Wednesday 14 September 2022


14 September 2022

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam



The best return for me, in sharing my truth is the identification with others’ truth in a free forum. Yesterday, I shared my truth under the title ‘THE QUEEN IS OUR COMMON ANCESTRAL SPIRIT’

This attracted response from a Tamil Diaspora Professional as follows:

[Ranil Uncle, being a "neck tie collar, pocket no dollar man", has to worship the queen followed by the King. In fact he is flying to attend the funeral. Uncle Ranil and King Charles are in the same boat, same age, waited for so long, only got the chairs by sheer chance and never elected by the people and who work for their own wellbeing]

My response was:

[They were never elected because they are both Monarchs. Under the hierarchical system, young ones have to ‘wait’ for their turn. In Ranil’s case, he demonstrated this tendency to ‘wait’ for the Court decision, during the Constitutional crisis. Our courts continue to use English law and hence it makes sense that Ranil would ‘wait’ like a prince, instead of demanding like a rebel. Likewise, Charles.

Ranil goes to pay his respects to the queen who represents that system. This would mean also, that he will be the parallel of Charles – i.e. Governor without Executive powers. The rest will happen when others recognise that British ancestry  in us.]

In the article Sri Lanka’s Left Turnat ,  Journalist Devana Senanayake highlights as follows:

[The mass protests in Sri Lanka that led to the removal of President Gotabaya Rajapaksa and the appointment of a new president, Ranil Wickremesinghe, in July have now stalled. As Wickremesinghe cracks down on dissent, and demonstrators figure out where to go from here, many critics and experts have overlooked the role the country’s left has played in the protest movement.]

I am NOT one of those who overlooked this aspect. I learnt by the truth in the mind of  a pro-Rajapaksa member of a ‘family’ group, that JVP was involved. To the extent my sharing was true, I identified with the truth shared by others in the group.  I developed this through religious elders according to whom ‘when we know ourselves, we identify with others’ truth. Recently, I learned from a family junior, the phrase ‘emotional intelligence.’ I then worked out that it was the same as the wisdom shared by my religious elders.

Most of us, learn from family through the hierarchical pathway. Mr Ranil Wickremesinghe’s family elder in politics is Mr J R Jayawardene. A Tamil elder stated as follows about this:

[Ranil Wickremasinghe is the political son and heir of JR , who is an Anglophile.  So it is not surprising! He might attend Charles’ coronation too .]

What would a monarch do when there is an uprising against her/him? Suppress the uprisers. Hence the use of PTA – Prevention of Terrorism Act – confirming that he was protecting the Monarchy / Executive Presidency inherited from the Rajapaksa brothers.

When Mr Gotabaya Rajapaksa was elected as President, it was due to suppressing Tamil leftists – who were labelled Terrorists . That group of voters rejected Mr Ranil Wickremesinghe. But truth prevailed and he became the heir of King Rajapaksa, and got even with the folks who elected a monarch (Gotabaya Rajapaksa) through a Democratic process. It’s as simple as that! A lesson for all Sri Lankan protestors who abuse the process of Democracy, which,  to be successful, requires us to vote for those we believe in and not those who promise economic prosperity out of borrowed money which has become sin.



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