Monday 15 July 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

15 July  2019

The Immigrant’s Mind

SBS News Reports that - ‘Migrants don’t actually threaten Australian workers’ jobs, new analysis reveals. I already know this through my own experience. It would be easy for someone to say that a migrant from economically poorer county is better off in Australia because the dollar value of the income is greater. But the real value is the consolidated value of feeling of ownership; status and objectively measurable income such as money.

The ultimate reality is the feeling of ownership. Once we own – others work becomes ours – with or without money and status movements. As per a video clip sent by Tamil Diaspora leader Rajasingham Jayadevan , one who is connected to Universal Power has the capability of acquiring a loved one’s physical ailment as  hers/his. I know this through my own experience – largely as a mother. We believe in group prayers for this reason. Development of this common faith is essential in any family, institution and nation. Otherwise we merely coexist. I identified with this power and my own membership at that ultimate level after reading accounts of Swami Sathya Sai Baba’s miraculous healings – of mind and body.  Mine were largely mind related but from time to time I could identify with such sharing in the case of my grandchildren. Now I realize that when I have the pain – the other person is beginning to heal. This is the natural power of true Love.

I believe that my investment in higher education in Sri Lanka – which was not recognized here in Australia became a true power when I continued to work at the professional level even though I was paid much less than my White Australian counterpart – producing similar work. My supervisors who ‘filled’ that gap as per their influence within the organization became partners in that energy. Those who failed because I was not important to them – missed the opportunity to be co-owners. At the University of NSW I felt compelled to share my truth. When I left the University after feeling that I was still taken at lesser value – they became distant relatives who did not have the power I had, to protect the higher education values and hence were limited to their own powers which seriously damaged their reputation. Universities are the most apparent institutions through whom we share Universal powers. But every place where we  research and discover truth and then share such truth with others – is a University. This could be just an email or Facebook. But the sharing needs to be Truth and not mere data. The latter is the parallel of plagiarism at Universities.
As a migrant – I have actually cost employers less for professional outcomes which elevates Australian standards. My commitment to family as per my cultural beliefs – led o natural sharing of the ‘gap’ in benefits with those in my circle of faith. This is how the second generation of such migrants who have foregone at Equal level – earn much more than the first generation.  To many this is limited to family and community. To some  - it extends far beyond.

To the extent such seniors’ ownership power is stronger than that of those who work merely for money – Australia accumulates positive value through immigration. Mr Howard had negative value in this aspect and hence his dismissal by the electorate. His Sri Lankan parallels are Mr SWRD Bandaranaike and Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa. In all cases – they went against their own past as migrants. But the Land knows. The voter who feels ownership has the power to defeat such leaders.
When ‘White Only’ and  ‘Buddhism Foremost’ orders are enforced on other cultures – through the Constitution, we disconnect with those who live close to the land. A migrant true to her/himself would recognize that they damaged the opportunities from those to whom that land was sacred. White Australians are migrants who have the duty to uphold migrant pathways as being separate to indigenous pathways which tend to be ‘natural’ and therefore are close to Absolute value. Those who respect indigenous Australians as their seniors and elders share in that natural value. Likewise in Sri Lanka Buddhists are migrants. They have the duty to promote the migrant pathway and not assume natural powers that are held by Veddhas. The Sri Lankan constitution itself denies Indigenous Sri Lankans – the foremost place as Nature Worshippers. Hence the ethnic problems due to lack of respect to natural owners. There is no place for Prescription  Ordinance in the law books of Sri Lanka if there is no recognition of  right to governance through belief.
Some of us become true Australians by including the weaknesses of senior migrants as ours. In truth we are the seniors in human resources whereas those who occupied the senior positions before us become juniors. They are elevated to equal position by the system of Democracy. This requires Separation of Powers. Seniors often like to continue to be seniors and hence panic when there are increases in juniors.

Paying less than the worth of the work is to cheat common ownership. The result is ethnic conflict which is beyond the power of the government.

If Indigenous Australians and Sri Lankans had insisted on White Australians and Buddhists becoming hunters  and nature worshippers – there would have been no leadership positions for Mr Howard, Mr Banadaranaike or Mr Rajapaksa. Tomorrow’s leader may be of Indian culture  believing in the land called Australia or Tamil believing in the land called Sri Lanka. A country that produces this outcome – confirms success through democracy – as Americans did. Tamils becoming leading Opposition in Parliament of Sri Lanka – confirmed the true Democratic powers of Sri Lankans. By enforcing himself into that position, Mr Rajapaksa confirmed weaker democratic powers and hence the weakening of Governing  power of the Sri Lankan government. In effect the minds disconnected and hence the lack of Intelligence sharing through Natural Governance. Hence the Easter attacks were not prevented but were left to natural forces of avoidance of the unknown. Hence Mr Sirisena went into hiding – as did Mr Rajapaksa when the LTTE were defeated.

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