Monday 22 July 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

22 July  2019

Motherless Sri Lanka

The Easter Bombings based message from National Peace Council (NPC) of Sri Lanka - came my way again this morning.  The essence of their message is highlighted at the top as follows:

[The ongoing political crisis in the country, the political deadlock, the weak governance, and the shocking security lapses that led to the Easter Sunday bombings are evidence enough of the disastrous impact that partisan politics ]

The NPC recommends as follows:

[The National Peace Council, therefore, calls for a 20th Amendment to the constitution by which any person elected as the president would be required by law to step down from all party political positions and be a non-partisan president who works for the wellbeing of all.]

If this is a reality the President represents Sinhalese who have realised the reality of government by majority. In terms of language – this represents Sinhalese language. If the President is without any political position – then it would be stating this obvious reality – that Sinhalese ARE the only government.

The best example I can think of is family. If the  mother is without administrative powers to lead – the mother becomes the non-executive President. Mr Sirisena came along the pathway of the executive presidency. When he was placed in the position of Presidency sans that Executive power – he demonstrated serious disorder that embarrassed that position and the nation. A nation without governing president / leader is a nation without a true mother. They say in Tamil that even the father is recognized  through the mother.

The Executive part of family Government is father. The father connects the family to the outside world. Hence father needs to have knowledge of the external. Where this knowledge is based on current and direct inputs and outputs  only – as in quid pro quos – there needs to be separation between inputs and outputs. This helps to know that the Service Provider/Supplier  is different in make up to the Service Receiver / Customer. In the hierarchical arrangement – this separation is through senior-junior positions.  In that arrangement – one driven by visible  outcomes is the junior-most  in immediate family or most distant relation in extended family.

The law plays the role of the father is that of the Executive in National Government. In action this has been played more effectively by the current Prime Minister – empowered by the 19th Amendment to the Constitution. Even though Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa was himself capable of playing the father’s role – the world that he connected us to was different to the one that emigrants would prefer to go to. This was the case with his own brothers who are American citizens. Internally they ‘deny’ that to the citizens. All Sri Lankans who promote this actively  – confirm that they are dictators. Those who passively accept it deny themselves the opportunity to self-govern and with time become the enemies of democracy. Those who vote idly become slaves who could be easily brainwashed for they receive the curse of democracy.

One who recognizes value at character or energy level – confirms a deep mind. A lady  who foregoes earned benefits so they could be shared with all members of the family as per their needs – is a true mother. Such a lady does not need Executive power because she has transformation power. The source of that transformation power is her own sacrifice of the personal for the common good. Such a leader cures just by being herself. Since Mr Sirisena is uncomfortable with that position – we are entitled to conclude that he becomes idle when ‘given’ that position. Hence the devil entered his mind from time to time. In his previous life/structure – he was a distant relation of the Executive president but was shown as close relative due to his passive demeanour .

The caring governor and the idle executive would look the same. The former would lead through exponential power whilst the latter would sink in the outcomes that entertain the devil.

The law that is needed by Sri Lanka to become Democratic would become visible through the Truth of the  Sri Lankan who has demonstrated most respect for the law.

DBS Jeyaraj presents  the ‘attachment’ to lead status by males through his article ‘From housewife to Prime Minister: Sirimavo Bandaranaike’s political journey’ as follows:

[“Sirima, Kitchen, Kitchen”
SWRD himself never encouraged Sirima to be actively involved in politics. An apocryphal anecdote that was often related in those times was illustrative of this. Apparently SWRD, Philip Gunewardena and a few other senior government ministers were discussing the envisaged Paddy Lands Act in 1958. The Act provided greater rights and concessions to the long-suffering tenant cultivators. There was however a large segment of semi-feudal, land-owning class supportive of the SLFP that resented the Paddy Lands Act. This discontent was reflected in the case of Sirima too. She surprised the gathering by participating in the conversation on the subject. When Sirima started berating Philip, her enraged husband shouted at her to stop saying “Sirima kussiya, kussiya” (Sirima, kitchen, kitchen). ]

 The above if true, confirms that  Mr SWRD Bandaranaike considered women  to belong in the kitchen while showing outsiders that his wife was first lady. The former is the form of his truth and the latter is for structure. When Tamils are treated as minorities – they are also told by majority that they belong in the kussiya / cuisinee /kitchen. Was Ms Bandaranaike a home maker or a disorderly participant in the above experience?

If a homemaker without a visible executive position– the lady would have quietly influenced her husband through her own belief.  By directly participating without a structured position  – the lady confirmed disorderly leadership. This disorder was inherited by Mr Sirisena who acted to produce outcomes outside the lawful boundaries of his position.

Mrs Banadaranaike’s lack of commitment to structures was clearly visible through Buddhism foremost clause which effectively divides the country. Laws need positions and positions confirm structures. If elected by the people through a democratic structure – the elected person has the duty to uphold that fundamental structure. All laws that show senior-junior positions by effect – confirm breach of democracy. When practiced they naturally divide the whole into parts. The quid pro quos in such a government come from those genes.

As per my study of Tamils who live in democratic countries but continue to promote male dominance this kind of ‘attachment’ to the outcomes / benefits produced by militants who were by choice using the hierarchical pathways – they go back to the time when they had this easy way to dominate. Most of the time Mrs Bandaranaike’s parallels in the Tamil community – yearn for the time when they were effectively kussi-ammahs/kitchen-mothers. State Minister MrsVijayakala Maheswaran expressed this openly last year in Jaffna when she verbally resurrected  the LTTE leader at a public rally. Mrs MrsVijayakala Maheswaran is the Tamil parallel of Mrs Bandaranaike who elevated the very Buddhist leadership that killed her husband. Mr Sirisena is an heir of Mrs Banadaranaike.

Those driven by outcomes do not recognize structures which need Energy / Truth. A child needs to respect the parents to inherit their positive contribution to parenthood. Otherwise a child needs to separate from the parent to form her/his own independent position as a separate family. In a natural environment the depth of our invisible belief produces the highest visible form of belief. I believe that my inheritance of our family temple in Sangarathai happened is a clear confirmation of my respect for my parents and ancestors. My younger brother respects and accepts that leadership – not as per Thesawalamai law but as per his true experience.

They say that no one is above the law. Truth is above the law. It underpins all manifestations and is most visible at low levels in areas where the laws have been abandoned. An outcome born out of one structure when used in another differently structured system – confirms disorder. This is why in educational institutions plagiarism is a serious offence. At University level – when left undetected it demotes the mind structure of the whole university.  Each  true discovery confirms the mind structure of the person who went deeper than the surface / the apparent – to access that power that adds value for the whole to become greater than the sum of the individuals. One has to respect such a person to inherit that mind structure. Taking the benefits without paying our respects brings about exponential deterioration. Mrs Bandaranaike confirmed it, Mrs Vijayakala confirmed it; Mr Wigneswaran confirmed it and Mr Sirisena confirms it. With all his deviations from Democracy – it was Mr Rajapaksa who defeated the LTTE. His junior under that structure – needed to pay his respects to Mr Rajapaksa before taking up that Executive position. The other alternative was to use truth instead of the law – as my brother did.  If the Parliament was a temple – to Mr Sirisena – then the true  Parliament beyond current times would have made the call and supported him as did our family temple.


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