Thursday 18 August 2022


18 August 2022

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam



Those blind fans of Ranil please note; however I expect that during this period Ranil’s opponents would not get murdered and be  buried at Batalanda!’ Tamil Diaspora Elder

Wikipedia presents:

[Batalanda detention center was an alleged detention center used to torture and exterminate members of the janatha vimukthi peramuna (JVP) during JVP uprising of 1988–1989 who launched a second armed revolt against an elected government then led by President Ranasinghe Premadasa Unlike the previous open uprising the JVP relied on assassinations of important religious and political figures, subversion, and terror attacks. The government replied brutally showing no mercy and the government has been accused of using detention camps in several places including Batalanda to quell the JVP uprising. These were said to be run by anti-subversive units of the police who were tasked with destroying rebels  It is believed that nearly 5,000-10,000 members of JVP activists were brutally tortured and killed in this camp. Ranil Wickremesinghe is accused of being the political authority of the alleged detention center. Batalanda commission was appointed by the government of Chandrika Kumaratunga to look into the violations of human rights and crimes committed at Batalanda torture and detention center. In its report the commission recommended the government to take legal action against then opposition leader Ranil Wickremesinghe and to strip him of his civic rights, which would have made him ineligible to run for elections. However no legal action was taken against him by any government to date and several who were arrested for their involvement in alleged killings have been revealed to be from organizations such as the Sri Lanka Mahajana Party which was created by Kumaratunge and her husband who himself was assassinated ]

Wikipedia presents also the following about Mr Vijaya Kumaratunga:

[He ran as the SLFP candidate in a by-election in Mahara in 1983 and was threatened by United National Party (UNP) supporters. An attempt was made on his life, and one of his friends was killed. Kumaratunga won the first vote count, and a recount was ordered. At that point, a blackout occurred at the counting centre. By the time electricity was restored, the UNP candidate had recorded a victory by a few votes. The opposition alleged that someone had "eaten some of Vijaya's votes to ensure UNP victory"]

Sri Lankan politics is violent. Hence instead of directly relating to their outcomes, it would be more reliable for the  non-violent Citizen to recognise how a particular leader s/he believed in or a policy during that leadership,  worked for her/him.

The Tamil Diaspora Elder shared with us the following under the title ‘Sri Lanka - Intimidation for Protesting Peacefully!’


[Jonathan Martenstyn and Julian Bolling have been summoned to the CID after taking part in peaceful protests as part of Aragalaya.


Jonathan Martenstyn is the son of late Cedric and brother of late Jason described in this article, as follows:


"Following the footsteps of his brave father, his son Flying Officer Jason Martenstyn who was a qualified pilot joined the Sri Lanka Air Force as an AN 32 transport aircraft pilot on 6th September 1994 and died in action on 13th September 1995. In the annals of the history of Sri Lanka, Commander Cedric Martenstyn and Flying Officer Jason Martenstyn are one of the few father and son duos who paid the supreme sacrifice for the unity, territorial integrity and sovereignty of our motherland."


Julian Bolling has represented Sri Lanka and held national records in swimming. His mother Tara Bolling too swam for Sri Lanka.


Both are decent folk who only exercised their democratic prerogative to peaceful protest. It is very well known that they never engaged in or endorsed violence or criminality at any time.


Citizens should be vigilant to raise opposition to decent, law-abiding people being harassed for exercising their rights as citizens.]


One is entitled to conclude that the more prominent one is in Sri Lanka, the risk of political punishment is high!


As per the Facebook clip – one is informed that President Wickremesinghe is watching Netflix, while Sri Lankans are in discomfort. I responded as follows to the communication:

[Ranil said in an interview with wion, during covid lockdown that he was watching Bollywood films. I got upset with him and wrote about it, criticising his lack of feelings for the victims. Now Jonathan Martenstyn is revealing that Ranil is claiming to watch Netflix. I feel that this is his way of saying ‘I am only a medium through whom others who believe in me and/or  the position they have allocated to me derive their own outcomes.’ I become such a medium with those who express lack of belief in me, despite my efforts to educate them. Ranil was also not believed by the People despite his efforts to educate them. In my case I write in the belief - that my efforts for which I have not been rewarded, become internal intelligence – as per the court of Natural Justice. To be eligible to be heard in this ‘court’ – one needs to be true to oneself.

In Ranil’s case, he ‘reads’, including through films and connects to the mind of the script writers.  From time to time – the indicators come through the films I watch. It is like living with the spirits.]


Living with the Spirits is the pathway of Indigenous folks.  Sri Lanka’s indigenous folks are known as Veddas who were hunters. All others are migrants – mostly from India.

As per my discovery, when we derive benefits from the current system, but fail to pay costs as per the current system, and we feel free, we are taken to the mind structure of those to whom everything was ‘free and natural’. An example in family are ‘children’. In Sri Lanka as a nation, it is Veddas.  Hence the hunting habits of politicians.

In Ranil’s case, his calculations failed and hence he is now relaxing like a Vedda leader whose men would bring-home the bounties. Netflix is one medium through which to go into that ‘virtual reality’.


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