Thursday 25 August 2022


25 August 2022

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam



To my mind, in Sri Lankan culture, we refer to this ‘Beyond Consciousness’ state as Karmic state. Even though we develop it , after we cease to activate it, it goes beyond our conscious mind, into the Pirapanjam/ பிரபஞ்சம் /Universe.  This could be positive virtue or negative sin.’

This morning, the above discovery was confirmed as follows:

I read the Aljazeera news headed ‘IMF to meet Sri Lanka president to finalise bailout package’ – at

As I read it, the thought came that the timing was common with that of  China's space-tracking ship Yuanwang-5’ which I have in my conscious mind, due to my recent articles.  But the connecting force was Indian – due to my belief in Hinduism.  Yesterday, I shared this belief with a fellow Hindu who sought to know about Shiva and His consort Shakthi/Energy:

Shivan is the Consciousness in your mind. When you go deeper into your mind, the memory is part of your  unconscious mind. When memory  goes beyond our conscious mind, into the Pirapanjam/ பிரபஞ்சம் /Universe, it becomes Energy.   This could be positive virtue or negative sin. In the case of Shakthi, Lord Shiva’s Consort,  it is positive. When this is Equal to our conscious memory, – we live in the present. When conscious mind dominates, we tend to live as per our past. When positive unconscious mind dominates we become creative mothers. Then we are like the mitochondriathe powerhouse of the cell.

 It must have been this power that took me to the article ‘China 'spy vessel' reinforces its attempt to exploit Sri Lanka’ at

This article included the following:

Beijing has been happier extending new loans than writing off old ones, thus fulfilling a role akin to that of International Monetary Fund which provides cash-strapped countries with emergency financing, channel news Asia reported.’

To my mind the thought that I first had was an indicator due to my belief in India through Hinduism. Hence the confirmation that it was positive came from an Indian source – ANI.

 I conclude that the Chinese ship came to fight against IMF

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