Sunday 21 June 2020

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

21 June  2020

Confirmed - Won the Battle & lost the war


Unsettled problems become passive and do not go away. Some seek to forget them but to the extent victims continue to hurt, the problem remains. This is referred to as Karma in my circle. It confirms the perfection of truth. The more conscious we are of truth – the less likely we are to suffer mental instability.

The Rajapaksa government boasted and continues to boast that they won the war against Tamil Tigers. Given that the Tamil Tigers were a part of Tamil community and the Politicians who represented the community opposed the government and declared political independence through the Vaddukoddai Resolution in 1976 – the war was political. The fight between the Armed forces   and the LTTE was just the battle. The People who elected the leader of the Armed forces as the President thus demoted the government to military level. The real war has now escalated itself through the victims to global  war and regional battle between India and China.

As per my knowledge, the then government ‘bribed’ the Eastern leader of the LTTE – Karuna Amman/ Vinayagamoorthy Muralitharan. The knowledge of Karuna as an insider was a key to defeating the LTTE. Was Karuna right or wrong? What is the measure?

I met Karuna in 2003 through a UNDP project. Before going to meet him, we were led to Vaharai area and there a leading member of the LTTE shared with us the insight that Karuna had in terms of  the battle against the Government forces. As per that sharing, Karuna had sensed that they were going to get bombed and had immediately ordered that they vacate the area. True to his declaration the place was bombed within minutes after their departure. Many pro LTTE Tamils refer to Karuna as ‘Throgi’/Traitor. If the same measure were used on Northern LTTE – which killed Tamil politicians – then yes Karuna deserved it. One must believe not only in what happened but also in the measure used to mark one right and the other wrong.

As per my discovery that is the way  the system of Truth works to support or not support us. Believers are supported even though the official law may say that they are wrong. That is the way of Sovereignty. In 2008, the folks of Mankerni whom I served during post-tsunami period urged me to go to their place. For some reason trains were cancelled and I decided to take the bus. At the main Bus stand in Pettah – checking was heavy and I felt that I was being checked more rigorously than others. I put it down to me being recognized as a Tamil. I accept such extra measures as necessary for the officers to do their duty. It was later that I learnt that that morning, Major General Janaka Perera was killed in a bomb blast at Anuradhapura. My experience on that day are at

The following confirms that I was suspected of being an associate of Karuna from Kiran:

[I later asked him ‘how come?’. He said he was an army officer returning after his leave. He did casually ask me as to why I would not stay at ‘Kiraan’ (on the way) and I said because I did not know anyone there. Later I felt that he was testing me in a nice way. He got off at Oddumaavaddi – and I said to the conductor to stop at Sivathondan Nilayam Chiththandi. I do not know why I said Chiththandi instead of Chenkaladdi. I said it many times to the conductor as well as the passenger next to me. The bus stopped and the conductor said ‘there you go sister’]

These experiences confirm to me that officers in the armed forces were not ruthless when they are not under direct pressure to act in a certain way. Kiran is Karuna’s area and hence the questioning. But my word was taken as true. Had I gone to  Chenkaladdi at that time – the gates would have been locked and I would have had to jump over the gate in which case I may have been the target of the armed officers. At the Chiththandi girls’ home – the gate is close to the home and they could hear me knocking and explaining who I was. That was ‘intuition’ leading me.

Today when I read the Daily mirror report ‘I killed some 2000 to 3000 soldiers in one night –Karuna’ – I smiled. As per that report Karuna claimed as follows:
[Chairman of the Karthivu local government body has said that I am more dangerous than the coronavirus. That is true. When I was a member of the LTTE, I killed some 2000 to 3000 Sri Lankan army personnel in one night at Elephant Pass. I have killed more in Killinochchi. That is certainly higher than the number of lives the coronavirus has claimed in Sri Lanka,” he said addressing a gathering in Navadinveli, Ampara yesterday.
He said that Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa has extended him an invitation to join the parliament from the National List. However he added that the invitation was declined as he would be elected to parliament with the people’s mandate.]

To Karuna his pathway is the law that binds him. The current government also accepted that level. Until therefore all LTTE members are released from custody – this government would carry negative Energy in terms of war. This was indicated by the high level infection of Corona virus within the Sri Lankan Navy. If indeed there is war between China and India – it is highly likely that the likes of Karuna would be recruited by India – especially now that he is free of the direct influence of the Rajapaksa government. This confirms again that the war is yet to be won. It’s not easy to win against natural forces of Belief that unite beyond local borders. If India dominates – then the war is taken to be won by Tamils. 

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