Saturday 26 January 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

26 January 2019
Sampanthan & Lotus Formation

[The Speaker said one could not compare the Sri Lankan Parliament with the British Parliament, which functions under the Westminster System while Sri Lanka’s system of governance is based on an executive presidency elected by the people] – Daily Mirror article ‘Opposition Leader's Post - Speaker rebuffs Sampanthan’s claim

The structure of government confirms the National Administrative picture – the big picture. As per this Plan – Sri Lanka is Unitary State and the UK is Unitary Monarchy. But in reality – they are both Unitary Monarchies – as demonstrated by the current president and the immediate past president of Sri Lanka. Such structures are like Vyuhams / Military Formations. In Hindu epic Mahabharatham Padmavyuham / Lotus formation was most challenging. Arjuna’s son Abhimanyu was butchered by the unruly leaders of the Opposition:

[The Chakravyūha or Padmavyūha was a very special formation (vyuha), and knowledge of how to penetrate it was limited to only a handful of warriors on the Pandavas' side, namely: AbhimanyuArjunaKrishna and Pradyumna, of which only Abhimanyu was present when the Kauravas used it on the battlefield. In the Mahabharata it is mentioned that Abhimanyu learnt about the Chakravyūha while in his mother's womb but he was not able to hear how to escape the formation. After Abhimanyu had penetrated the sixth tier of the formation, all the Kauravas' commanders attacked him simultaneously, which was against the righteous rules of warfare Dharmayuddha, and gradually exhausted and killed him] - Wikipedia
There were many such Abhimanyu’s in the Sri Lankan war against itself in 2009. When Sri Lankan kills Sri Lankan – that is death penalty without any judicial hearing. This is murder  of Article 9 of the Sri Lankan Constitution.
Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa’s Lotus formation – SLPP has trapped Mr Sampanthan who got butchered including by the speaker Mr Karu Jayasuriya. Mr Sampanthan
[Demanding a snap general election – an impossible demand under the provisions of the 19th Amendment according to legal experts – and recognition in Parliament as the official Opposition, JO Group Leader Dinesh Gunewardane agitated for an adjournment debate when the House met on Monday on the ongoing political situation.
When the debate fell flat, following an announcement by the SLFP that it would continue within the national unity coalition, it was the 84-year-old Tamil National Alliance Chief and Opposition Leader, Rajavarothiam Sampanthan who stole the show.
In a widely publicized speech, Sampanthan pitched into former President Mahinda Rajapaksa, whose proxy party, the SLPP, he said had run a racist local polls campaign.
The octogenarian parliamentarian said he had been alarmed by Rajapaksa’s remarks in the run up to the elections that “Tamil Eelam would bloom after the LG election.”
Sampanthan called it “abhorrent” for responsible politicians to play the racial card. “If you continue to behave the way you have, Eelam will not bloom on account of us, it will bloom on account of your lotus bud,” said the Opposition Leader, who punned on the SLPP ‘pohottuwa’ symbol to illustrate his point.
“We have made our position very clear that the Tamil people want a solution within a united, undivided, indivisible and single country,” Sampanthan asserted. He said it was wrong to instigate communal feelings against a single community which was demanding a political solution. He also accused Rajapaksa of trying to deceive “innocent Sinhalese people in the South” during the elections campaign.

“There was no campaign carried out anywhere in the North and East which talked of division of the country. We only talked of a solution that is acceptable to our people, that is reasonable, with substantial power-sharing within the framework of a united, undivided, indivisible single country. That was the propaganda we carried out in all our areas and when we did that, how dare former President Rajapaksa say that Eelam could bloom after the election. This is not merely deception of the innocent Sinhala people in the South, but it is the deception of everyone including himself,” the TNA Chief raged during the debate.] 25 February 2018, Sunday Observer article ‘Sampanthan steals the show in Parliament’

The ‘Tamil Terrorism’ mantra  and ‘Buddhism foremost’ slogan are both trump-cards used by Sinhalese Politicians for their own political gain. It’s the formation they use to unjustly isolate and butcher individual Tamil politicians who are part of their opposition – i.e. – those who confirm Tamil Nationalism. In their minds therefore – Tamil Nationalism is a reality confirmed by the LTTE. So long as they do not recognize the development of democracy in the Tamil community especially through the strong influence of the Tamil Diaspora – they will see in their mind’s eye – that which brought them the votes – the war against Tamil militants.

Had these Buddhist leaders meditated on the issue until the problem was owned by them as Sri Lankans – they would have had the combined vision of Sri Lankans. The more they are accommodated the less democratic Sri Lanka would be – as there is no democracy in the use of arms to attack. This applies also to militants who went beyond defending  and attacked.

If Tamils withdraw from Politics – their youth  would resort to attacking the government which keeps inviting them to do so. Mr Ranil Wickremesinghe failed to support Tamil Politicians in this issue of Leader of the Opposition position. He was beneficiary of the minds of such Tamils who have inherited the British philosophy. That British philosophy was a big part of the reason why Mr Sampanthan disciplined Mr Rajapaksa a year ago. Mr Ranil Wickremesinghe and Mr Karu Jayasuriya have confirmed that they are lacking in that heritage from our ancestors.

We become heirs of our own work by spending less than the benefits we received. It is that ‘saving’ we make that matures as heritage and supports the next generation. We become heirs of others’ work by being conscious that we are their juniors and therefore by genuinely respecting them.

Mr Sampanthan has been actively in politics for 62 years, relative to Mr Karu Jayasuriya’s 23 years. In his mind, Mr Jayasuriya needs to submit to Mr Sampanthan in terms of political heritage including from the British. Heritage is the root that supports our current structure. That structure may look different but the deeper root is needed for a higher structure. That certainly is the investment Westminster system and not the Presidential system that was introduced in 1978. The latter is continuing to struggle – unable to balance itself and regulate the parliamentarians, leave alone support the people.

Mr Karu Jayasuriya has the duty to apologize to Mr Sampanthan and facilitate a vote – the same way Mr Wickremesinghe was facilitated. Otherwise – whether the government accepts it or not – Tamils will have their own nation as per their own cultural norms which will include strong investment in Democracy due to the Tamil Diaspora.

It’s time Mr Sampanthan formed the Lotus Vyuham with Lord Krishna and Gandhi in his heart. That is my prayer on this Australia Day when we celebrate British arrival.

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