Thursday 11 July 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

11 July  2019

Big Brother America or mortal sin from Sri Lankan Government? 

Sri Lanka has gradually become close relation of America – not only through government but more through  individuals and families who have emigrated from Sri Lanka to America. Former Defence Secretary Mr Gotabaya Rajapaksa is such an example. When the Government of America strongly criticised the Sri Lankan government in relation to war-crimes that was also a demotion of Mr  Gotabaya Rajapaksa as an American. Mr Gotabaya Rajapaksa then had the option of finding fault with himself to feel better as American. Instead he is using Sri Lankan politics to abandon his own investment in America. It is abuse of immigration system that is naturally shared with all those who support him and/or accept his support.

Those who seem to be blind to all this includes Mr Vasudeva Nanayakkara:
[- Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe wanted anti-Muslim riots to create 10,000 refugees and bring the US military and United Nations interventions to Sri Lanka's Vasudeva Nanayakkara claimed in parliament.
"Using this crisis he wanted to bring the United States military to Sri Lanka," Nanayakkara said.
"They are salivating to come to Sri Lanka (kela hala hala innawar)."……..
Nanayakkara,  a leftist legislator aligned with ex-President Mahinda Rajapaksa claimed that Wickremesinghe wanted to generate 10,000 Muslim refugees in areas where Sinhalese lived and drive them all to the Eastern Province.
Some had charged that activists linked to the so-called 'Pohottuwa' party, were behind some of the anti-Muslim riots in May.
Nanayakkara said the Wickremesinghe also wanted to bring the United Nations to Sri Lanka.
The UN High Commissioner for Refugees would also have intervened in Sri Lanka, Nanayakkara said.
"They (foreign powers) are waiting to intervene on the basis of R2P (responsibility to protect)," Nanayakkkara said.
"That is what Ranil wanted."] Economy Next report ‘Ranil wanted anti-Muslim riots to bring US military to Sri Lanka: Vasudeva’

If America is good investment for Mr Nanayakkara’s guru’s family,  simple logic says that Sri Lanka is good investment for Americans and other Westerners. The deservedness is equal in a free environment. The government that ‘freed itself’ from global obligations in the war against the Tamil Tigers activates such quid-pro quos. This is a natural energy that  goes with the person and adds itself to all activities of that person.

Mr Nanayakkara for example is related by marriage to Mr Wigneswaran. But neither presents the Common Sri Lankan form in Politics. They are either not leaders of their common family or they have given up on their family life. If latter – it needs to be expressly shown to the public they claim to lead.

Mr Wickremesinghe who qualifies more strongly than Mr Gotabaya Rajapaksa to be American – is reported to have reasoned as follows:
[Prime Minister Wickremesinghe said an exchange of notes had taken place on a Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) in 1995 and an Acquisition and cross Servicing Agreement agreement had been signed when Gothabaya Rajapaksa, a US citizen was Sri Lanka's defence secretary.
There was no new SOFA agrement, he said though talks had taken place on changing some clauses. If there is a new sofa which he did not know about, it must be in the living room, he said.]
So who brought the American Forces into Sri Lanka first ? – Mr Gotabaya Rajapaksa. An internal person uses indicators while an external person needs objective proof. Hence Key Performance Indicators in Management and proof in Audits. As a lone person I upheld Sri Lankan dignity when I explained the difference to the NSW Auditor  General (Appendix)

Deeper than the internal indicators is the energy one carries from the past – as sins and virtues shown in horoscopes. So long as we are responsible for someone else’s true pain and damage to that person’s natural sovereignty – we carry sin/negative energy into our next chapter/life. Surface readers often do not know that they carry this – which may be positive or negative to the person in the current environment. The Dual Citizenship ban for policy makers prevents activation of this energy that was developed in a different  environment – i.e. structure. In nature we have no active memory of our past life. Like genes – this Energy is passive but naturally merges when our mind is dependent  in the present time.  When there is no one to depend on – the mind depends on the past. A good example is Mr Wigneswaran carrying  the Judicial status after he became Chief Minister.

I have observed this in the folks of Vaddukoddai in relation to Caste. Those who use the junior worker beyond the work related relationship would be using some kind of past inappropriately.  This is the common basis for all Equal Opportunity laws. In Vaddukoddai it is Caste. In Southern Sri Lanka – it is Race due to Sinhala majority forming government without accountability to the Common Sri Lankan who may be more sovereign than the government. I believe I am here in Australia. As per the laws of Nature – when we abuse and the other person in the relationship is actually deserving of senior position due to deeper contribution to commonness – they have the power to return the punishment to us. When they hurt we are cursed. In turn we become junior-most in our own environments. We acquire the very characteristics / genes that we unjustly accused the other of. Likewise, when juniors rebel those of us who have included them as part of ourselves would have the insight to identify with the weakness that they themselves are not able ‘see’ in themselves. Through common activities that they able to participate in – those with positive energy transform such persons. But that is the hardest pathway and it carries the risk of us being taken over by juniors if we allow ourselves to be ‘friends’ with them rather than taking our structural position as seniors.
In effect – the Rajapaksa family that has disrespected the philosophy underpinning Dual Citizenship ‘imported’ American power through themselves – long before 2015.


Re Public challenge of misleading statements of principles by the New South Wales (Australia) Auditor General Mr. Bob Sendt:
Mr. Sendt wrote on 20 November 2003 in response to my Public demand for him to pay his Dues as an Accountant::
Ms Param, I fully understand that auditors are not to participate in the management of the entities they audit. That is basic. What I said in my report is that external financial reports only give a partial view of the performance of many public entities. Such entities are not established to earn a profit or a return on assets, but to provide services to the public. So to give a true and fair view of how well they are providing services, they also produce non-financial performance indicators. If financial reports are required to be audited – to give the public confidence in their accuracy – then so too should the performance indicators. I fail to see how you can state that this is participating in the management of the entity.
Bob Sendt
NSW Auditor General

My response to the above indicates the deep wisdom I have in Audit and Compliance, largely based on my Sri Lankan training:

Thank you Mr. Sendt for  the prompt response. Most progressive organizations produce both – Financial and Non-Financial Performance Indicators. They  are both for MANAGEMENT purposes and reflect the THINKING and WORK_IN_PROGRESS. If you use Performance Indicators – then you are thinking with them. This is like the Executive Government participating in the Judicial process. Your Non-Financial Reports are the Legal records that these organizations are required to maintain – such as the Recruitment and Employee Assessment records. Where there is a big gap between Law and Practice – it requires YOUR staff to do the additional work. Taking the Performance Indicators distracts you away from this work. It is in breach of the Doctrine of Separation of  Powers. These organizations must be allowed to confidentially do the cooking and it’s up to your staff to do the spy work from the finished product to the LAW and not to their dreams and goals. You are seeking the short path because your staff are not trained to find out from the client staff what is going on. Staff often ‘hide’ information from you because you are third party. So they should. That way your staff would improve their skills. Using client-staff’s work-in-progress deters your staff from thinking through their own specialty = AUDIT on the basis of existing LAW. Then we would become a uniform society instead of a diverse society challenging each other – you within the existing law and the operational staff towards tomorrow’s laws. Challenging leads to creativity – as you can see from me. Gandhi also said that the night he was thrown out of the first class compartment of the South African RAILWAYS was his most creative experience.

You need to get the client organization to publish their non-financial reports that are mandatorily maintained. Public service organizations primarily make goodwill. This can also be positive or negative – profits or losses. They are collected together and are balanced with the total costs through Common Funds. It will be useful for you to develop a standard dollar value for these legal requirements so the People can SEE and know the Truth. Your role is not to help them make a profit but to report whether they are and how much. How about doing one on UNSW? Or State Rail?
Thank you again for responding. It has helped deeply.

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