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22 August 2022

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam



Australians driven by money, tend to find America attractive. When they realise that they are second class in America, they come back to Australia and tend to treat Australians (including migrants) who remained here as their juniors. A good example of American who so returned to Australia, is the former Vice Chancellor of the University of NSW, Professor Rory Hume, and the example of good migrant Australian is the former chancellor – Dr John Yu. The former neglected his duty and sent me to prison for Peaceful Assembly through due process, while the latter encouraged me to seek a negotiated ‘settlement’. They picked up the respective Energies stored as Corporate wisdom at UNSW. Dr Yu effectively dismissed the Vice Chancellor over student – fee issue. That to me was return karma, for my own resignation, after being recognised as a good migrant.  Karma works as per the level at which we are true to ourselves.

Karma, as per my discovery happens when our thoughts and actions become Truth. When our actions are driven by desire, they are like benefits for which we have not paid the costs. The equal opposite of desire is fear. Unearned pleasures therefore store their equal and opposite costs as fear/anxiety in the subconsciousness mind, which is like purgatory. When forgotten, this goes deeper and becomes part of our unconscious mind. We refer to this as karma.

In the interview published at  https://www.sundaytimes.lk/220821/columns/mahinda-says-he-would-have-advised-gotabaya-not-to-flee-the-country-492475.html , it is reported that Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa stated:

[President Ranil Wickremesinghe has my approval for the course of action he has taken.  On the recourse to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Mahinda Rajapaksa declared, “I too would have gone. Of course, not to go to them is a political slogan and most have been attacking the IMF.”]

The expression ‘ President Ranil Wickremesinghe has my approvalreveals that the former President was taking Senior position with the current President . This confirms subconscious memory not only of his own past but also projecting it in the form of his son Namal becoming President.

The confession ‘Of course, not to go to them is a political slogan’  confirms desire and cheating his own consciousness. When left unaddressed, it goes into his unconscious mind and therefore his karma. Karma is driven by the Universal Energy of Truth. For his part, Mahinda will be reborn in a less orderly environment than the one he presided over. Likewise, all his heirs.

A journalist wrote during a group discussion:

[The funniest part is the Present President installed by unprecedented precedence whose ascendency to presidency was due to  “Aragalaya” like a mushroom is illegally playing the role of a Wood Pecker. There is a saying in Sinhala “Kottoruwa kottagana kottagana yai Kehel Gahata Kottapu Dawasa Ivarai” meaning the wood pecker will keep pecking strong barks; the day it lays the beak on a plantain tree, he had it”. That’s what had happened now after arresting Wasantha Mudalige under the obnoxious clauses of the draconian PTA..]

My response was:

It was legal/constitutional. May be unethical to some, but not illegal unless the court declares it so, on the basis of a Sri Lankan complainant.  To my mind, this is the parallel of my book being taken to National Library of Australia via Congress library without my knowledge.  In Ranil’s case the Common Tamil vote of approval is his in the President’s position. But not so the Rajapaksas. Mahinda feared his own weaknesses. Gota was one of his media. Now that that had been accomplished, Mahinda’s priority is his son. Ranil is free of such desire. He prefers to go with the flow. To the extent he earned the trust of Sri Lankans – especially intellectuals – through his own commitment to the intellectual pathway, he was cheated by the masses. Then the intellectuals surfaced through the protestors. Those arrested are abusers of the education system. Ranil’s wife strengthens this natural entitlement that Ranil has earned, due to her being humble. This is why the lady leader in a family is known as Shakthi/Energy. The subconscious becomes Energy – positive or negative with time. You cannot measure this through physical measures – such as ‘votes’.

Note : Wasantha Mudalige is listed by Wikipedia, ‘as the Convener of Inter University Students' Federation (IUSF). Also :

[IUSF comprises student unions representing main universities and Action Committees of all universities in Sri Lanka. The sole official of the union is known as the convener. Convener carries out all administrative and legal work on behalf of the union. Inter University Bhikku Federation is an affiliated organization to IUSF ….

Conduct of the student union has drawn much criticism in media and university administrations. As a result, University of Jaffna banned IUSF from entering to the university premises in June 2010. Previously, University of Colombo and University of Moratuwa have taken steps to ban the student group from the university. IUSF has been accused of the murder of Samantha Vithanage, a third year Management student of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura, who pioneered an anti-ragging campaign in the university

IUSF admits that it uses strikes as the primary method to meet their demands as it sees no other plausible way. This has raised number of issues regarding the student discipline. Boycotting lectures has caused delays in student graduation time and cancellation of studentships in number of occasions.

IUSF is also criticized for not being able to take necessary action to prevent ragging in Sri Lankan universities. Instead, rival groups such as International Students for Social Equality have suggested that IUSF uses ragging as a means of attracting a following among more backward students. At the beginning, senior students alleged that ragging served as a social equalizer in the universities. But with the emergence of JVP-backed student unions such as IUSF, ragging has served primarily to ensure the continuing domination of JVP political power within the universities, academics suggest]

The global media ‘saw and interpreted’ the protests – as per their desires. Sri Lankans who were not committed to ethics – kept feeding them. But the Truth finds its own way to those in need – in this instance true education to develop and independent mind.

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