Friday 19 August 2022


19 August 2022

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam



During Aragalaya,  Australian media reported about it to render the impression that the Protestors  were democratic. In Democracy, the Opposition is considered to be Equal in law. In truth, this is the case where one group believes through an alternate pathway to the group that forms government. Prescriptive / Native Title is recognised in Sri Lankan law on the basis of belief being superior to money.

I believe that I am a practising Hindu. In terms of Islam, I respect Muslims but I do not practise it to claim belief.  Hence when in the company of a Muslim in a ‘free environment’ our respective beliefs would silently ‘oppose’ each other, to protect the purity of our respective beliefs.

Belief is a sovereign power. A sovereign power protects itself and therefore its believers. A sovereign power is Absolute. Once we go into it as virtual reality, - for example through meditation – we are unaffected by external powers. That is the value of indigenous heritage.  If disrespected, its awakening would be exponentially negative. Likewise, if respected its protection would be exponentially positive. Hence we pay our respects to ancestors.

In my article headed ‘PRESIDENT’S MIND – INDIGENOUS? I present my belief as follows:

[Living with the Spirits is the pathway of Indigenous folks.  Sri Lanka’s indigenous folks are known as Veddas who were hunters. All others are migrants – mostly from India.]

Now that we acknowledge that Sri Lanka is a failed democracy, it would be futile to keep measuring outcomes through democracy. If we openly practice autocracy, Sri Lanka would lose a good proportion of its intellectuals to Western nations. This includes ‘business-minded’ politicians like Basil Rajapaksa.  Mahinda Rajapaksa has remained Sri Lankan and hence has become ‘indigenous’ due to isolating LTTE community during the final stages of the war.

The LTTE itself represented indigenous Tamil community and hence by actual separation they were defeated by the ‘Enemy’. To qualify as Opposition, one needs a common base. Neither ‘Sinhala only’ folks, nor ‘Tamil only’ folks qualify  as Opposition in Sri Lanka. They would successfully lead in their respective indigenous areas. So long as they maintain their physical distance from each other, they would contribute to the sovereignty of Sri Lanka through their own indigenous group sovereignty. Their links are Common Sri Lankans to whom English is the foremost language.

There are also the likes of Subaskaran Allirajah of UK and Raj Rajaratnam of USA, who are indigenous Tamils due to the ethnic war in Sri Lanka. In Tamil culture there is a saying ‘திரைகடல் ஓடியும் திரவியம் தேடு/ Thirai kadal odiyum thiraviyam thedu / go beyond the seas and seek treasures’. Hence their extraordinary business wealth. This is due to the exponential power of Indigenous Tamil culture.  So long as they are part of that community in their mind, they would be unaffected by rights and wrongs from outside.

Now that the pro-LTTE groups have been delisted, these entrepreneurs will bring their wealth (intelligence and money) to Northern Sri Lanka. That was the clever move by President Wickremesinghe, backed by Mahinda Rajapaksa who came to power by paying LTTE.


That brings us to Indo-China influence in Sri Lanka, presented as follows:

[Sri Lanka has referred to the Yuan Wang 5 as a "scientific research ship", but there are fears in India that the vessel could be used to surveil the region, with multiple media reports calling it a "dual-use spy ship" ]at

Both India and China are conscious of global status. India uses Democracy and China uses Money (like the above Tamils) towards this. If India believes in Sri Lanka, as a Buddhist county, Sri Lankan Buddhists would mind-merge with them. India’s connection with indigenous Tamils is a Natural power due to Hinduism. But the Chinese government is neither Hindu nor Buddhist. A spy ship is also a Research ship – due to the mind connection. So long as Indian common mind is religious, the China government cannot infiltrate the Indian mind. Certainly not in Sri Lanka – where religions are actively practiced.


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