Monday 7 October 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

07 October  2019


Some Academics of the University of NSW said to me that I had insight. Dr David Garlick in particular gave my ‘insight’ high status and called it ‘prophesy’. It was at David’s funeral that I learnt about the return karma at Vice Chancellor’s level. I believe that David was admiring my ability to project the truth at that level.
This morning when I read David Kumar’s article headed ‘It’s possible Gota will cut and run - The presidential election drama gets curioser and curioser’ – I fully identified with many common identifications that I also had already made. When we write at that level – we write about us taking that position or opposing that position meaning if we had the authority – we would discipline them as juniors. Such ‘seers’ need to be respected by others if a community / society is to develop reliable structures.

Our status is true only when we have sacrificed earned benefits which automatically lifts our mind to the higher level. This is why we meditate and fast. That way we prevent the other side of our enjoyment from not returning to us. We prevent it by earning the enjoyment first.

Due processes are developed by those who so raised their mind. It is that energy (work benefit raised to the invisible level) that is inherited by those who believe in seniors and ancestors. The royalty we pay is the ‘respect’ for that higher mind by following Due Processes. The reward is ‘insight’ into that system by becoming part of that system. Tat Tvam Asi / Thou Art That.

Hence if we have within us – the ancestors who discovered  the Dual Citizenship system to preserve the value of the investment made by community and nation in a person . Section 19(2) of the Citizenship Act No. 18 of 1948 as amended by Act No. 45 of 1987 states as follows:

[19 (2) Any person who ceases, under subsection (1) of this section or section 20 or section 21, to be a citizen of Sri Lanka may at any time thereafter make application to the Minister for a declaration that such person has resumed the status of a citizen of Sri Lanka, notwithstanding the fact that he is, and continues to be, a citizen of any other country; and the Minister may make the declaration for which the application is made if he is satisfied that the making of such declaration would, in all the circumstances of the case, be of benefit to Sri Lanka. ]

Due Processes followed should ensure the essential criterion that  in all the circumstances of the case, be of benefit to Sri Lanka’.

The test is like in ‘Beyond Reasonable Doubt’. Often Jury are empowered to judge in criminal offences – due the person being ‘judged’ being not as intellectual as the Judge. Hence the ‘Belief based system - the Jury system’

If Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa would not have been part of the jury hearing the case against his brother – then he did not have the authority to make that decision in 2005. Instead – he ‘judged’ as per family knowledge – as if  Sri Lanka and Rajapaksa family were one and the same. It -would have been if ‘no benefit service’ was provided.

As per the system of Truth / Karma – the Executive Presidency was abandoned on that day when Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa took on the position of Believer who is entitled to plenary powers. Any executive authority exercised was without the entitlement of those who actually believe and therefore naturally work the system as a facility. They are the real powers that work the whole to sustain itself – like the Sun. Others who are self-governing would need to be within the Energy circle of that Sun to be functional.  This obviously was not for Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa.

But Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa knew ‘Beyond Reasonable Doubt’ that did it for himself and not for Sri Lanka. Like Ravana he desired to ‘possess and control’ the Tamil community through the LTTE. Rama would not have deviated from the common laws that the government had committed to. The above deviation would have invoked the investment made by Tamil Administrators who stomached the pain of discrimination and continued to perform as professionals. I believe that was how I developed ‘insight’ into the  Australian system – far above the level that I was allocated by those who benefited from my work. The gap became ‘service’. Service is Ownership. Those who respect me – inherit that higher mind structure – as I inherited from those before me and preserved it as part of my soul power.

Kumar David states ‘My UNP friends are all cock-a-hoop while Gota backers in my circle have gone quiet.’  This confirms that they UNP as well as SLPP are both in Kumar David. Those who get overly excited by wins – without going through the sacrifices by those who forewent their earned benefit to have the courage to challenge – would keep crossing over from side to side. They would elect their representatives who would keep going from one to the other – in the one term.

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