Tuesday 9 July 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

09 July  2019

British Education for President’s Son but Sinhala Only Education for Buddhists?

Yesterday, Ada Derana News reported under the following heading:
Gnansara Thero calls on clergy to help create a Sinhalese govt.
President  of Sri Lanka pardoned Gnansara Thero from the punishment imposed by judiciary. The result in action confirms the combined truth of the two. As per that truth – the ordinary citizen without portfolio is limited to Sinhala Only education whilst the person who climbs the Buddhism ladder to become leader was free to go global.
Yesterday I received from a Diaspora leader who is an expert in Taxation, the following lead:
Nirmala Sitharaman Quotes Tamil Verse, Thanks Honest Tax Payers  

As per that speech in Indian Parliament, Minister Sitharaman demonstrates connection between one’s duty as Tax collector, to the Tax Payer, using the words of wisdom in ‘Puranaanooru’ Tamil scripture. It is entitled  ‘The Land that the elephant entered’ . In essence it says that the paddy that is allocated to the elephant in that enclosed land becomes its food. But if the elephant were to go freely to the paddy field – it would not get enough food due to trampling most of the field. It’s a beautiful way to demonstrate to the ruler that Public Resources in the custody of the government have come from the sweat of the workers and if ‘taken’ indiscriminately in a ‘free’ environment – the government  would damage most of it and will not have enough for its own purposes as a government.

Yesterday I read the following about President Sirisena:

[President Sirisena leaves tomorrow for a three-day private visit to Britain to attend his son’s graduation ceremony. In view of this, he has advanced the weekly Cabinet meeting for 2 p.m. today.] Sunday Times article – ‘President may seek SC ruling on when his term began’

 In contrast Prime Minister Wickremesinghe who demonstrated much appreciation for my husband’s investment in University education when we met in Jaffna on 17 February this year – and inquired keenly about UTS-Insearch – where my husband teaches – enjoyed the return for true governance in global education in Sri Lanka when he became the patron of the Sri Lanka branch of UTS Insearch.
[Colombo’s newest international education college ‘UTS Insearch Sri Lanka’ was officially launched in Colombo yesterday (5) under the patronage of Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe] – Ada Derana report ‘University of Technology Sydney officially launched in Sri Lanka with US $2mn investment
That is the way true belief connects us to become One. Buddhist monk Gnansara Thero – is trying to feed himself in the open field of Buddhists who blindly follow the robe. Likewise Mr Sirisena who disrespected the Judicial ancestry of Sri Lanka which includes a strong British component – is seeking to reap the benefits of global education,  without passing it through Sri Lankan structures.
As Indian Finance Minister stated – the government owes the honest tax payer. It so happened that I wrote as follows to a community leader in Thunaivi – Vaddukoddai – on the same day the UTS – Insearch opened in Sri Lanka. I had this notepad from my channel partnership days with this institution.

The note is a complaint against three youths who loitered in temple area as if it were ‘public’ property. I have suggested that their family welfare handouts  be curtailed because we the victims are ‘tax-payers’. The person to whom I wrote has full knowledge of my investment in education in that area and that Australian Tamil Management Service under which we conduct training was linked to UTS-Insearch. To me this confirms the parallel of the Indian Minister’s elephant legend. My one is known as ‘The temple in our heart’ by Poosala Nayanar.  
The folks of Thunaivi are linked to institutions of higher education largely through others – including those like me who demonstrate capability to find intellectual solutions as opposed to physical actions and reactions.

The Indian Finance Minister connected the Parliamentarians to the essence of Tamil contribution to good governance inherited from our ancestors. I did likewise connect Vaddukoddai folks to my belief in global education. It was no coincidence that the two happened on the same day. Our individual and private investments in higher education is now pooled by institutions such as UTS-Insearch to balance the global equation in relation to investment in higher education and their returns. When every emigrant of Lankan origin does that – Sri Lanka would become global and the Sinhala only communities would be more isolated than they are now. They would also generate their parallels – such as Tamils only and Muslims only communities which would become their natural opposition in democracy. If those communities are punished by those who claim to be democratic – and take such powers into their custody – the return would be eye for an eye by reactionaries and/or  punishment as per radical mind structure. Sri Lanka has had enough experience of such separatism with government support.  Repetition would result in more export of Sri Lankans for economic purposes – the very reason why government promotes local culture through politics without belief.

If Buddhist leaders had acted out of belief – they would have shown the connection between Buddha’s teachings and their current structures. As per  Gnansara Thero’s call all Buddhists are Indians because Buddha was Indian. The wise raise ownership to higher common levels so that all investors would reap reliable returns.

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