Wednesday 17 June 2020

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

17 June  2020

Yasmin Sooka v Suresh Sallay


A report by Ceylon Today is headed ‘Arrest warrants issued for E.T.I. Directors’. As per this report:

[Colombo Additional Magistrate has today (16) ordered to arrest the directors of E.T.I. Finance Limited and to produce them before the Court.
Accordingly, arrest warrants have been issued for Jeewaka Edirisinghe, Nalaka Edirisinghe, Asanka Edirisinghe and Deepa Edirisinghe.
The arrest warrants were issued as they had failed to appear before the Court when the case was taken up.]
The same surnames are strong indicators of collusion or common ownership. The fact that the group failed to appear before the Court strongly indicates that they have colluded in the eyes of the Judiciary. In their own sovereign circle – they may feel that they are bound by common ownership. To the extent they were neglected by the judiciary and other law administrators – they were not bound by the institution of the Judiciary.
I found the above while reading ‘Maj Gen Suresh Sallay to institute legal action against Yasmin Sooka, ITJP’

In this case Maj Gen Suresh Sallay is actually suing himself through Ms Yasmin Sooka whose knowledge  was structured through her Global position. The measures through which we structure and regulate our work determines its true status. Maj Gen Suresh Sallay’s is subjective as per the current President of Sri Lanka. It is not the Sri Lankan government that is suing Ms Sooka but Mr Sallay

[The said letter, sent through Major General Sallay’s Lawyer Pasan Weerasinghe, states that on or about 1 June 2020, Sooka, as the ITJP Executive Director, had issued a press statement making various defamatory remarks against Major General Sallay.
The press statement is said to be published via the ITJP Sri Lanka’s website.
The letter highlights the defamatory implications have resulted in parties with vested interests making attempts on the life of Major General Sallay.]
I am also listed as LTTE agent by -Victims of Terrorism Foundation-  at

The reason is given as follows: [Melbourne based Eelam activist and admirer of Prabhakaran who she classifies as a “Freedom fighter”.]

Melbourne is not my base and Prabhakaran is my junior in the true structure of the Jaffna Tamil community. The sacrifices I made to educate myself and also to maintain my inheritance as an educated family with strong institutional values – to my mind were far above those of  Prabhakaran as he exists in my knowledge. Relatively speaking he had the status by ‘showing’ wins but I lived with the status that was allocated to me. Now I know that the ‘gap’ matured into Energy which is a universal / eternal power.   

A highly respected journalist asked me the following question :

[Just curious to know- In the last sentence that money divides and faith unites- why for a Tamil alone? No offence!]

My response was :
[No offence taken! It was said to Mr W because he asked for money openly. Of course it applies to all institutional relationships. Thank you for reading]

After money is status. When one buys status or accepts unearned status – one disconnects with the Nuclear power of the relationship. This is expressly structured in  Tamil culture and hence my opposition to Mr Wigneswaran asking the People for money. It is the parallel of  comment is free, but facts are sacred’ by British journalist, publisher and politician C. P. Scott.
The statement that I was  an LTTE agent is a comment. I could be suing the author who has confessed to relying on FBI’s description of the LTTE as a Terrorist organization. But another part of the same American structure demoted Mr Shavendra Silva’s status in their territory.
I sought to establish the core ‘fact’ in the above matter and found the following:

This report on the Sri Lankan Navy's alleged involvement in torture and enforced disappearances compares documents from a decade-long police investigation inside Sri Lanka into the disappearance of 11 men in the Trincomalee naval base, with eyewitness testimony from survivors and insider witnesses. The report identifies serious investigative shortcomings, conflicts of interest and political interference in the Sri Lankan case. And it notes the violations committed by the Navy did not stop with the end of the civil war 2009 and torture was not confined to one naval base alone.]

The report includes the following:

[On 28 May 2009, then Commander of the Navy (CoN) Admiral Wasantha Karannagoda submitted a written complaint to the police13 against his trusted aide-de-camp (ADC) of many years Lieutenant Commander Sampath Munasinghe. The initial complaint accused him of suspected LTTE links and improper financial transactions, after four national identity cards14, three mobile phones, two sim cards, a passport, 450 live ammunition and promissory notes were found in his room at naval headquarters in Colombo. Karannagoda had ordered the Naval Provost to search the room.
……..The 11 victims in this case were never suspected of LTTE links – the five young Tamil and Muslim men abducted from the Dehiwela area of Colombo appear to have been targeted for ransoms. According to court documents, the Lyon father and son were already informers working for the Navy, as was Ali Anver, but it is not clear why they were detained and disappeared. Thiyagaraja Jegan, another victim, was not wealthy and appears unconnected to the Navy; he seems to have been separately detained in Pettah, possibly in a security sweep after a bomb blast. This group of 11 victims has inaccurately been dubbed the “innocent schoolboys” by the press but in fact includes at least three naval informers and two middle aged men. The press, human rights activists and the police have studiously ignored the “national security detainees” held at the same site, many of whom are still alive in Sri Lanka and abroad and who could testify regarding the perpetrators, unlike the victims who have disappeared or died. This lack of acknowledgement of the surviving victims stems from an ongoing stigmatization of LTTE members and a perception that they should not enjoy the same human rights as civilians or members of the state security forces, even while hors de combat and in detention.]

To my mind, the above is a reliable report. More importantly it indicates to me as a user of Global Measures – the reason why the Sri Lankan Navy recorded a high level of  Covid19 infections than civilians. When the mind is low - the pain– seems high. That is the way of Nature. The Navy carries the knowledge as per its conscience. Those who were ashamed of the conduct of their seniors would have spread the feeling of ‘guilt’ within the Navy – especially in free environments. This infection of the mind, becomes a pre-existing condition which facilitates the spread of diseases. Be it the disease or the cure – mind is a fundamental reason /root cause of our experience.

If indeed Mr Suresh Sallay feels defamed – as per his conscience - then he must have been more damaged than those Tamils who have been victimised including due to fear of the armed forces that he is part of.  To take that as totally his is indeed dangerous in the court of Natural Justice where the individual is only as guilty as per her/his conscience. If Mr Suresh Sallay is ‘failed’ by the Judiciary – then that amounts to punishment for war related crimes which the current government seeks to deny and therefore has left it in the jurisdiction of Natural Justice. It will be interesting to observe the Natural consequences of this to the Government . I believe that Lord Shiva of Koneswaram, Trincomalee at Whose holy shrine I  submitted my  prayers early this year, will indicate to me the truth I need to know.

Why are facts sacred ? Because their nucleus is truth. An independent person’s belief based comment is  a fact while a dependent person’s statement of what happened without feeling of ownership of the whole would indicate ‘profit motive’.

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