Thursday 24 October 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

24 October  2019


The President is the Defence Minister in Sri Lanka.  The President was the Minister of Defence in April also. If the President is immune from prosecution – then so are the officers in Defence Ministry.
As per the Republic Next report headed ‘State Intelligence Service should be blamed for Easter massacre – Parliamentary Committee’ :

[The Director of the State Intelligence Service, Nilantha Jayawardena, “bears the greatest responsibility” in the failure to prevent or mitigate the effects of the Easter Sunday attacks on Churches and Hotels, a Parliamentary investigation has found.]
But if action against Nilantha Jayawardena has been barred by the Constitution – was not the Committee wasting People’s resources – including ‘intelligence’ by inquiring into an activity in which Defence Ministry had the responsibility but not Accountability?

 Intelligence is the nuclear power of any plan. If such intelligence is not to be shared – then like the secret power / soul in the  shrine – it has the protection to be kept away from the Public eye.  This is confirmed by ‘ Immunity from prosecution’  to the leader – including Judiciary. 

If the President could not be sued he could not be disciplined by others either. Likewise, any ministry the President is responsible for. Article 3 of the Constitution of Sri Lanka states as follows:

[In the Republic of Sri Lanka sovereignty is in the People and is inalienable. Sovereignty includes the powers of government, fundamental rights and the franchise.]

Since it is acknowledged that the Sovereignty of Sri Lanka is in the People – anyone elected by those People cannot have greater powers than the People. One needs the power of the law to delegate to juniors. When  another person is recognized to be having lesser power to govern the whole – than the leader – power is delegated – so that that the total would be equal to the power of the whole – as represented by the top person – before delegation.

If that power to delegate is not exercised – then, the top person is responsible. Where the top person is elected by the People – the Sovereignty of the People is that power. Hence the entitlement to immunity from prosecution by those who are officially juniors in a structure. Discretionary powers are facilitated to the ‘top decision maker’ for this reason. Parliamentarians acting as per their Parliamentary positions have immunity from fault-finding by others due to such discretionary powers – which are ‘governing powers’. If the Parliament questions the President – then it is like the Moon showing off its light to the Sun . That is what the above Committee has done.

When Easter Sunday bombings happened – the President was Defence Minister. Hence our inquiry needs to be limited to making connections between cause and effect of the President’s power which represents the People’s total investment in Sovereignty. There is no evidence of direct involvement by non-Sri Lankans in the Easter Bombings. Indian ‘intelligence’ was rejected and therein lies the key to preventing future disasters.

Truth is omnipresent. Truth is the root cause of any manifestation, problem or opportunity. Rights and wrongs are allocated until we complete that cycle of experience. Thereafter – one needs to keep in mind the Lesson – between cause and effect – as if both belonged to the same person/nation.

The Defence Ministry under the President’s leadership would have rejected ‘Indian intelligence’ not only due to the war against Tamils who are seen as being closely connected to India than the Sinhalese. Thereafter the President himself found fault with RAW - Research and Analysis Wing. Hence ‘Appe Aanduwa’ which as per my understanding means ‘Our Government’ – meaning ‘Sinhalese Government’ separated itself from such ‘intelligence’.

Truth being what it is – would manifest the other side – of itself – by itself. That was how the true investment in Sri Lanka by Tamils resulted in Tamil Political group becoming the Equal Opposition in National Parliament at times (1977 & 2015) when Tamils as a community expressed their Opposition to being governed by ‘Sinhala only’ Parliamentarians. That was also a natural defeat of those Tamils who sought Separate country.

Even one Tamil with true self governance getting involved in Sri Lankan politics and governance – was enough to manifest the truth needed by that person. That is the Power of One. There were many such Tamils who Opposed the 2018 actions of the President. I actually cried – not because of any interest in any particular individual – but due to my own investment in Sri Lankan governance – through the lawful path being seriously damaged. But it was resurrected including through the participation of the Tamil Political group who effectively represented the Tamil Community of Sri Lanka as a diverse and independent community.

Those who opposed such Sri Lankans – lost governance power outside their own Sinhala-Buddhist community. In other words – Jesus who is another name for Truth resurrected Himself on 21 April 2019 – to complete the picture of True Sri Lanka. The pain felt by Christians would help them become leaders  of  Self-Governing Christians. Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith is demonstrating such leadership more and more – after sharing pain with those blessed by Jesus.

If the architects of the 19th amendment to the Constitution had respected the People’s power – they would have not set aside the pain and suffering of minorities as second-class citizens outside their own communities. That would have been addressed first by eliminating the Buddhism Foremost article in the Constitution one way or the other. One who is fearful of repealing it – confirms desire as the cause. When desire is cause – the quality of the constitution is demoted to hearsay-emotional level. One needs logic to write an intellectually balanced constitution. Belief renders perfect logic. If one does not believe,  one needs to learn respectfully from gurus who are self-governing.

The two leading Presidential candidates are ‘dishing out’ promises that they would do this and that. Their blind followers are also propagating those lies – starting with the Viyathmaga promises by Mr Rajapaksa. According to Viyathmaga’s own declaration their vision is :

[To mobilize the nascent potential of the professionals, academics and entrepreneurs to effectively influence the moral and material development of Sri Lanka in par with the other developed countries where all citizens live in an environment of equity and fair play, with equal opportunities in the advancement of these ideals.]

How can a leader with demonstrated Defence training and demonstrated victories - achieve the above – without Executive powers in those disciplines??????? Without Executive powers in Defence – how can such a person deliver Security to Sri Lanka, leave alone claim victory in war?  No Executive Power – NO victory nor defeat.

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