Saturday 6 June 2020

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

06 June  2020

Covid19 Punishment instead of war?

After asking a junior family member to wash her hands I said ‘when we believe, everything we do with faith goes towards our need to be protected’. We still do not know how Corona virus  works. Hence my above saying. The Corona virus did indicate to me some connections between Racism beyond the control of victims and the Government’s negligence of its duty to Democracy which includes elimination of racial discrimination. I wrote a couple of articles connecting the two. Those that were specifically headed thus, were published on 07 May and 31 May 2020 . That which is not known intellectually could be  known through belief and v.v. Former is facilitated through elections and parliament. Latter through laws and scientific theories.

I therefore took the following as an invitation to contribute further on the subject matter:

[A recent video released shows Rear-Admiral Sarath Werasekara taking on, admirably, an idiotic Australian politician who too claimed that there was a Tamil genocide with 160,000 being killed by Sri Lankan forces. Interestingly, the previously exaggerated claim of 40,000 has now become 160,000] Island article ‘US riots : Why drag Sri Lanka’ by Dr Upul Wijayawardhana.

Calling an elected member of an Australian parliament ‘idiotic’ is disrespectful and confirms lack of knowledge-based substance in the issue. Dr Upul Wijayawardhana has based his introduction on the following article ‘US riots are a pointer to starting discussion at home’ by Mr Jehan Perera who is well respected in my community. In his article Mr Jehan Perera states:

[There are lessons for us in Sri Lanka from the ongoing events in the United States. The end of the war in 2009 ended the armed uprising against the state by members of the Tamil ethnic minority. But it did not end the ethnic conflict. From 2015-19 Sri Lanka had a framework for reconciliation in UNHRC Resolution 30/1 of 2015 which the then government co-sponsored. It consisted of new institutions to meet the needs of those who had suffered in the war, such as the Office of Missing Persons, and reform of laws on the one hand, and addressing the roots of the conflict through constitutional reform on the other hand. This reconciliation framework was being implemented by the government, albeit slowly in view of political resistance by the opposition, both by hardline Sinhala nationalists as well as by Tamil nationalists who refused to cooperate.]

But Dr Upul Wijayawardhana has interpreted it as follows:

[I was rather perplexed by the title of a piece in The Island of 1st June: "US riots are a pointer to starting discussion at home". The on-going riots in US started following an horrific incident of racially based police brutality. Though our Police are no saints, often manipulated to do their dirty work by corrupt politicians, I am not aware of such brutality by Sri Lankan Police.]

To my mind, the latter is a surface reader with little understanding of how such minds are developed by leaders – intellectually or through common belief. If only a small percentage of African Americans  voted for Mr Trump, then the government led by Mr Trump needed to rely heavily on intellectually balanced logic to be democratic. Likewise, the government of Sinhala-Buddhists in Sri Lanka. It is all about the science of mind. When we act out of belief – our Energy gets directed to our true need. Hence there is no need for intellectual logic. If one did analyse the believer would find perfect logic.

The withdrawal from UNHRC Resolution 30/1 of 2015 is bound to surface riots strongly influenced by supporters of armed rebels who do not believe in democracy. They would have jobs and activities at the cost of civilians. As per my discovery about the law of nature, when the level is the same but the looks are different – they attract each other – as in man and woman. The current government has made such takeover of power by the Armed Forces, from the civilians and those who think at that level but look  different due to culture – would likewise takeover from civilians in their own community.

Many of us civilians were happy when the ‘Office of Missing Persons’ became a reality. The government that facilitated this is blessed by those who felt they could DO something about the loved ones they have lost. It is what our seeking does to US that matters here. The loved ones live through us as our Energy. Like in Belief – Love also directs our Energy to our need. The sadness will always remain. But we would no longer feel anxious – once we do our best.

There could be more wars, bombings and civil riots in Sri Lanka. But those who have done their best to prevent injustice will not be anxious. If they are wounded they would know that it happened for a just cause and thus the pain is submitted to Nature. If a loved one dies in combat – doing what s/he believes is her/his duty to her/him and/or their loved ones  - that person will live through many others while one who wins by setting aside common rules and lives by that win – will die without good heirs. To my mind, the Navy’s infection confirms that kind of karma. That would help know that the truth manifests in one form or the other.

To my mind, it is quite in order to connect the American and Chinese governments’ involvement  in others’ wars in breach of those others’ entitlement to their belief based sovereignty – to their inability to manage the epidemic. Both are beyond the direct control of the People. But through belief, those who did their utmost to resolve through the logical pathway – get protected from lower level enjoyment and suffering. Their minds are instead elevated to the exponential power of truth – so they enjoy exponentially through their Energies raised to the power of all those who get protected by the work they did and the sacrifices they made. The very reality that the Corona virus spread exponentially confirms that it happened due to believers getting hurt. It led to governments knowing how weak they are and how lacking they were in the knowledge to manage it, leave alone eliminate it. That was how the People feel in war which they are not party to but happens in their true homelands by belief.

During these riots – a few members of a leading boys’ college in Colombo ended up fighting against each other due to a letter written to the Hon. Dr. Hugh McDermott MP for Prospect by Dr Harold Gunatillake. The heading was   Your talk delivered at the Tamil Congress’. Like in the case of Corona Virus the truth that it was exponentially negative - was known through consequences.
I summarized my feelings as follows:
[Xxxx said ‘toilet bowl’. Now Yyyy  is saying ‘sakkili woman.’
Yyyyy -  You say you were the "Kossa" of the forum.  You say also ‘She brings out the devil in me’. Now you will understand why George Floyd was killed by the devil in that Kossa. All the protests are against you too. They are global including from me. This is what happens when you separate and isolate yourselves into a boys’ club. That is all it is. The best man to tell you that is a woman. Ssss might draw up another picture with you as Kossa and me as the black  Sakkili woman.]

Kossa = Police; sakkili = toilet cleaner/ pariah.

None of the above respected their mothers. Most of them hold educational titles. How can we legitimately project harmony in Sri Lanka that has produced such groups? It might take a few generations but every bit of true energy towards Peace will live exponentially to manifest when there is enough power.

I lived with junior caste toddy tappers in Northern Sri Lanka. They stoned my roof  because I reported them to the Police. Most of the adults are illiterate. None of them used disrespectful language with me. That is because of my education. But these so called educated ‘boys’ were ‘free’ to abuse minority of one. When one comes down to the same level of mind – the habits become infectious. Their parallels in the armed forces would have raped in ‘free’ environment – when they did not truly have a high purpose for which they fought.

The more we absorb the pain of such insults, the more we contribute to prevention of  wars. In the meantime,  if we take our allocated positions and live with others at that level – we would protect ourselves from further attacks. That was how many Tamil politicians became supporters of armed rebels. 

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