Friday 11 January 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

11 January 2019

UN's  Power of  Manifestation

My yesterday’s communication headed ‘Submission to the UN’ invoked the following discussions and debate. My (GLP) further responses are in Red:

On Thu, 10 Jan 2019 at 05:46, Shenali D Waduge (SDW) wrote:
Racism of Chief Minister Wigneswaran of TNA
(SDW) : No one seems to have asked Chief Minister Wigneswaran how he came to study at the most prestigious school in Colombo, then went on to become a Supreme Court judge if there was discrimination against Tamils.
GLP : Discrimination effects were overridden by doing more than the Sinhalese counterpart towards identical outcomes. I know this through my Australian experience.
(SDW) : Most people don’t ask pertinent questions when racist leaders beat their chests with lies. No one has put the NPC Chief Minister on the spot with questions that could easily silence him. Had he been to the North when LTTE was on a killing spree, had he risen against the LTTE when they were kidnapping children and turning them into child soldiers, had he spoken against the LTTE for a wave of crimes perpetrated upon his ‘own people’? Had he even made a single appeal to release the civilians that the LTTE were keeping as hostage or human shields? Had he even challenged the LTTE and Prabakaran though after the killer is dead, Wigneswaran goes on a tangent about the heroics of Prabakaran! 
GLP : As you know Shenali, I have taken a neutral stand from time to time in the case of LTTE and have from time to time upset LTTE supporters.  I do this when I identify more with their victims’ pain than their own. But as a community, to the extent we include ourselves, I expect the net-value to be taken and not separate individual values.
Mr Ranil Wickremesinghe for example also went to the prestigious school you have mentioned above. But what did he do to condemn the excesses during the 2009 battle? Like Mr Wigneswaran as an individual who claims to love, he may include the offenders through his own investment in law and order even though he may  find the abusers guilty at the individual level. But as a politician representing largely Sinhalese voters, he has to be regulated by his Party’s policies. Since by position Ranil is senior to Mr Wigneswaran – you need to appreciate that he is actually following the same policy as Ranil of the same school.
In family relationships, the relations regulate us. When we become ‘free’ of such relatives, we need to relate through the laws of that family structure. Instead if we are ‘free’ and have not developed strong discipline, we are likely to ‘show’  our desires which are speedier than regulated expressions and actions.
Yes, many militants were guilty of such excesses but the likes of Mr Wigneswaran who did not take action at least to express their discrimination pain, are likely to have  found outlets through militants. That was natural inclusion. The pain was kept in ‘reserve’ and this made Mr Wigneswaran Sri Lankan until he started singing the separation mantra. I expressed my pain as an individual here in Australia and the experience is mine. I do not get much credit for it except from a few honourable persons. But no one is able to hijack my experience and plagiarize – i.e. – give it their own form.
Shenali,  Minorities who override such pain and continue to uphold their positions in the common structure have the Energy to work the whole. This is why a sacrificing woman in Hindu family was identified as Shakthi / Energy. Its modern version is ‘Homemaker’. We become ‘homemakers’ of Sri Lanka and that would continue. Belief is of absolute value and hence Jesus said ‘Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth’. Militants who sought separation – would not have this homemaking energy outside their home areas. They are the parallels of the Government politicians who ‘showed’ outcomes in return for status. The opposition in democratic government is Shakthi/Energy  to the extent we work at the same level or higher and / or sacrifice more deeply  relative to the party in government.  In Colombo Mr Wigneswaran was such a Shakthi. In Jaffna he became a ‘showing’ politician.
(SDW) : To all those that digest his racism and lies let it be said that the NPC Chief Minister was living in Colombo and went to live in the North after 2013, after Prabakaran and LTTE was defeated. If Prabakaran and LTTE prevailed, there would be no NPC, there would be no CM and Wigneswaran would be still living in Colombo as a retired Supreme Court judge. No wonder he is grateful to Prabakaran, what a lottery for him and without trying to do good especially when his own sons have married Sinhalese, he can only spit venom and hatred and that makes him a great Tamil leader.. how strange!
GLP: I identify with your logic that if Prabakaran and LTTE had prevailed we would have had dictatorship in North until natural forces brought again the Indians and/or the UN. No one can dictate to a truly independent person. The provincial council structure happened due to Indian intervention. Hence to my mind, we would have NPC and therefore a CM but a dictating one. May be you see Mr Wigneswaran as such a CM. He would be if he is more conscious of militants than democratic citizens.


On Thu, Jan 10, 2019 at 6:53 PM Sulochana Ramiah <> wrote:
C V Wigneswaran (CVW) writes to Shenali the below:
(CVW) : Inform Shenali I have been reading her articles with amusement earlier. But not after coming to Jaffna. Did not get a chance nor time. I am still the same old Wignes. No airs, no false pretences, no hatred towards anyone. I do not spit venom nor hatred. Just the same simple loving man I have always been. I do not have to hate anyone nor heap hatred on anyone. What do I gain? And having been a Supreme Court Judge what do I gain? I do not need any political offices. In fact, they persuaded me for over six months for me to consent to contest.
GLP: Shenali is NOT talking of the individual but the CM who has a high position in Tamil Community
(CVW) : But let me put the record straight.
Suppose I slap Shenali hard what will she do? Either she will slap me in return or get someone to waylay me and assault me or go to the Police and make a complaint.   What do I do when she does that? I say Shenali has slapped me, got her thugs to waylay mean assault and that she has gone to the Police and made complaint etc.  I hide the fact that it was I who provoked her to do all this but go on to heap up a lot of calumny against her. The culprit was me. But I make a lot of noise about who Shenali is, how cruel she is and condemn every action of hers.
Do you see a comparison? 
GLP: In essence Mr Wigneswaran is stating that Shenali is hiding Sinhalese wrongs by finding fault with Tamils. According to me Tamils do likewise with Sinhalese.
(CVW) : The Sri Lankan Politicians for their personal benefits gave the Tamils a big slap when they brought the Sinhala Only Act. I was studying Sinhalese on my own from Mr.Hema Ellawala who was a teacher at Royal at the latter part of 1955 and early 56. When Mr.Bandaranaike brought Sinhala Only Act I stopped studying Sinhala. Why? Because Tamil has been the language of the North and East from prehistoric days before Buddhism was introduced. The LSSP and CP had asked for parity of status to Sinhala and Tamil. Even Sir John at that time said so. But Bandaranaike, very unstatesmanlike brought Sinhala Only for his personal benefit. He could have said Tamil will be the official language of the North and East if he was not in favour of parity. In fact, in the Reasonable Use of Tamil Act, he recognised the rights of the Tamils. But then it was too late. Finally, he was assassinated by the very same forces he helped to groom. When the Tamils reacted to Sinhala only the Army was sent to the North by Sirimavo under the leadership of Col Udugama in the early '60s. Meanwhile, the 1958 riots took place in May 1958. Shenali must have read Tarzie Vitachchi 's book on Emergency '58. Sinhala Colonisation was taking place in a big way in the North and East. Standardisation came in to control the intake of Tamils into the Universities. I could go on enumerating the several slaps that were given to the Tamils by the Sinhala Leaders continuously after Independence.
GLP: We have not learnt from the above, as to how the CM identified with each of problems on personal basis and how he carried his forbearance as protective power to nurture quiet resistance within. One example is that Mr Wigneswaran stopped learning Sinhalese – as protest.
But that is overridden by the recent report as follows by Sri Lanka Mirror:
“Wishing Raghavan on his appointment, Wigneswaran noted that only a Tamil person would understand the issues faced by Tamils and that it is important to think like a Tamil in resolving the issues faced by the Tamil people.
He also expressed hope that Governor Raghavan would address the issues faced by the Tamil people with understanding.”
As per my knowledge Dr Ragavan is a Buddhist and Mr Wigneswaran is Hindu and strongly opposes Buddhist representations overriding Hindu representations in North. Is Mr Wigneswaran not guilty of the same fault he finds with Shenali? – that he is hiding the Buddhist representation by highlighting Tamil? Given that there aren’t many Tamils who are Buddhists is not the above mentioned ‘hope’ false?
Dr Suren Raghavan – in his speech ‘Are some religions more violent ?’ – at ,  refers to a legend about losing the key in one place and looking for it in another place that is brighter. Both Mr Wigneswaran and Mr Ragavan could be taken to have come to Jaffna to look for that which they lost in Colombo. Such searching would bring minds together. If they had found it in Colombo they would have made strong contributions to the most recent political turmoil in National Parliament and also would have had their say about Article 9 which naturally creates a Buddhist State within Sri Lanka. The whole has to be Sovereign for the various parts to be relative and v.v. As per Article 9 Sri Lanka is a Buddhist state with no non-Buddhist relatives. Relativity lost in Buddhism cannot be found in Non-Buddhist areas.

Mr Wigneswaran who chants ‘Guru Brahma’ at the beginning of his public speeches has the responsibility to consider Dr Suren Raghavan – apparently a  Buddhist,  as his Opposition. Mr Wigneswaran failed the test of democracy by endorsing Dr Suren Raghavan.

Likewise, Mr Wigneswaran as well as Ms Sulochana Ramiah have failed to show respect for my work, based on which Shenali raised questions about Mr Wigneswaran to which the two Tamils responded but without including me in their email list. It was Shenali who included me and showed respect for my work on secular basis. When we – Shenali and I - meet therefore there is a Common Sri Lankan relationship.

 (CVW) : But when we reacted to the atrocities of the Sinhalese including the 1958,1977 and 1983 Riots directed against us Shenali blames everyone of us but not her leaders. Prabakaran did this and the Tamils did that and so on. Who gave the slap first? Why is she not talking about them - those who gave the first slap? Why is she not pointing out that a reaction by someone to the wrongs earlier done should be viewed in the light of the provocation that preceded? 
GLP: Why did Mr Wigneswaran thank the President for sending Dr Ragavan who would be seen as a Buddhist slap by Hindu Tamils who identify Buddhism as part of the root cause of the problem?
(CVW) : What I am doing as a politician is pointing out the truth of what has taken place. The truth of Sri Lankan history both ancient and recent. But Truth hurts. Poor Shenali! She is suffering under the heat generated by the Truth and taking it out on me. I wish both Shenali and you Sulochana the very best in this year. May God be with both of you and your respective families always. Regards W 
 GLP: What happened is history which like the body would wane with time and change of place. Those who manifested an outcome were carriers of the causal forces. To the extent we bring them into our mind (for example LTTE or the Rajapaksa Government) we become their heirs but beyond that today’s manifestations are by us and other players. Unless Mr Wigneswaran is LTTE heir and Shenali is Bandaranaike group’s  heir – neither would be hurt. Until Shenali claims that she is such an heir we have no right to talk about her pain – especially when it is not our pain. That amounts to ‘telling’ a junior. One who fights for Tamil self-governance must not be told nor tell a Sinhalese-Buddhist.

From: Shenali D Waduge
Sent: Thursday, 10 January 2019 7:41 PM
To: Sulochana Ramiah
Cc: gaja param; Kumutha; Dr. Tilak S Fernando; Sugath Rajapakse……………….;
(SDW) : Sorry to say decent people do not slap... 
3 cases of examples which cannot out number the ample cases of caste riots between Tamils... 
GLP: Caste in an internal Tamil problem particular to Northern Province. If not for caste based discrimination, militants would not have had combatants to fight against the Government. The reasons why caste riots happened determine their validity. The true reasons became training grounds for the larger racial defence and also the punishment to some seniors.
(SDW) : 1983 Sinhalese will not accept accountability because the Sinhalese were NOT RESPONSIBLE the UNP Govt was - we kept many a family in our homes, fed them, looked after them & even kept their jewellery in safety & returned it to them when they were settled.. to this day they remember all that we have done... 
GLP: Shenali – that divides the Buddhist community recognized as One by the Constitution through article 9. To the extent non-Buddhists complain against Buddhists – article 9 says that the whole of the Buddhist community stands accused. When a non-Buddhist is charged by a Buddhist the charge is taken as being against all non-Buddhists – in Equal proportion internally.
(SDW) : However, if we are talking about discrimination - let us lay the facts properly without being unfair and trying to fool the world.
GLP: The Facts that are valid today need to be presented in Democratic form or as per the Constitution and/or wider global laws. The experience needs to be ours. Recently, Dr Laksiri Fernando shared with us the following message from Lord Buddha:
[He who sees dukkha sees also the arising of dukkha, sees also the cessation of dukkha, and sees also the path leading to the cessation of dukkha.’ – The Buddha ]
As per my interpretation we need to ‘see’ dukkha in our mind’s eye for it to be a fact on the outside. The rest is of hearsay value. One who sees dukkha within her/himself will recognize it in others and also would see also the cessation and the path leading to such cessation.
Does Dr Raghavan see dukkha of the Northern Province in himself? Or as the President’s representative, does he see dukkha of the President only? 

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