Tuesday 9 August 2022

 09 August 2022

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam



Our words and actions need to be processed through common structures so the connection between cause and effect would be known by others – using common structure. Common laws facilitate this. Those driven by effects would tend to show quick changes in their expressions and actions. In terms of Sri Lanka, the protestors confirmed this through their stated demands. As  a group – they may be as sovereign as the corona virus, but they do not represent Sri Lanka, the common entity that is considered to be a Sovereign nation at global level by users of global systems.

When the Sri Lankan government that represented the Sovereignty of the nation succumbed to unstructured protestors, it confirmed that the government was not connected to its own Sovereignty and hence lacked the moral authority to represent the Nation’s sovereignty. My analysis of two leaders – one Sri Lankan and the other Eelam Tamil – was recently communicated as follows on the basis of  the report that Tamil leader Mr Wigneswaran was likely to be offered a ministerial position:

[I do not know Ranil or Wigneswaran personally. Hence in both cases, I relate through their position structures. To that extent if my contribution to the structure  that their positions are a part of is stronger than theirs in my mind, I take senior position to them. Then my sharing becomes educational. They may not hear or read my contribution, but to the extent I have renounced benefits from that position, truth does the rest. Yesterday, I wrote about awakening the LTTE memories due to Nithiyanantan’s presentation. In the evening I learnt through the news that some LTTE activists were arrested at Sengalpattu. To my mind this meant that I had contributed to prevention of another ethnic war. That is an example of how I feel I am being supported by truth. There is no status higher than that. Wigneswaran was not to my mind fit for politics, leave alone being a Tamil Nationalist. In terms of the offer of ministry – it is ‘cheap’ . I would not be surprised if he takes it. If he does – I will conclude that it is for selfish reasons. If he rejects it – I would conclude that he stands to benefit more by rejecting it.

In terms of Ranil – I go by the position he has taken thus far. This facilitates me to contribute to democracy, more than any other in Parliament. No Tamil MP is anywhere near Ranil in this regard. Hence Tamil Democracy has a better prospect of developing under Ranil.]

As per the above structure, I read the stated expectations of the Government of China to be false:

China Asks India To "Stop Disturbing" Its Exchange With Sri Lanka:

Riled by Sri Lanka's request to defer the planned docking of a high-tech Chinese research vessel at the strategic Hambantota Port, China on Monday took a dig at India, saying it was "senseless to pressure" Colombo by citing the issue of security concerns.

According to reports from Colombo, Sri Lanka has asked Beijing to defer the arrival of the Chinese space and satellite tracking research vessel 'Yuan Wang 5' which was scheduled to dock at the Hambantota Port from August 11 to 17 due to security concerns expressed by India. - https://www.ndtv.com/world-news/china-asks-india-to-stop-disturbing-its-exchange-with-sri-lanka-3236326

That Hambantota Port known as  Magampura Mahinda Rajapaksa Port, stands testimony to the damage to Sri Lankan sovereignty through the Rajapaksa government  which succumbed to the temptation and ate the forbidden fruit of ‘free debt’.

It was ‘forbidden’ because ‘it was the fruit of  the tree of the knowledge of good and evil’. Its Hindu parallel is the fruit of the ‘Kalpavriksha’ – the wish fulfilling tree with its roots in heaven. One who stands under the tree and asks for pleasures will get them. But later – the pain follows. Hence its fruit is forbidden. Free debt – i.e. debt without a binding relationship is forbidden fruit. Now when Sri Lanka is struggling to repay its debts, China’s actions indicate its takeover mentality. This is further strengthened by China’s actions in relation to Taiwan at the same time:

[the Australian government has fired back, saying the military drills were an overreaction following US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's visit to Taipei. 

Taiwan's government claimed China's military drills appear to simulate an attack on the self-ruled island, after multiple Chinese warships and aircraft crossed the median line of the Taiwan Strait following Ms Pelosi's controversial trip. 

In response, Taiwan's armed forces dispatched air and naval patrols around the island and activated land-based missile systems, the Ministry of National Defence said.

As of Saturday at 5pm, 20 Chinese aircraft and 14 ships continued to carry out sea and air exercises around the Taiwan Strait, he said. 

The ministry said that zones declared by China as no-go areas during the exercises for other ships and aircraft had "seriously damaged the peace."

Australian Foreign Minister Penny Wong joined Antony Blinken and Minister Hayashi Yoshimasa in condemning China’s exercises. ] https://www.abc.net.au/news/2022-08-07/china-takes-aim-at-australia-stimulates-attack-taiwain/101308534

As an Australian of Sri Lankan origin, I feel that there is valid reason for India’s concerns at the same level as Australia’s concerns.




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