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06 August 2022

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam



How does one know a true protestor? The answer from within is through one’s own true protest and/or by belief in one over a long unbroken period. Recently, when a Tamil claimed that the Galle Face protestors were genuine, I asked him ‘They did not want Gota and he went; Now they do not want Ranil who is the long-term   Opposition of Gota’s party. Then does that not confirm that they are seeking to weaken the structure  of  Democratic Parliament?

Non Violent protests are an integral part of Democracy. To earn the moral authority to protest, one needs to have the approval of her/his own investment in Democracy. Many practice reverse autocracy and call it a right. The JVP & LTTE are such groups. Today, an LTTE heir sent me a communication headed ‘What LEE KWAN YEW said about the intention of Singhalese

LTTE Heir quotes :  “When Ceylon got independence from British in 1947

the intention of the 14 to 16 million Singhalese is to

dominate and to bring down two million Tamils in Jaffna

to their level.]


Gaja:  It means they wanted to ‘rule’. In democracy that is right. They sought to be seniors – just like the Vellalar in Vaddukoddai do even now.


LTTE Heir quotes : Jaffna Tamils had the tradition being the best educators, being the administrators, being the judges, being the professionals ........


Gaja:  That was the ‘balance’ when one forewent Senior status to accept the system of Democracy and therefore majority rule. Minorities who were equally good or better than the government, became cleverer with higher intelligence. That is how there is Equal status in Parliament to the party that polls 2nd highest votes. From my experience here in Australia, I know this to be true.

But when we seek to separate, we become majority and hence lose that intelligence – as has happened in North. You will know this if you live there now. God always balances the equilibrium. Those who believe in God/Truth will know this.

To become eligible to the higher intelligence, one has to be independent and respectful of the ruling power. The way to be independent is to not take any subjective benefits and interpret the policy through one’s own structure. I do not know of one Tamil current politician who qualifies for such divine attribute.

End of communication.


Now many are referring to Ranil as a fox. This confirms that he is clever. It confirms also that he is intelligent enough to override the majority power to establish his senior position. This was strongly aided by those who depended on majority power – being his opposition. It is not new in Sri Lanka. Happened before the 1977 elections, through which Mr J R Jayawardene came to power and introduced the Executive Presidency.

In 1977, Tamils became Equal Opposition, confirming their higher intelligence. But then the armed rebels spoilt it all by ‘showing’ how clever they were.

Under the current strategy, Tamil Politicians who are clever and Democratic would quietly confirm their Equal position through sharing their intelligence with Ranil as they did in 2018, during the Constitutional crisis. If they Oppose Ranil then they promote majority rule, confirming the same intelligence level as Sinhalese who depend on the government. Higher intelligence of minority is the reward for being Sovereign with less than majority group.


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