Monday 22 June 2020

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

22 June  2020

Sri Lanka confirms Trading in UN Membership

Those who make a structure and/or maintain it work the structure. We pay our respects to our elders because they are part of our inheritance. We attribute to Guru for that reason. Otherwise we would tend to think that possession is ownership. One of the experiences that confirmed the above to me happened here in Australia – at the University of NSW(UNSW). I was part of the team recruited to restructure the Accounting system to be more democratic. As usual I had conflict with my seniors who were from the ‘old system’. The executive director of the Medical faculty – Jeff Warnock said to me at one stage that he had contacted my previous supervisor Ms Colleen Moore because he was not sure who was right – my seniors or myself. I asked Jeff ‘What did Colleen say?’ Jeff smiled and said that Colleen had said that she thought that when I left the system I had developed would ‘collapse’ but that it was still going. I thanked Colleen in my heart for attributing credit to me. I resigned from my substantive position within the UNSW and was recruited by Sports Medicine which was an independent business unit. I continued to constructively criticize the Central Administration and this resulted in my departure from Sports Medicine also. It was during the funeral of the Director of Sports Medicine – Dr David Garlick that I learnt about the ‘collapse’ within the Medical Faculty. Sydney Morning Herald reported it as follows:

[The fight erupted at the University of NSW in 2001 when Professor Hall was accused of scientific misconduct, including misrepresentation of scientific data, fabrication of experimental results and misuse of research grants.
Several inquiries, a reference to the Independent Commission Against Corruption and the resignation of the vice-chancellor, Professor Rory Hume, followed.]
One of the main areas of controversy raised by me was management of National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) grants. Details of this are in my book Naan Australian. Had the Research office heard me and included me – the University would have been ‘saved’ the bigger pain. If one takes my contribution as genuine Energy then that would have spread to research area also – as protective force. Colleen knew this intuitively about my work and thus that system did not collapse. I was reminded of this this morning when I read the subject heading ‘WHO IS LISTENING & WHO CARES ?’ – about the UN Security Council Vote to elect Non-Permanent members. My immediate response from within was ‘I am listening / reading and I care’

As per my experience – when we genuinely care and complete the cycle of truth through our local experience that completed Energy becomes a permanent force at the highest level of influence. I wrote a paper about my UNSW experience using Racial Discrimination law as the measure and submitted it to the UN. All I had to do was to ensure that what I wrote was true and intellectually logical to me. I do not know how the UN received it or what it did with it. But the result is my elevated thought structure that returns reliable satisfaction to me. This has helped me balance the effects of Caste Discrimination in Northern Sri Lanka, which was diluting the power of Vaddukoddai Resolution 1976. One who is carrying unjust discrimination on one basis does not have the moral authority to declare independence on the basis of belief. Even though I did not give birth to that resolution – I am a strong component of the Energy that works that Resolution. Likewise, in the case of UN. Like in Postal Acceptance rule in Contract Law, once we perform to confirm ownership / completion – on the basis of belief – the other side is automatically taken as being accepted. Prescriptive rights are accepted in law for that reason of Belief. That is also the power of democracy.
The government may nor hear us but when we contribute through belief – the sovereignty of our contribution is completed. In contrast  - the Sri Lankan Government confirms Trading in  through its UN Membership – as it did with  membership in Lankan Parliament:

[In a hard-hitting message, Sri Lanka this week abstained from voting for any candidate–Canada, Ireland or Norway–from the Western European and Other States Group (WEOG) in a contest for the UN Security Council’s (UNSC) non-permanent seats.
The basis for the decision was conveyed to all three countries. They were made to understand that “they also need to rethink the way they do business with us,” an authoritative source said.
“It was an important way to make our vote count,” he asserted. “There is a need for recalibration of our relationships, and a serious re-evaluation of how all three countries deal with us in the international arena.”]

As per that report
[Sri Lanka voted for India and Kenya in the Asia Pacific and Africa Group respectively]
One is entitled to conclude that the vote for India is NOT on the basis of belief but for quid pro quos. These are reasons why the UN structure has lost power as WHO confirmed during the pandemic.

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