Tuesday 23 July 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
23 July  2019

Finding the  President

The real President is in us. In Democracy – the voter does not have the right to express an expectation that shows more than the value of that governor within. Those of us Sri Lankans who do seek to show greater value need to change the pathway through which a President is elected. The former confirms our past whilst the latter would help us project a better future. The former like the queen would be largely ceremonial whereas the latter would need some degree of Executive authority with the protection of impunity. Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa assumed that role at  time when the country was threatened by attacks from Northerners. The law would not protect from those who make their different laws.

As per the existing Sri Lankan Constitution the President needs that part of the Executive power needed to prevent takeovers - internal as well as external. He needs also to be one who does not have ambitions to be active in that role – as Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa was. Most importantly – he must identify with himself as being fit in both roles. There are many such Sri Lankans but they are not in politics.

Mr Gotabhaya Rajapaksa was identified as being suitable by some – including a professional associate of mine. But that voter drops responsibility in the custody of the leader in her immediate circles. Mr Gotabhaya Rajapaksa did likewise when he migrated to the USA before his brother became President.

As per Adaderana news under the heading -‘I never said Gotabaya would be presidential candidate – Mahinda’:

[Leader of the Opposition Mahinda Rajapaksa points out that he has never stated that former Defense Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa would be the next presidential candidate.
….Speaking on the passing of three months since the Easter attacks, he stated that victims of the attack are still dying on hospital beds. The government pays no proper attention to the, he added.
The Opposition Leader further stated that some claim that the national security is ensured while some say it’s not.]

I am reminded of my dear friend Dr David Garlick who said about Sri Lankans -  that we say ‘yes, yes’ in words and shake our heads from side to side – which means ‘no no’.  The above in response to a question ‘Whether Sri Lanka needs a military president?’ would fall within that category. But clever that he is – Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa quickly identifies with the possibility of partnership with Mr Sarath Fonseka who was the Sri Lankan Army Commander during the war against the Tamil Tigers and who was punished by Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa for daring to think of becoming President:
[He points out that former Army Commander Field Marshal MP Sarath Fonseka states that terrorism hasn’t been curbed completely as of yet]

Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa is known for his attachment to the past. His habit of consulting with astrologers confirms this. Astrology is the science through which we learn about our past – a past that , like genes, is beyond our control to change. Knowing the truth of our past would help us know why we acted subconsciously . But if we activate that for current benefit – it leads to confused mind-structure where there has been strong change in structure / culture that regulates the conduct. Racial discrimination often happens due to such attachment which distracts us from the current merit based assessment. The voter who actually votes for the President within – will invoke that president when needed. Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa has confirmed that former Army Commander Field Marshal MP Sarath Fonseka would be his kind of President. The question then arises – whether Mr Rajapaksa would then invoke his past through the position of Prime Minister – as he did in October last year?
In the meantime Daily Mirror reports through its article ‘Gota not in 1st quarter list ending March 31’-  that as of 31 March 2019 – Mr Gotabhaya Rajapaksa was still American citizen. It will take time for Mr Gotabhaya Rajapaksa to change his mind structure to ‘Sri Lankan Only’ within a short period. Hence to my mind, his brother Mahinda’s statement confirms withdrawal from such a possibility.

When we seek through the President we have genuinely developed – we would find the President we need. As per current truth – the Easter bombings happened due to lack of Truth sharing in government. A big reason for this is that the President is of one political group and the Prime Minister is of another. Given that the President and the Opposition leadership is of the one political group the President was the Opposition Leader in the Government. Had this not been taken away from the Tamil National Alliance – that would have warned ISIS supporters / copycats to beware of American support to Sri Lanka through Tamils – which was revealed through the US at UN level. Such one-sided resolutions are valid beyond law – due to Belief. The deeper the appreciation by Sri Lankans – especially Tamils of the role played by America to uphold the dignity of Tamils - the more protected Sri Lanka would be from groups that are not committed to law and order. If Mr Gotabhaya Rajapaksa does not feel American any more – then he would not have the capability of invoking this belief based power at that level.

Truth is everywhere – in every manifestation. Those who travel along the common highway of Law – would discover and invoke that Truth at that higher common level. Truth being universal will naturally merge with the truth of those who hold high positions. Towards this we need to surrender our own attachment to the common wellbeing of all.

Yesterday I read about Lord Buddha saying to a follower – that they were both Buddhas. Lord Buddha knew he was but the other did not. Likewise, the President. The true governor knows he is. One who merely thinks needs law to regulate her/his thoughts and conduct.

One who needed his brother to produce high level outcome – confirms lack of independence needed to be governing President. 

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