Monday 28 October 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

28 October  2019


I believe in the saying that we take only our truth into our next life. My cousin Ravi who does provide feedback on some of my  articles said that his son as a little boy had said that we took our ‘memories’ with us .  I identify with it as memories that have become Energy.
The five basic elements according to my understanding of Hinduism are – Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Sky. Earth is the heaviest and Sky has no weight at all. Our work is also valued at these levels. (1) Solid – as in visible outcome/goods; (2) Liquid – as in cash ; (3) Status; (4) Goodwill and (5) Energy. Truth is Energy. Like the sky it exists but cannot be perceived through the senses nor known through the intellect.

When we perform Yoga, Tai chi and other forms of meditation – we go into that Energy field. The ticket is to lose consciousness of all our environment as perceived physical  and mental senses.  Once we are in that Energy field – our abstinence from recognizing through the senses – is positive Energy which attracts its Mother Energy in that Still Area.

 Today Hindus who worship Lord Muruga  begin the fast / meditation known as Kanda Sashti to merge with Lord Muruga who defeated the demon. Lord Muruga Himself represents the highest power that defeated the senses.  As per my interpretation - Born out of the Third Eye spot of Lord Shiva during  Meditation – Muruga was born as Six forms of Energy and when Mother Shakthi/Consciousness  united them Muruga became the Divine form with six faces.  
Sinhalese as well as Tamils in Sri Lanka worship Lord Muruga. If they truly become deserving of  Muruga’s Energy – they would defeat the downward pulling negative Energies – known as sins to defeat the demon of ‘attachment’ to visible wealth.

As per the Sunday Morning News headed ‘Diga threatens to resign’:

[The Sunday Morning learnt that Minister Digambaram was likely to meet DNF presidential candidate Premadasa this week and demand a pledge to increase the wages of the plantation sector workers failing which the former would resign from his portfolio.
“I will demand the wages of the estate workers be increased substantially. If Premadasa doesn’t agree to do so, I will resign from my ministerial portfolio,” the Minister had said according to party sources.]
Now that Mr Digambaran -  Minister of Hill Country, New Villages, Infrastructure and Community Development - has become Soorapadman driven by  money-wealth – the People of his area – need to use their Murugan Energies to eliminate his bargaining chip – and become the link bridge between Eastern, Northern and Western Tamils in Sri Lanka – to Tamil Nadu and through Tamil Nadu to India and through India to the Global Tamil. Lord Muruga’s devotee is a Global Tamil with 360 degree view.   

More wages for the same work – diminishes the power of Upcountry Tamils to go global. No money or status – have Energy.

Today is my Air Lanka friend Shanmugasothy’s birthday. As his wife Setha – a Nallur Murugan devotee explained to me – Shanmugam = six faces ; Sothy = Light. Shan left his form about a month ago. But the work he raised to Energy level – continues to shine in our Tamil Community. It will support anyone in the areas where he did so – whenever they have a need in that particular area.

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