Sri Lanka, we continue to practice English law and decisions delivered by the British including through Thesawalamai law. You seem to have separated yourself from Sri Lankans. Hence your question, in Tamil only attitude.

An Australian Tamil overrode that and responded:

[There is a pathetic yearning in many to be linked to the royalty in someway]

My response to this was:

The queen maintained her dignity at all times. Since you do not value the dignity of a woman, you do not appreciate the respect paid to the queen as respect for the queen in your own environment – be it family, workplace or community around you. This is the reason why you kept writing to me as if I were your junior. That is the way with those who marry for pleasure and throw away the institutional values. At the workplace, it is like working for money. At community level, it is like working for status. You then promote de facto structure and not reliable common structures. In this instance – those who respect the queen would promote loyalty in marriage.


Most of us strengthen our belief in good government by following the laws, rules and Due Processes of a government that we know to be reliable. The experience is local. Completion of this local is essential in Democracy. Once completed it becomes Energy. Energy spreads itself wherever there is need.

The Queen represents autocracy which is successful as per time of practice. The older the practice, greater the invisibility of the source. Hence they become the ‘spirit’. At that level, the spirit is ‘common’ to all believers /heirs of that system.

Democracy is based on visible majority believers. Hence the requirement of transparency at outcome level – so followers can ‘see’ and follow.  

The problem in Sri Lanka is that we indiscriminately mix the two systems – once we get to the top. The family rule of Rajapaksas  was autocratic. By indiscriminately mixing it with democracy, they became a messy government. Had they followed the queen and become an invisible spirit – Sri Lanka would be as economically prosperous as Britain.


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