Wednesday 7 September 2022


07 September 2022

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam



Most of us make the mistake of expecting to ‘see’ results / changes after we vote. Not many of us become the leader we vote for. Hence our expectations are imaginary, to the extent we lack belief and/or calculations based on reliable theories. They amount to ‘gambling’. Most are not able to work out how Ranil Wickremesinghe became President without winning a single seat through elections. Now there are indicators that Gotabaya Rajapaksa may also be brought in through that pathway. But Ranil had the support of his own investment in Parliament, directly and through his loyalty to the Party – the UNP.  Belief is exponential power and spreads itself. Dr David Garlick – the founding head of Sports Medicine at the University of NSW said ‘We are ignorant that we are ignorant’.

In the epic Mahabharatham, Thuriyothnan, the head of majority power defeats Tharmar, the head of minority power in a game of dice. The dice were cast by Thuriyothnan’s uncle Sakuni who represents dark Saturn power. Tharmar played for his side. This resulted in minority side losing their kingdom and being exiled.  The great was happened at the end of the period of exile. When Lord Krishna was asked as to why he had not played for Tharmar’s side, and thus prevented the war, Krishna said that he was not asked by Tharmar to play on his behalf. This Krishna said was due to Tharmar not recognizing that he did not know how to gamble. Krishna is god-power and Sakuni is demon-power. If we do not call, or recognise that we do not know, god-power will not come. In current times god-power is positive truth and demon-power is negative truth.

My conclusions in the case of Ranil were presented as follows to one who claimed that Ranil was not clever:

[As per my direct interaction with Ranil, he recognises  academic qualifications – probably because he knows he is not clever. This is also the reason why he respects Mahinda Rajapaksa, who is like JR Jayawardene is clever and cunning. Like Sahuni playing for his nephew Thuriyothnan,  Mahinda played the political game for Ranil. Unlike Ranil and like Tharmar, Gotabaya did not know he did not know politics. So he lost.]

As per current survey the following opinion has been published:

[Very soon, Rajapaksa will get some position in the SLPP or even in Parliament as a National List MP. The so-called public representatives we have sent to Parliament will support it, disregarding the interests of their voters. If we are unfortunate enough, Rajapaksa may even be elected to Parliament. Given the history of clueless voters’ political decisions, that is a possibility that we cannot rule out. We are good at making bad decisions at elections and blaming politicians for that.]

My feelings on this were shared with a Tamil Diaspora Elder (TDE) as follows (The response was to my article ‘UNHRC GUILTY OF RACISM’:


TDE :Your views are factual; thank you: in addition the sessions in March and September seem to be mere talk shops. As those in charge at the helm in  UNHRC appear to be content with passing strictures on those governments not heeding their one sided recommendations - one sided because the criticism on Saudi Arabia’s violations of fundamental rights of some of its people , is not as harsh as its condemnation of China’s violation of human rights against its Islamic community

Gaja: I ceased gradually to expect specific changes at leadership levels. I tend to use ‘what happened’ as accepted  at that level. This is ‘fact’ common to all. But the conclusions I make are as per my own truth in the issue. Take for example the following:

TDE : As Gajendrakumar pointed out, unless the issue of those innocents who surrendered with the white  flag is taken up at the UN security Council, nothing will come out of this entire problem

Gaja: To my mind, those who surrendered with the white flag would not have been ‘innocent’. The civilians who did not take sides are the only innocents in this regard.

We help such ‘innocents’ live a civilian life without unjust discrimination. In the case of Vaddukoddai, it is caste based discrimination that mutated as race in the minds of politicians. Take for example – Sugash Kanagaratnam, TNPF’s media spokesman. His standard of comprehension of  Aragalaya is revealed as follows:

[Not only Sinhala politicians, but also several Tamil politicians who work for the Rajapaksas, participated in the 9 May riot organised by Rajapaksa supporters, alleged Tamil National People’s Front (TNPF) Media Spokesman, Kanagaratnam Sugash.

He claimed that Angajan Ramanathan, Douglas Devananda, Karuna, Pillayan, Viyalendiran, and others hiding within Tamil nationalist parties are to blame for the clash and must explain themselves.]

The above interpretation confirms his ignorance of Sinhalese who were the leaders here. How could he be expected to have in his mind, a global theory to interpret a global ‘fact’. I doubt that Gajendrakumar has a better choice of who could ‘shout’ Tamil Eelam at the drop of a hat. LTTE is now part of the past. It is their Truth that would empower the current generation and not their ‘form’ or worse the benefits they produced.

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