Friday 26 July 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

26 July  2019

Presidential Elections and Easter Bombings

My attention was drawn to the interview by Sri Lanka Guardian editor Nilantha Ilangamuwa with Rand Corporation’s Principal Investigator and Senior Political Scientist - Jonah Blank - about the ISIS connection to the Easter Bombings.   

Another reader forwarded the rumour that Sri Lankan Elections Commissioner has announced that the Presidential Elections would  take place between 15th Nov and 7th Dec. The election date is specifically defined and can be confirmed. Not so the ISIS connection / influence to the Easter Bombings. It would be identified with  by deep thinkers as per their own deep research into the minds of one side and/or the other. Such a deep seeker would make a connection between the President’s personality  and the Bombings.

The Hon Gamini Dissanayake was claimed to have been assassinated by an LTTE  female suicide bomber. Likewise as per ‘seen’ evidence it was a young lady who killed India’s Prime Minister the Hon Rajiv Gandhi. Neither killer was Equal in status to their victim. Both were possible because the leaders came down to the level of their attackers. Mr Dissanayake was known to have helped Tamil politicians live in Colombo, before the politicians were assassinated by the LTTE.

The ‘common’ picture that evolves from the above is that those who carried out the bombings were mere messengers. Since they did not know any laws other than those that were given out by their Masters – there would be no logical (as per the law) answers as to why they killed. Likewise the Buddhist monk who killed the then Prime Minister – Mr S W R D Bandaranaike.

The LTTE hijacked / stole the output produced by Tamil Politicians who made the outcome public through Vaddukoddai Resolution in 1976. When armed militants who operate outside common law takeover the outcomes of those who have used the political pathway – it is stealing – extreme form of plagiarism. The effect in a natural environment is - demoted status. After the assassination of Tamil Political Leader the Hon Appapillai Amirthalingam in 1989 – to fighters who knew no lawful borders, the killing of  the Hon Rajiv Gandhi was within their real target. They chose Tamil area towards this. They have their own logic – similar to slaughtering animals at the temple. This was a practice at some Kali temples. Majority LTTE cadre who were recruited from those areas would have, on their own, no higher vision as to rights and wrongs. I learnt about this by staying in Thunaivi where cattle are slaughtered at some homes even today. So long as they are few – and majority get formal education and connect to higher thinkers – this practice would die a natural death. But militants who elevate their status for their own purposes – isolate them and majority in that community become unlicensed  slaughterers – including of political leaders – especially of leaders who made promises and went back on them.

The Buddhist clergy involved in politics are radicals for this reason. Buddha did not deliver any seen outcome to impress others. They say in Tamil that all that is seen by the eye is a lie; all that is heard by the ear is a lie; only that which is thoroughly inquired into and discovered is true knowledge. This is in essence the motto of the University of Jaffna which states – ‘That which finds truth is knowledge’.  The true seeker therefore would not publish outcomes until it seems right to her/him in an unsupervised environment.

Self managed  outcomes manifested at the lower levels  would block the learning pathway beyond that level. Often this happens when others’ outcomes are stolen and shown as if they were produced by juniors and/or outsiders.

Like the Buddhist clergy in politics – the Muslim clergy in Sri Lanka also have now killed. But relative to the Muslims – the Buddhist clergy and the LTTE killed those who ‘included’ them – to takeover leadership. Those killed were ‘seniors’ in community / society. The religious leadership was needed by Buddhist  clergy to confirm political leadership. Hence Buddhist Presidents  are not able to govern Sri Lanka. In a free environment this combination is shared with other communities and taking over Sri Lanka becomes a real projection when the minds are combined with groups such as the ISIS.

Those who have felt deep pain would be looking for the reasons why. They would see the true picture of the solution. Others would gamble with what happened for their own narrow purposes. The inquiries at this point in time is largely of this category. The true voter would find her/his own truth as per her/his pain and ignore the rest of the findings for later reading.

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