Saturday 1 October 2022


01 October 2022

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam



Mr Sirisena who caused the 2018 Constitutional Crisis as President of Sri Lanka, is now blaming the economic collapse for increase in Sri Lanka’s sex trade:

[“Girl children (gahanu daruwan) from unimaginable (hithun-ner-wuth beri) families are turning to prostitution in a large scale according to what police officials tell us,” ex-President Sirisena was quoted as saying at his party headquarters by Sri Lanka’s Aruna newspaper.]

If there is a group of  - ‘unimaginable (hithun-ner-wuth beri) families in a presidential mind, there must also be an imaginable group that opposes this unimaginable group. That is the fundamental principle of democracy.  Development of the positive value group is the duty of the democratically elected government.

This development is blocked when there is favouritism on social basis.  Mr Sirisena has drawn the lines of demarcation as ‘good families’ and ‘bad families’, as he did against the gay community during the 2018 Constitutional crisis.

Economy first is grouping prostitution with out-migration. They are both money-earning activities for Sri Lanka.  

[Out-migration as well as prostitution are routine trends seen in countries with Sri Lanka style central banks in Latin America whose currencies collapse steeply analysts have warned when the country started on on a devaluationist path]


According to the above, Prostitutes are the parallels of the Diaspora that continues to be involved with Sri Lankan issues. Within the Diaspora also there are those who are positive and those who are negative.  

At fundamental level, prostitution happens when sexual pleasures are rendered for money benefits. When it happens within the boundaries of marriage also – it amounts to prostitution. In Northern Sri Lanka, the law of  Thesawalamai,  minimises this risk of Prostitution in marriage through the conditions governing  the dowry system. When the Mallakam District Court disturbed this ancestral value, in the testamentary case where my husband and I were respondents, I disciplined both side lawyers by stating from my allocated area – that I was ‘not a prostitute’. I later realised that I did so due to my belief-based respect for my ancestors who gave us the law of  Thesawalamai which is a perfect law in terms of inheritance.

In Sri Lankan law common to all communities, prostitution is unlawful. Wikipedia presents the following picture of reality:

[Sri Lanka is primarily a source, destination, and, to a lesser extent, a transit country for women and children subjected to sex trafficking. Some Sri Lankan women are subjected to forced prostitution in CyprusMaldivesMalaysiaSingaporeThailand, and elsewhere. Within the country, women and children are subjected to sex trafficking in brothels. Boys are more likely than girls to be exploited in commercial sex in coastal areas for child sex tourism. In recent years, a small number of women from other Asian and Central Asian countries have been subjected to forced prostitution in Sri Lanka. Police reportedly accept bribes to permit brothels to operate, some of which exploit trafficking victims. Sub-agents collude with officials to procure fake or falsified travel documents to facilitate travel of Sri Lankans abroad]


To the extent we emigrate un-righteously, the negative Energy within us would mutate to make us un-righteous in our new nations, where prostitution may be legal. One who has settled her/his debts to her/his home community in Sri Lanka would carry those community laws as positive ancestral powers and v.v. When they resource Sri Lanka, the value would be exponentially global.

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