Sunday 12 December 2021


Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

12 December   2021




“All religions preach humanity, reconciliation, respect and love for each other. We have to strongly condemn the atrocities committed by some in society in the name of religion. The SJB will keep a close eye on the investigation into the murder of Diyawadana and we hope the Government of Pakistan would take steps to bring the perpetrators to justice through a fair investigation. I also assured that the necessary support will be provided for the education of Diyawadana’s two children,” he said. ] Ceylon Today report headed ‘Sajith donates Rs 1M each for late Diyawadana’s children.

As per my religious guru – Sri Sathya Sai Baba – the Triple Gems of Unity are Heart, Head & Hand / Thought Word & Deed being in Unison.  It’s Buddhist parallel – as per my understanding is Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha. It begins with the individual and ends with Society. In the above case, we know the ‘action’ of money first. Now it has to travel through the path of Dharma for the value to merge with society.

What is the path of Dharma for a Political group whose Sanga is the whole of Sri Lanka and not just the Buddhists of Sri Lanka ? The investigations would be done Pakistan by Muslims. The parallel of the above case was reported as follows by Hindustan Times:

[Mobs slashed to death a Sri Lankan Muslim man despite a nationwide curfew imposed Monday night after anti-Muslim riots spread to three districts north of the capital in a violent backlash against Easter suicide bombings.


The 45-year-old man died shortly after admission to a hospital in Puttalam district during the rioting which began Sunday in the area, a police official told AFP.

“Mobs had attacked him with sharp weapons at his carpentry workshop,” the official said. “This is the first death from the riots.”]


The investment of Muslims in Sri Lanka, through Islam is far deeper than the investment of Buddhists in Pakistan through Buddhism. Where the common system is weak – the separate system also divides and balances. That way the connection between cause and effect is known through different pathways instead of through the common pathway. Did Sajith’s UNP then compensate the above Muslim victim’s family?


The Political actions of the SJB for a Buddhist is vastly different to its action in terms of Muslim. Hence when Buddhists of Sri Lanka go to Muslim nations there is high risk of the other side of political benefits returning to them. That is the way karma works. Within Sri Lanka, the Buddhist is protected by majority’s investment in Buddhist pathway. But in Pakistan, the roles are reversed. The time based return was accelerated by displacement. Had this Engineer worked in China, this would not have happened to him.


To the extent Sri Lankan leaders actively respect the secular law, they are entitled to ‘fairness’ through secular law. To know fairness through Islam, one has to become a Muslim. The same ‘happening’ would be measured differently by different laws. Hence the need for separation as Equals.

As per the Constitution, Mr Sajith Premadasa is required to use article 9 – Buddhism foremost to measure. The Minister for Justice who is a Muslim has the moral responsibility to measure the Pakistan lynching through Islam. The two judgements are likely to differ. The secular law has long been placed on the backburner in Sri Lanka as well as in Pakistan. Hence they inherited the ‘Divide & Rule’ karmic return. When we abandon the system of karma – it begins to lead us for better or for worse. One way to prevent such awakening is to actively and consciously use the merit basis as if each occurrence is a project.



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