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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

06 October  2019


As per the Hindu legend Mahabharatham,  Thuriyothanan was the projection of the blind king Thirutharashtran’s desires. Former Sri Lankan President Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa has become like  Thirutharashtran and it seems to me that he is seeing his desires manifest through his juniors. We witnessed this late last year when his junior (Mr Sirisena)  in the true structure ‘handed over’ the Prime Ministerial position to him – as if it were a substance.  We have seen that happen yet again through the Judiciary who delivered as per the desires of  their long-term boss – as if Sri Lankan citizenship were a ‘substance’. I have known through direct experience – that the Judicial Administration in Sri Lanka is highly subjective relative to its parallel here in Australia. They are still juniors to the Executive. I am now learning that this is due also to the media which is not true to itself. If it is true that the Sri Lankan Judiciary is independent of the Executive, then the recent  ruling in the case of Mr Gotabaya’s  Citizenship confirms the same jungle rule that was applied in the case of LTTE.

The alleged victory against the LTTE – when used as a ‘substance’ confirms lack of truth / soul power. If LTTE were insiders – then that would have been disciplinary action. When one ‘absorbs’ the other’s weaknesses as one’s own – it is disciplinary action which strengthens the whole. That is what most law abiding Tamils known to me, did.  Without such leaders – Jaffna law would also be jungle law – as it was during the war.

The more we dwell on the other’s mistakes beyond the limits of our relationship – the more we absorb those very mistakes through repetitive use. Tamils who live in their own truth after absorbing lawlessness of militants – inherit the just expectations of the militants. That is the way of Truth. When those who profit from militants’ lawlessness – fail to separate themselves from that community – in this instance the Tamil community – they acquire such lawlessness. A true senior would not profit from the mistakes of a junior. One who is not a true senior  has the moral duty to  fight as an Equal ‘outsider’.

Due to failure on the part of some governments – including Australian government – to know the truth of the Sri Lankan war – they get infected by the weaknesses of the Sri Lankan government when one is ‘free’ and desires drive their  interactions. It is to prevent this that relationships are established in civilized structures. Where outcomes do not flow through relationships – they confirm lawlessness or Oneness.

Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa is reported to have stated I think the entire country has been released. Not only Gotabaya Rajapaksa, but the entire country has been acquitted and released”.-

If the above  were true then those who petitioned at the physical level and those who empowered them mentally are not part of the ‘country’ that Mr Rajapaksa has in his mind’s eye. History thus repeats itself. Back then it was Tamils ; now it is Sinhalese. That is how the mind that deals at ‘substance’ level – shrinks to the level of likes and dislikes. Like in bipolar disorder such a mind  gets overexcited by volume and feels bankrupted when it cannot ‘see’ outcomes by those beyond the immediate circle. Such a country – does not need laws that would connect beyond the immediate. If it did – those laws would separate the country on ‘knowledge basis’.  Those who have more knowledge than is needed for their life based on their truth – would set out to ‘tell’ those who seem to have less knowledge. They feel excited when they can ‘tell’ (as Mr Rajapaksa has said above)  and they feel depressed when they have no one to dictate to. The following is an excerpt from the Island editorial of 05 October, in relation to this matter:

[We now have the benefit of hindsight and speak of the issue in the perfect conditional tense. It may be argued that the exigencies prevalent, in 2015, should be factored in. Perhaps, the national security situation, at that time, vis-à-vis the LTTE using a fragile truce to prepare for war may have prompted President Rajapaksa to hasten to appoint the Defence Secretary. (Gotabaya). The LTTE had violated the ceasefire umpteen times with the international community doing precious little to restrain the outfit. It also assassinated Lakshman Kadirgamar a couple of moons before the presidential election (2005) and would not have hesitated to carry out any number of high profile political assassinations if opportunities had presented themselves.]

If the editor of Island had had a true relationship with the position of President – instead of using the extreme example of the LTTE - s/he would have asked her/himself whether Mr Gotabaya Rajapaksa voted for Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa to become President? Since he was NOT eligible at that time – in 2005 – he did not have the moral authority to be Defence Secretary but had the governing authority to  empower whoever held that position. Having renounced his citizenship  - he needed to take rebirth – and NOT continue in his old position. THAT is when we generate our heirs. To continue he ought to have remained in military service and continued during the presidency of Madam Kumaratunga before  whose Presidency he left Sri Lanka. He did not seek to be dual citizen without the benefits that he could ‘see’ with his brother as president could not see with Madam Kumaratunga as President. In other words that dual citizenship was a handout from Annan to Thambi / Big brother to little brother.

After retirement he ought to have been advisor and not held positions of executive authority in the same structure under a new boss. One who retires becomes governor. This applies to all those who left Sri Lanka more or less for good. When we return we need to be global minded and take up positions that would connect us to global structures. Otherwise we effectively ‘steal’ the positions of those who continued under difficult  environments that we abandoned.  This applies also to the likes of Mr Wigneswaran who was reborn into Politics but continues to carry his past status with him and often ‘tells’ lawyers in politics  as if they were his ‘juniors’. Mr Wigneswaran also ‘imagined’ that he was Prabakaran’s Annan. To be true  - Mr Wigneswaran ought to have taken rebirth into politics and therefore renounce the status into the common pool.

Given that Buddhism expressly recognizes rebirth – the above appointment as Defence Secretary is in breach of Article 9 of the Constitution.  The Judiciary have confirmed their negligence in this regard.  Now after the 19th Amendment to the Constitution – Mr Gotabaya Rajapaksa has had to forego his American citizenship. The dismissal of the citizens’ application against this ‘handout’ has the risk of endorsing Dual citizenship and therefore reversing the 19th Amendment prevention. As they say – there is more than one way to skin a cat.

The October Constitutional Crisis – ended up with the elected members of Parliament deciding on the position of Prime Minister. The Judiciary paved the way for that by clearing the block of unruly presidential rule. They failed to look at this petition from the point of view of the petitioners who oppose Mr Rajapaksa. By failing to value that on behalf of all those who oppose – the judiciary demoted their own status in the world of civilized Administration. Communications against the ruling have been streaming in – in the language of the ordinary citizen – of Sinhalese as well as Tamil origin.

The Truth will support those who relate through truth. One hopeful wrote in response to my yesterday’s analysis:

[Brothers Chamal (Independant ) and Gota ( SLPP ) will contest the Presidential Elections
The family looks divided ?]

I responded as follows:
[Chamal was/is  a backup plan]
That was because I read Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa’s mind after the announcement was made but before the Judicial outcome was delivered.

The Island editor indicated what he would have done  as the President – in 2005 has written  as follows today:
[The legal challenge mounted against the Gotabaya Rajapaksa candidacy by canvassing his nationality was unanimously determined on Friday by a three-judge bench of the Appeal Court. But this may not be the end of the matter in terms of further legal action. The reader may remember the Geetha Kumarasinghe case that arose after the 2015 election with the film-star politician elected to a Galle district seat being subsequently disqualified. When nominations were received, Kumrasinghe’s papers were challenged on the grounds that she was a Swiss Citizen. However the returning officer accepted the papers leaving the matter to be eventually adjudicated by the courts. In the event Kumarasinghe was unseated by determination of both the Appeal and Supreme Courts. If there is any challenge to Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s candidature on grounds of nationality when nominations are received tomorrow, the Elections Commission is expected to conform to the precedent and accept the papers leaving the matter for later adjudication by the courts.]

To me mine was governing power and this editor’s was relative authority which is slow.

The above  is in hindsight because the Island editor did not see the issue as a Common Sri Lankan. If  elimination of LTTE was accepted by that editor as being just  then the Island paper would also tend to be jungle paper. As for me – my Truth helps me be governor of jungle when in jungle and governor  of intellectual group  where rule of law applies. Such governing power travels with us beyond local borders.

In Australia, the use of family influences in public life by Mr John Howard in 2000 was strongly  criticized by the media – just a few years back.  On that basis – we may need to wait for Sri Lankan journalists who did not learn from Australian experience – until the effects of undue influence happens to suppress Freedom of the Media. Deeper the pain experience – the stronger the structure that evolves. Only those who are true to themselves are entitled to Freedom at that level of manifestation. By opposing at the global level – we naturally raise the status of Sri Lanka to the global  level.

The Island may not know this. But if Mr Gotabaya Rajapaksa became President  - Sri Lanka would become a war jungle once again – this time it would be much stronger than previously due to Muslim militants joining forces with Tamil militants. All those who believe they are fighting for freedom after being alienated by custodians of power – are morally entitled to use jungle warfare. Hence the saying ‘All is fair in Love and War’.

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