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08 August 2022

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam



Politics is like the gross body senses. They are divided. Intellectual rule usually becomes common through the brain. This however is not available to all – especially to those who lack the resources to access academic facilities. That which is available to all is the soul power of truth.

Recently, a Tamil Diaspora professional (TDP)referred me to an interview with Professor Nithiyananthan – a Tamil activist, at #NITHIYANANTHAN#black july - YouTube

After viewing it, I concluded that it was taking one to the past. I responded to the whole group as follows:

Gaja :Living in the past means he has NOT discovered the Truth


TDP :  I sent this email out to all my contacts in the US who have been voting for Democrats and particularly for OBama.

So, I wanted to give them a piece of my mind but, how on earth you sneaked into this email Gaja ? 😯and you copied everyone !! Please ...for Gods sake, for Goodness's sake , for your Saibaba's sake , for your...your...your  whatever sake , please don't use their emails in future madam.

Anyway , you say Prof Nithiyananthan ( or I perhaps) has not discovered the Truth when he ( or I ) still lives in the Past !

I understand the futility of living / dwelling in the past or even discussing /thinking/worrying/remembering the events happened in the past ..I got that but, you say discovering the Truth ?  What Truth ? Is there something called Truth ? 

Have you found it ? You were seeking or searching that for sometime like Buddha


Gaja : The attached emails confirm that YOU sent it to me . Attached is also my response to you

I went back and checked your email. I could not find my address in your list. Then I checked the other names above. They are also not in that list. Did you blind copy this group? I note that Xxxx has been responding to this usual group on this thread.

If indeed the others did not get the main list, then I conclude that it is a divine warning to you not to rubbish the Black President of your nation.


According to highly respected Sri Lankan Journalist Mr T Sabaratnam, the LTTE was insensitive to the feelings of worshippers at our local church in my part of Jaffna:

[On 9 April the train was slightly late and the convoy of three vehicles left the station at about 9.45 p.m.  As it was traveling along Hospital Road, a booby-trapped car parked near the historic Adaikala Matha Church exploded throwing the massive truck twenty meters away.  The truck fell into the drain.  Thick branches of a shade tree that stood about 70 feet away were shaved off at various places.  Leaves on some branches were roasted.  Over ten soldiers who travelled in the truck died.  It took several minutes for the soldiers in the other vehicles to recover,

The 9 April explosion was the LTTE’s and Sri Lanka’s first car bomb explosion.  Before that car bombs had been used by the IRA and Palestinian guerrillas

There was also the following:

[The Allens were kidnapped on 10 May, a Thursday.  At 9 a.m. on Friday, May 11, a young boy went to the Government Agent’s Public Relations Officer at the Jaffna Kachcheri and handed him an envelope.  It was marked ‘Very Urgent.”  Government Agent Devanesan Nesiah found in it a copy of a letter addressed to President Jayewardene.

The letter gave three messages.  First, it said People’s Liberation Army had kidnapped the American couple.  It said they were kidnapped because they were CIA agents.  Second, it laid down two conditions for their release.  The first condition was that the twenty freedom fighters who were in government custody should be released.  It listed the names of the twenty persons.  The first name was that of Fr. Singarayar.  The second name was Nirmala Nithiyananthan.  The rest were EPRLF activists mostly from the Batticaloa district.  The second condition was the payment of 50 million rupees worth of gold.

The third message was about the fate of the Allens if the Sri Lankan government failed to meet in totality of the conditions.  It said, if the two conditions were not met within 72 hours commencing from 12 noon on Friday, the Allens would be killed one by one at the interval of six hours.] ………………

The connection between Professor Nithiyananthan of the above mentioned interview, and the LTTE is confirmed through the following:

[Nirmala was in the women’s wing of the Batticaloa prison during the first jailbreak of 23 September 1983.  Vamathevan, Thanthai Chelva’s former driver was given the task of rescuing Nirmala.  He forgot it in the rush.  Her husband, Nithiyananthan, had escaped and had joined the LTTE in Chennai.  He was appointed the editor of the LTTE’s official monthly paper Viduthalai Puligal. Nithiyananthan was a former journalist at Thinakaran in Lake House before he joined Jaffna University as a lecturer in economics.]

When I learnt about the LTTE by living with them, I learned that they were weak administrators. Most young ones were driven by outcomes and not the ‘causes’. As per my experience, this ‘divides’ and does not unite the group as a sovereign unit. Hence my conclusion that the Galle  Face Protestors  were not genuine. To move back into ‘war memories’ would be disastrous – especially to those resident in Sri Lanka.

But some Tamil Diaspora leaders tend to renew the memories which prevent ‘closure’.  When we discover  the truth, we lose consciousness of  the outer body of the ‘fact’ – i.e. – ‘what happened’. Losing consciousness of this is like death of the body, at which point, the soul is free.

Each group would measure through its own mind-structure.  Different cultures would make discoveries through their own pathways. Once we are in truth, we will merge naturally with others who also acted out of their own belief though  different pathways. Some of them would be our Opposition in form. The official armed forces are one such group to rebels. In Sri Lanka – the two are Equal in strength, and they keep war in active mode. Those who support LTTE’s or JVP’s armed rebellion, have the duty to groom their children to become ‘soldiers’ who would defend the nations that gave them refuge.

The karma is presented as follows:

[Although most of these children live at home, they have been issued with parts of the uniform such as caps and are regularly called up for duties at sentry points, check points and for patrolling. While on duty they carry automatic weapons. The following are some of the children used in such a capacity, whose names have been truncated for reasons of security.

1.    Dinesh (13 years) – Year 8 at school

2.    Kalvayan (13 ) Year 8

3.    Ruban (14)  - Year 9

4.   Dharshan (14)  Year 9

This is just a small sample of what is routinely going on in many schools. The LTTE might argue technically that it has not recruited them. But the reality is that they live under LTTE control, are under close watch by the LTTE, have been trained militarily and cannot escape. The LTTE can and will mobilize them whenever it needs them. They are conscripts and the effect of this on the society cannot be other than disastrous. The case of another class of children represents something even more insidious. Among this group are:

1.    Kandappan’s son (12 or 13 years)

2.    Nandan’s son (13)

3.    Prasad (13)

Here Kandappan and Nandan are in the LTTE and their very young sons have also been inducted into the organization and are constantly seen with weapons. They are full time members of the LTTE and their incorporation on account of their fathers may be non-formal, and so may be denied. Prasad, also a fulltime member, has two uncles in the LTTE. In his case too his incorporation may be considered a family affair.]

To the extent the belief in LTTE or JVP is true, any awakening is resurrection. When the body/what happened is awakened by blaming the other side, it is rebirth of the problem.


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