Sunday 13 October 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

13 October  2019


The topic ‘One Nation or two Nations? - by law’ attracted active discussion. One referred me to the following comment ‘Enter  Faiszer M to save the day! Where have you been for the past 20+ years whilst your Muslim constituents were struggling for their lands? Atleast do something now’ -
As I said recently in relation to home ownership – to me a home is all about human relationships. Without such,  it is of money value only and therefore becomes a trading substance.  Instead of looking at it as ‘kitchen, bed room, toilet ,  common area and shrine room’ if we saw it as a human structure – we would identify it as a ‘home’ – for example mother instead of kitchen, bedroom ‘myself’ toilet ,  other common facilities – as common community and the shrine room as invisible humanity - we would not be ‘possessive’ of the substance.

Often most of us are attached to the immovables from the  past – and this includes status in an old environment  - such as school and other educational institutions – and community leadership positions for a person like Mr Faiser Mustapha who is currently  in National Politics . This attachment prevents us from living in the present.  The highest form of that past is the Truth. Truth is invisible. We are entitled to give that Truth form in our current environment. But we have no right to produce the ‘fact’ manifested  in one environment – in that form in another. That is the essence of rebirth philosophy which majority Sri Lankans follow through their respective religious pathways.
In the planetary system – represented by the Navagraham (9 planets) in Hindu temples – no two planets are face to face. Hence the Hindu horoscope system which confirms the past uses the positioning of planets to project the future. But when one is active in the present – the past becomes passive. At the time of birth in current form – we do not remember the past but are quietly influenced by the truth of the past when we are not active in the current system. Like the planets that are empowered by the Sun’s Energy to revolve on their own and stay separate from other planets those of us who are empowered by truth – would operate on our own and without clashing with other communities. If we made the past active in the old form – planets would collide with each other. Hence the message in Navagraham is do not relate to past facts or alien facts.

Unjust Discrimination, including on the basis of race happens due to this inappropriate admission of one into another. Separation of powers prevents us from such unjust discrimination.

All sides to the Sri Lankan ethnic wars – including this year’s Easter bombings happened due to such lack of respect for belief based privacy. Jihad / Soorasamharam therefore has to be within that cultural border and not against another.  Fighting against one of different culture needs to be regulated through common laws and transparent actions. Killing in revenge leads to inheriting the weakness that promoted the original wrong – including when done by government soldiers.
The current manifestation of the provisions of the Sri Lankan Constitution is that we are two nations – one Buddhist and the other non-Buddhists. By letter the secular laws may look the same. But the interpretation would vary as per each group’s belief through various cultural paths – which is largely based on religion in the case of Sri Lanka as well as through the common secular pathway. Wherever the latter is present – such is the higher authority.

This was presented as follows by a Sri Lankan of Sinhala origin:

[… the Army Forces and the Police must reflect the population proportionality as far as possible. So special inducements may have to be given to communities under-represented proportionally at least for a short time initially.]
I prefer proportional representation to Common leadership by one who has sacrificed the particular to be common.

As per my discovery, if a true contributor to ‘Commonness’ is hurt – Natural forces manifest the return exponentially at the level of those who failed in their duty to protect commonness and thus prevent such pain for those who have transcended the particular to become common. This is why we place holy persons above ordinary human beings.

Non-Buddhists who have contributed to commonness as Sri Lankans – have this power to return their pain exponentially to the causers. The upcoming elections would confirm whether minorities have this power or whether they want to take revenge and continue to kill their commonness contribution.
Once we know we cannot discipline someone / a community – we need to make them our most distant relatives. That is the way to natural structures. Then those who desire power would exercise and hurt their own juniors who would dismiss them through democratic elections.  If the upcoming Presidential elections confirm this – then we already have the solution. We can then lose consciousness of Article 9 of the Constitution – as a ‘fact’ of the past which led to the ethnic war and release all war prisoners as political prisoners.  Belief is the basis of our personal law. Our belief will lead us to connect to others of different belief with respect.

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