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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

18 December   2021





How does one test the other for Sovereignty? When we are sovereign, we naturally identify with the other who is sovereign. Hence the saying – know thyself through thyself. In that thyself is embedded our own investment in others. To the extent it is not returned by the other – and we accept the pain – the other side also becomes ours. When we invest through positions – our true position becomes common at the level at which we invested. Hence the saying We are the rulers and we are the ruled.


Colombo Telegraph reports under the heading – ‘The Tamils Are The Original Inhabitants Of Sri Lanka’. Even without reading the report – I thought it was Mr Wigneswaran. To others it may seem harmless. But when ignorance is covered up through merely what happened in the past it carries the serious risk of war. Mr Wigneswaran is taking revenge for Sinhalese claiming majority rule. He is showing time based majority to defeat the claim by Sinhalese that Sri Lanka belongs to Sinhalese because they are majority by physical numbers. If this were true then the value of the whole is limited to the time of occupation. When one needs to prove – one has to use the same measure as the opposition. To change the measure, by effect is cheating.


The parallel issue was brought up by Dr  S B Dissanayake,  under the title ‘Christopher Columbus and Syphilis’

[The truth is Europeans took diseases from EU to America's including measles and chicken pox. 

The diseases were used as a war weapon to decimate poor native Americans. 

 Homosexuality is still. prevalent among priests in all religious sectors to present day. 

 The robe is a cover for their sordid affairs. 

 Now who brought Corona virus to this world. 

 Certainly not aliens. 

It is USA and CDA who gave the virus for *Gain in Function* research to be carried out in  China's Wuhan lab. ]


This in essence was also my conclusion published at the early stages of Australian infections.  I responded as follows to the above:


You say [Homosexuality is still. prevalent among priests in all religious sectors to present day. 

The robe is a cover for their sordid affairs. ]

Are you saying homosexuality is sordid?


Dr Kasinathan Nadesan responded as follows to the above:


[Gaja it was sordid then like Sodom and Gomorrah. Now, well, this sexual orientation is accepted  as acceptable. This is a dynamic world and nothing is static. Hence the story of god too.]

My response was as follows – based on Hindu philosophy:


You state – ‘sordid then like Sodom and Gomorrah

I respond as follows:

“At the time of Sodom and Gomorrah, people related to each other through the concept of god. It is the parallel of  Vishnu taking Mohini form. Hence if god was homosexual then it was acceptable. We then go into why it happened? As you may know this philosophy of homosexuality has its origin in the churning of the Milk Ocean by the Asuras driven by brawn on one side and Devas on the other side. The Ocean represented the mind. The churning rod is the Truth – depicted by Mount Meru. When the nectar came out the Asuras took it and ran to their corner. That is their nature. This meant that the Devas did not get a share. When Devas have  custody, they would share and when Asuras consume Devas would enjoy as  Parents do when the children enjoy. When Asuras have custody it is theirs and hence they would not share. This was the case in the Lankan war.

As per that philosophy – the other side  of the nectar - ‘poison’ from the churning also came out. It was swallowed by Shiva and it was locked in Shiva’s neck was held by his other half Shakthi to stop the poison from going down to the body. Hence the name Neelakandan – Blue Throat. This ‘Poisoned Shiva’ is the destroyer of Body consciousness. Hence at the higher level – Shiva falls for Vishnu in Mohini form. They have a son – Hari Hara Puthirar – known also as Aiyappan.

As per this legend, homosexuality is natural in those driven by brawn power. If religious priests are recruited for less than holy reasons – they get deprived of this natural enjoyment. Likewise when the physically driven are recruited for lesser purpose than defending sovereignty.

It becomes sordid only when one wants both – intellectual credit as well as physical and immediate pleasure. That which is physical dies early and that is natural. That which is intellectual lives beyond the physical and that is natural to the intellectual group. The problem arises when the two are indiscriminately mixed.



A good example in Sri Lanka in this subject matter is the forms in which Sinhalese and Tamils respectively worship Lord Muruga. The former worship in Veda/ Indigenous hunter form in Kathirgamam and the latter as Ruling class Nallur Murugan who is dressed up as a King.  The common aspect is Ruler. Sinhala King got the weapon to defeat the Tamil emperor – from Kathirgama Murugan.  When they were opposed by their level parallels we had the ethnic war. Tamils who sought financial independence, through  Nallur Murugan, found it outside Sri Lanka Sri Lanka – especially in the UK. Hence the war returned each group as per their true need.  Majority Tamils used higher education as a pathway to senior positions rather then intellectual governance.


Both groups showed animals as their flags.  Sinhalese who depict Lion confirm that they are the King of the Jungle.  Tamils who depict Tiger confirm that they of the same genus and therefore together with lions they can produce Liger or Tigon. Where Sinhala majority have custody of power we know that the progeny is a Liger – Lion Father and Tiger Mother. Where Tamils who claim time based majority – for example Mr Wigneswaran – we know that the progeny is Tigon – Tiger Father and Lion Mother. Why fear when at least one parent is yours? The common rulers are the intellectuals who pursued at the higher common level and/or the believers who are driven by their conscience.


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