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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

03 December   2021



One Nation One Governor

[The only country in the world where Tamils are not ‘minorities’ is Mauritius . In Mauritian currency , English, Tamil & Bhojpuri ( a native language )  are printed. 48.5 % of the population is Hindu - which includes non Tamil Indians, 27% Christian -  that includes Tamils too and 17% Islamic ( 2% Tamil speaking ) . Already about 1,500 Sri Lankans including approximately 300 undergraduates, are in Mauritius. Migrating to Mauritius is not a problem as such; the economy of the nation is stable so far: also there is no ethnic - racial, religious strife in Mauritius. Reference Google ,Wikipedia .] A Senior Canadian of Tamil origin in response to my article ‘Are Tamils Minorities in Sri Lanka?’

Today, I read the article ‘TNA, GTF articulate Tamil people’s concerns; which segment of Tamil people?’ by Raj Gonsalkorale. In essence, if Raj knew Who is Sri Lankan he would know the answer he needs to his question – ‘which segment of Tamil People?

Raj also received my communication. But Raj did not respond to my article either way. But Raj has included his response to Dr Hoole, in his current article. This confirms to me that Raj places himself as per the ‘position’ allocated by mainstream media. The question that Raj would have asked if he were genuinely working to prevent another war would be which section of the Tamil community is likely to be recruited by militant leaders and why?

Today I wrote to a citizen of Thunaivi who seems to be attracted to caste-based politics which became an issue recently in Vaddukoddai area. The ‘fault’ I found with him was in relation to the arbitrary use of Thambi/younger brother – a heritage from the time of Mr CV Wigneswaran. In essence I wrote to him that there was no base for such a title. He was actually returning the favour to the guy who referred to him as ‘Anna / elder brother. This was a title used by LTTE cadre to refer to Prabhakaran. Mr Wigneswaran placed himself above Prabhakaran. This effectively damaged the investment Mr Wigneswaran had made in Civil Administration. Hence his failure as an Administrator. When we believe in the subject, we take the whole as our leader.

As per my today’s advice, such positions are as per our civilization and should not be used indiscriminately. We inherit the essence of that civilization though our belief based respect and/or gratitude. Recently when a member of the Jaffna Hindu College alumni stated that Mr SJV Chelvanayakam should be referred to as Thanthai / Father I said that was dictatorship. Those who are political heirs have that right and his children. If this power of ‘freedom’ is abused – we automatically oppose and dilute our investment in Administration. As stated – Administration caters to different cultures and forms of beliefs. Hence we need an intellectual structure – common to all. In other words – One Nation One Governor. That is the way of belief.

The intellectually structured position and its title is based on the written laws and rules. It needs conscious restructures to return dividends to all investors – including business investors. Today’s Daily Mirror has reported under the heading ‘Attanayake takes on Ranil in Parliament over Hambantota port’

The lease happened in 2017. By then the Central Bank Bond scam had already happened. The bond problem surfaced due to clash in cultures.  In politics this has pandemic effects. Ranil was carrying that negative Energy which would have blocked his intelligence in the Hambantota Port issue. Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa would have done an LTTE on them. TNA is currently using the demotion of LTTE related Diaspora’s demotion by the current government, to its advantage. It is healthy for Sri Lanka and therefore to minorities by numbers to have Equal status in the written law – starting with the constitution. An imbalance in the constitution – such as Buddhism Foremost article would naturally keep balancing the equilibrium of even one true believer.

When we ignore our mistakes they become part of us and hence the Black-dog syndrome. We refer to this in Vaddukoddai – as Vairavar entering our minds. Vairavar’s vehicle is black-dog. Wrongs that we fail to correct lead to fears and fears start leading us after a point. This we know through the current pandemic also.


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