Thursday 10 October 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
10 October  2019


Daily Mirror has reported as follows:

[Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe said yesterday that he, Opposition Leader Mahinda Rajapaksa and the TNA leader R. Sampanthan are still in politics as there is no retirement age for politicians. Speaking as the Chief Guest at the National Pensioner’s Day held at the Nelum Pokuna theatre he said that government as an appreciation of pensioners' service took steps to remove pension anomalies twice.]

Together these three have not resolved the ethnic problem – have they? To me, when a Sinhalese ‘tells me’ what to do or what not to do – then we continue to have an ethnic problem. Even in the above ‘group’ of seniors – Mr Wickremesinghe has had to ‘insert’ Mr Sampanthan which to my mind is due to his inner ‘intelligence’ which informs him that  according to the principled structure TNA was the real Opposition leader. The truth we realize is our soul-power. One who lacks the courage to give it form by the time s/he is of the age at which a public officer has to retire – is a negative leader. Such a leader would promote double standards.
This morning I received an email from such a person who is carrying the status of being ‘Australian’ while demonstrating that he has not even become ‘Sri Lankan’.
Mr Shyamon Jayasinghe wrote to me as follows:

[I have told you numerous times that I have no time to read your email. But you keep on sending me this stuff.
It is not fair
Shyamon Jayasinghe]

The above confirms that :

(1)  Mr Jayasinghe has ‘assumed’ status higher than myself
(2)  By asking me not to write - Mr Jayasinghe is confirming that he is undemocratic

The just reason why Tamils seek self-determination surfaced again through the above communication also.  If the young are not able to believe in the seniors by position, due to cultural reasons – then they are entitled to separation of powers. This kind of ‘telling’ contributes strongly to militancy in the young ones who are unable to ‘believe’ in the seniors by position. Those who ‘accept’ handouts would tend to ‘show’ obedience as quid pro quo. That becomes an opportunity cost to the development of belief.

But truth usually comes with its balance – so I would know in my mind where I stood. Yesterday, I received a positive communication from Nilantha Ilangamwa, who to me is Sri Lankan of Sinhalese origin. Nilantha who is also a journalist whom I got to know as editor of Sri Lanka Guardian would not have ‘told me’. This is because unlike Mr Jayasinghe,  Nilantha  is not blinded by position status. Wherever I believe I am senior to Nilantha – I bless him and this means he gets ownership share in my work raised to the power of Energy.

 Nilantha shared with me the book ‘PERMANENT RECORD’  by EDWARD SNOWDEN. Edward states in this:
[After 9/11, the IC was racked with guilt for failing to protect America, for letting the most devastating and destructive attack on the country since Pearl Harbor occur on its watch. In response, its leaders sought to build a system that would prevent them from being caught off guard ever again. At its foundation was to be technology, a foreign thing to their army of political science majors and masters of business administration. The doors to the most secretive intelligence agencies were flung wide open to young technologists like myself. And so the geek inherited the earth……..
What makes a life? More than what we say; more, even, than what we do. A life is also what we love, and what we believe in. For me, what I love and believe in the most is connection, human connection, and the technologies by which that is achieved. Those technologies include books, of course. But for my generation, connection has largely meant the Internet..]

One who loves human connection above all would protect her/his nation through preventive Energy. Through belief we connect to the other’s mind and to the extent the other is open to us – we cure them naturally and often without either side being conscious of it. That is what family is about. As an Accountant, committed to the ethics of my profession, I have witnessed those who insulted me after using my services to promote themselves demoting themselves through money related activities. They would not have if they  had respected me and confirmed it through the common structure. Insulting one who provides ‘service’ at ownership level – becomes a sin. Many seniors who use the internet without respecting the system of democracy that the internet is part of – are also the reason why 9/11 in America and the ethnic wars in Sri Lanka happened.

A true leader would live off voluntary contributions from followers. Governing power is the end of Executive power. A politician who receives money as salary is not a full governor.  Mr Jayasinghe revealed his superiority complex through my article headed ‘ETHICS OR LAW FOR UNIVERSITIES?’. Most of the substance was presented in the form of University of Jaffna. Obviously Mr Jayasinghe sees no value in that – not even for parallels in Southern Sri Lanka. Ultimately the likes of him do what they do for themselves alone. 

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