Sunday 14 June 2020

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

14 June  2020

Tamils strong Opposition and not Juniors

In a reliable system, Minorities become Equal Opposition through Democracy. When a senior shares her/his resources with a junior,  the junior has the opportunity to complete the relationship through gratitude. If not the junior needs to carry the responsibility of senior to another within the sovereign unit. This is promoted by the junior showing respect for the senior until s/he becomes the senior. Failure to do either results in the beneficiary becoming indebted to the senior and the senior losing trust in the system. One who lives and acts within her/his belief is protected from such feelings of failure. Often the believer knows through her/his intuition that s/he is right.

I have been writing about the Samagi Jana Balavegaya (SJB)’s leader’s ineligibility due to Dual membership in political parties. Today I learnt that I was not alone, through the Island article ‘Now, UNP candidate questions EC’s conduct, calls for tangible measures to end corrupt practices

To me this is why Jesus said ‘Seek and you shall find’. The next stage is to knock and It shall open. In Hinduism the parallel is – When you protect Dharma – Dharma protects you. As per the Island article  Responding to another query, Herath said that he strongly felt that the UNP shouldn’t have been divided under any circumstances and the way SJB came into being was wrong. Herath said that he had the recordings of conversations pertaining to the SJB matter with EC officials.’

My feelings of just governance are added to Mr Herath. UNP is likely to become Opposition and thus would naturally merge with other Minorities who oppose the current government. The Courts are reported to have rejected the Petition by Mr Herath. But to the extent Mr Herath genuinely challenged the Election Commission – he is an Opposition at that level. I highlighted my feelings as per my investment in the law as follows, before I had knowledge of Mr Herath’s petition:

[ The fundamental rights case before the Judiciary is about elections. But there was already an issue with the SJB candidates being in two parties when submitting their nominations. Article 91(1) (b)(ii) of the Sri Lankan Constitution – under chapter headed ‘THE FRANCHISE AND ELECTIONS’  - states:

[91. (1) No person shall be qualified to be elected as a Member of Parliament or to sit and vote in Parliament –
 (b) (ii) if he - stands nominated as a candidate for election by more than one recognized political party or independent group in respect of any electoral district, ]

It is not new knowledge that the Judiciary did not uphold Dharma. From this point onwards Dharma will lead.

As per Ceylon Today article ‘If agree to fulfil Tamil aspirations: TNA ready to support Gotabaya-led Government’ there seems within Tamils to be another division and readiness to assimilate with the government:
[Sumanthiran, who has been named as the number one candidate of the TNA, from the Jaffna District, held a media briefing at his residence in Jaffna on 11 June.
He pointed out that despite remaining a pillar of strength to the previous regime, the TNA didn’t join it. 
However, if the present Government comes forward to fulfil the political aspirations of Tamils through a new Constitution, the TNA will extend its support to gain a two-thirds majority in Parliament. When I met the Prime Minister recently, I even told him that if the present regime is truly and genuinely interested in fulfilling the political aspirations of Tamils in the North and East, the TNA would extend its support to the Government to gain a two-thirds majority in Parliament,” Sumanthiran said. ]
This then negates the ‘Genocide’ claim by some elected Tamil leaders – which has been picked up by foreign politicians including by Australia’s Paul McDermott.
A claim by an unelected leader is not valid in governance. Hence if TNA is elected and it merges with the current regime, the Genocide claim becomes invalid. The claim of Genocide is valid only if Tamils remain independent of the Government under whose leadership the alleged ‘Genocide’ happened.  Once TNA joins that very government – it becomes a junior and not an Equal Opposition.

This was bound to happen due to lack of belief in the leadership. In this instance – Mr Sampanthan is the parallel of Mr Wickremesinghe and Mr Wigneswaran is the parallel of Mr Premadasa. What a mess!  All due to racism mutating as gender imbalance. In most families – mothers are the binding force.

But every contribution on the basis of belief – protects Lanka’s sovereignty. This can happen outside politics. It is likely to happen outside politics where politics is disorderly.

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