Thursday 16 December 2021


Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

16 December   2021




Each time I walk along the coast towards Bondi side from Coogee – I sit down and say my memorial prayers to the residents of Coogee who died in the Bali bombings in 2002. I fully believe that it would go towards prevention. I believe that as a commoner without specific responsibility to prove, all my energy directed towards prevention would work more quickly and effectively than intellectual analyses about who is responsible.  ‘Fact’ is made up of What Happened, the causal Energy and Why it happened. They are the parallels of Body, Soul & Mind. Who did it is part of the Body. Why they did it would lead to the Causal Energy.

Dr S B Asoka Dissanayake wrote recently:

[Our physical limitation of vision. We do not have penetrative vision and what we cannot see is  named as space. ]

My response to this was:

‘As per Hindu philosophy also there is no space. The sky which seems like vast space – is considered to be Aether. Thus in Hindu philosophy there are five fundamental elements.’

Asoka wrote also from a scientific angle:

[Now we are beginning to understand there is something called dark matter and dark forces. ]

My response to this was:

‘As per my discovery – visible wealth that was not earned through active work and/or through respect for heritage is dark matter. When we consume this as if it were ours it becomes dark Energy – often referred to as Satan.’

Successful democracy  is founded on belief rather than conscious reasoning. Belief is exponential in terms of energy and conscious logic is directly relative. The more proof we need, the longer it takes to get to the Truth/Soul of ‘Fact’

As per Economy Next article ‘Sri Lanka President is not mastermind of Easter attack: Secretary’:

[Sri Lanka’s top defence official Wednesday announced that President Gotabaya Rajapaksa was not the “mastermind” of the Easter Sunday carnage that many claim was the catalyst for his ascendency.

General Kamal Gunaratne told a press conference organised by the Presidential Media Division that there was no basis for the allegations against Rajapaksa, a political non-entity at the time, who announced his candidacy two days after the April 2019 suicide bombings that killed at least 279 people.]

[Retired career officer of the Sri Lanka Army, Gunaratne had served as the former Commander Security Forces Headquarters - WanniGeneral Officer Commanding (GOC), 53 Division and was a former Deputy Ambassador to Brazil. He was the GOC of the 53 Division which killed the LTTE leader Velupillai Prabhakaran at Nandikadal, Mullaitivu…. He authored an autobiography named Road to Nandikadal on the war against LTTE, which was the best selling book of the 2016 Colombo International Book Fair. Post retirement, Gunaratne became an active supporter of former Defense Secretary Lieutenant Colonel Gotabhaya Rajapaksa in his presidential campaign during the 2019 Presidential election. Following the election President Rajapaksa appointed Major General Gunaratne as Defense Secretary succeeding General Shantha Kottegoda on 19 November 2019. In December 2020, he was elevated to the rank of General by President Rajapaksa]

Given that Mr Gunaratne’s benefits from the war as per the above are much higher than the risks to Sri Lanka from the LTTE – that excess is ‘dark matter’ mentioned above. When the benefits are ‘consumed’ they become ‘Dark Energy’ in the consumer.

In the case of Coogee victims of Bali Bombings for example their deaths offset the negative Energy carried by Coogee earth – when indigenous Australians were forcibly displaced to make way for Coogee Pier about which Wikipedia reports as follows:

[The Coogee Pier (1928-1934)

In 1924 construction started on an 'English seaside style' amusement pier at Coogee Beach. On 24 July 1928, the pier was officially opened, reaching 180 metres out into the sea complete with a 1400-seat theatre, a 600 capacity ballroom, a 400-seat restaurant upstairs, small shops and a penny (machine) arcade. Unfortunately, Coogee's rough surf damaged the pier and it was demolished in 1934. Lifeguards recently discovered remains of the pier on the ocean floor about 50 metres out from shore]

Different interpretations would be made by different Australians. To the extent the reasoning as per one’s intuition as an Australian, they would all merge to make us common. Those whose analyses are based on pain would carry deeper insight and therefore close to the soul.

Yesterday when I went along the beach and felt happy about so many Australians enjoying themselves in the water, I was about to take a photo’ to send those in Thunaivi – Vaddukoddai. Then intuitively I felt that it would give the wrong impression to them who continue to be relatively conservative in their dresses. I learnt through recent caste based conflicts that there are pockets in North where women were not allowed by men to wear blouses!  Thunaivi carries the history that those who were makeup were punished by Vaddukoddai town folks. Here in Coogee one is attractive when the body is exposed. That again is a reason why a conservative Muslim may punish Coogee man who dilutes the value of her/his confidential enjoyment of chastity. They are natural feelings accumulated as Energy . When the two meet they naturally oppose each other.

This is healthy and hence the Equal Opposition in democratic parliament. It is when someone makes it relative that it causes damage that is visible.

This kind of clash was known in Sri Lanka. In that regard – the LTTE was also conservative like the Muslims. They competed with each other but both had Sinhalese as their common opposition. When the component of matter is greater than the Energy – the opposer becomes Enemy. That is the commoner’s reasoning. Mr Gunaratne has the duty to express as per his discoveries and his belief. By expressing on behalf of the President – he is indicating strong desires to be President.



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