Wednesday 30 January 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

30 January 2019

Sri Lanka’s Ali Baba

A dancer merges Bhavam, Raagam, Thaalam / Feelings based Attitudes, Music, Rhythm. The music could be external or internal. Likewise, Governance merges Feelings, Law and Environmental Influence. The Law could be external or internal. When the law is internal – Governance is Divine.
Sri Lankan President’s brother Dudley Sirisena is reported to have stated :

[I mentioned during my speech that there were various proposals put forward from various sections of the society to give leadership to Polonnaruwa district or to become a Presidential candidate from a majority area. However, I will not join politics without the invitation of my brother, but I will be with him and support him. ] Daily Mirror
The above means that Mr Dudley Sirisena’s governance is ‘external’ i.e. – he is not self-governing but is governed by Mr Maithripala Sirisena. Mr Dudley Sirisena states about that governor:
[Maithripala Sirisena is a leader who was born to perform such duties diligently. Unfortunately he was not allowed to carry out his programme at all. My prime objective is to organise things in such a way that he would have obtained the required strength to continue with his work in future with the support of the masses. We have to make a clear judgment to create awareness among the people about it. In order to do it, we have to identify the rubbish and discard them. Environment-wise, harsh laws have to be introduced. President Maithripala Sirisena joined the Government honourably as an act of gratitude for the support extended by the UNP supporters and tried his best to work cooperatively. 
Mahinda Rajapaksa was removed as he was perceived as a thief. But we were robbed of the clothes we were wearing. That is the real story. I worship the people and beg them to select a good, patriotic group of politicians at the forthcoming elections, who can support the President in governance. I appeal to those who take foolish decisions not to level allegations against anyone, but question themselves. When a country is being governed, it should not be with wrath, jealousy and malice. If so, no government will prosper.]
The above description ‘who was born to perform such duties diligently’ confirms  Thaalam / Rhythm / Environmental Influence. It automatically dismisses the picture that  the music/law  needed to Govern was internal.

The declaration ‘Mahinda Rajapaksa was removed as he was perceived as a thief’ – if true,  the question arises as to why he was honoured by the President – on 26 October 2018 after the rest of the UPFA – United People’s Freedom Alliance – members in government - left the Government. The Thaalam / Rhythm of President Sirisena’s governance was by these members. According to that Thaalam / Rhythm – their boss was now the very person described as thief. Thus with that group as government – Mr Sirisena became the head of thieves.

Ranil became Ali Baba  through the Bond scam. TNA became the pretty little maid who protected Ali Baba from the thieves.

Mr Sirisena did not have the music of law in himself and hence relied on the Thaalam / Rhythm / Environmental Influence and changed his performance accordingly.

In the case of Opposition Leadership position – Ranil has demonstrated attitude/Bhavam towards TNA maid as ‘once a maid always a maid’.

Ultimately we need to dance to our own internal music. The higher the level of actual performance the stronger the consolidation – so we would dance like Nadraj / Dancing Shiva. In terms of music Common Law is external music and Truth is internal music. One who is satisfied that s/he is ‘right’ when her / his Truth is passed through Common Law – dances as per the internal music – as Gandhi did.  

The choice that wise Tamils would see is to invest in global governance and become Divine Self-Governors to global audience who would observe, appreciate and inherit.

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