Wednesday 2 October 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

02 October  2019


Sri Lanka could be just a land mass or One consolidated Energy. Today is Gandhi’s birthday. Had Gandhi seen India as a block of land – it would have seemed huge and incomprehensible  to Gandhi. Likewise,  the number of People – in this instance Indians. But the way of Truth is that when we identify with the Energy in one unit,  we own the whole. This is recognized as Tat Tvam Asi / Thou Art That / The Ultimate Reality. Energy is the highest and true form of ownership and it is invisible.
As per my own experience, when we identify with the truth in each experience,  we unite with all those who are affected one way or the other – in the big picture that our experience is part of. In the case of Gandhi – it was that he was not second to his British parallel. Identifying with this truth would have taken pain and courage along the way. Gandhi’s  knowledge of law helped him to intellectually identify with his grading vis-√†-vis his British parallel. Foregoing British benefits – rendered the courage to express that discovery that he was Equal / Sovereign.
A Sovereign body works through its own Energy.
Truth unites us naturally. Hence when we are true to ourselves – we would automatically connect to the Truth of the whole. Hence Tat Tvam Asi. Truth is One. The lower the level at which we make and express our discovery – the narrower its span is. If India to Gandhi was the land occupied by him – then Gandhi would not have felt the needs of majority Indians as his.  It is by sacrificing the individual and making himself common to others in need – that Gandhi became the whole – which included the British who had invested in India. It is by including himself as a victim that Gandhi invoked the soul connection with majority which was Absolute power of belief  - that he was part of the poor in status and in money. The return was bliss – exponential pleasure. Every such sacrifice becomes Absolute Energy.

The President of Sri Lanka, sans Executive powers needs to confirm that identity with the majority – not by race or religion but money and status – which are the common currencies through which the ordinary person measures the other. Such a president is entitled to become Governing President on the basis of majority vote. The rest is not true at governing level.  Hence Executive Administrative powers are needed by the person at the top.

Adaderana news reports as follows under the heading ‘AG ordered to present submissions on Gotabaya’s request’:

 [The Permanent High Court at Bar has ordered the Attorney General to present submissions on the 3rd of October regarding the request made by the former Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa to release his passport which is currently in custody of the courts.
Rajapaksa had requested the court to release his passport as he is due to travel overseas for a medical examination and for handing over nominations for the upcoming presidential election.
A motion submitted by the former Defence Secretary through his attorneys was taken up before a three-judge bench consisting of Sampath Abeykoon, Sampath Wijeratne and Champa Janaki Rajaratne today (01).
President’s Counsel Ali Sabry, speaking on behalf of his client, requested the court to release Rajapaksa’s passport as he is required to hand over his passport when filing nomination papers for the election as the candidate of Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna.

Speaking further, PC Sabry said his client, who underwent cardiac surgery in Singapore, is due to travel overseas from October 9-12 for a medical examination related to his surgery.]

The truth that I identify with here is that as a Sri Lankan I would believe that the Sri Lankan medical services would cure me. Likewise as an Australian – I would believe that the Australian Medical services would cure me. Towards this I have to BE at the level that fellow Australians place the common Sri Lankan migrant – as discovered by me when I was seen as one without professional status and without high level of  spending money.  What I get at that level – works naturally for me. That is pure Energy – as if I cure myself. That way I represent all Sri Lankan/Indian migrants and would connect to them through the invisible power of truth. Likewise all minorities in Sri Lanka. A global  minded Sri Lankan is also a minority in Sri Lanka. Minorities by numbers need to connect intellectually to higher thinkers and thus invoke global powers. I see that as my role – in Sri Lanka as well as in Australia. The sacrifices I made help me think beyond local borders and mentally participate through those true global powers.

Since Mr Gotabhaya Rajapaksa has already resorted to Singapore medical services – one concludes that he does not feel part of  majority Sri Lankans who certainly cannot afford to go outside Sri Lanka for their medical services. All his other claims and promises are invalid. He would therefore need strong Executive powers to manage the business of Presidency.

The Daily Mirror reports as follows from Mr Sajith Premadasa:

[The UNP led alliance’s presidential hopeful Sajith Premadasa yesterday said his rival candidate SLPP presidential hopeful Gotabaya Rajapaksa was not a concern for him.]

The fact that the issue of Sri Lankan citizenship of Mr Gotabhaya Rajapaksa is before the Judiciary – Mr Premadasa has the duty to present the truth he identifies with at the level of Sri Lankans he identifies as being his natural group. Then we the People can work out whether we and he are one. If yes, we vote for him. If no we vote for the next best fit.

Ethnic  issue is very much part of the Citizenship issue. The law may afford us citizenship – but true citizenship is needed to work the common system. The above reports indicates  Mr Premadasa’s natural interest group:

[He also said former President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s action of meeting disabled soldiers who were protesting in Fort and asking them to stop it was a confirmation that his party was behind the strikes and protests which have been going on during the past few days.]

In terms of Defence portfolio, Mr Premadasa’s vision does not extend beyond local soldiers. In terms of Management  his Opposition – is former President Mahinda Rajapaksa. In his mind, Mr Premadasa is competing against President Mahinda Rajapaksa and not against his current Opposition. It is reported that he stated the following also:

[“What is important to me is my set of policies and not those of my rival candidates,” he said.]

If everyone acted as per their policies – and without showing recognition of how one interprets the other side – then we would divide into thousands of small communities and NOT as One nation. Mr Premadasa has revealed that he is like Mr Wigneswaran – building castles in the air.

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