Saturday 5 January 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

05 January 2019

Constitution of  Hearsay value to the Sri Lankan Parliamentarians?

The Truth within us is the root of our interpretations. Recently Dr Laksiri Fernando judged me as follows:

[Gajalakshmi Paramasivam,
I used Buddhist teachings to show material suffering of the poor. I am sorry if you cannot understand. You or Amarasiri used Buddhist teachings to attack your political enemies. You pretend in your last sentence that you have achieved ‘pure of desire’ and ‘peace of mind’ including in your writings! Or is it just preaching others? Based on what you learnt at school, you want the poor in Sri Lanka to renounce their desire! Are you really out of your mind? Or is it to keep yourself and your class rich?]

If indeed Dr Laksiri Fernando truly saw me as such a person – then I must meet him at that level – albeit as his opposition. If Dr Laksiri Fernando did honestly ‘use Buddhist teachings to show material suffering of the poor’ – one must take that as his Truth, until proven otherwise.

The reason for this is that Truth when manifested at the physical level would show two Equal and Opposite sides. But the rule to establishing whether or not one’s declaration is valid – one has to remain at the equal level. One cannot make a junior or senior of the other. By stating that I was pretending Dr Laksiri Fernando made me a junior. I am not able to find the reason why in the following comment by me for which Dr Laksiri Fernando responded as stated above:

[Dear Laksiri,
What you say would be taken differently by those of different mind cultures. In any case, as per my belief in Lord Buddha, Dukkha’s source is not lack of money. If it was, Lord Buddha would have not renounced money wealth but rather would have distributed it to the money poor. Dukkha is experienced when we desire that which we have not earned – including status. As highlighted above by Amarasiri, Thanha / Desire is the cause of Dukkha. One of the first Buddhist lessons I learnt in school in Jaffna was that Lord Buddha said Aasai Aramin – renounce desire. A money poor Sri Lankan without desire is certainly richer than the political leaders you supported during the recent coup. We need to be pure of desire to naturally share peace of mind with all those who come within our mind aura – including through our writings]

I therefore conclude that the Truth within Dr Laksiri Fernando was the invisible reason. Truth is neither right nor wrong until it is manifested. If I am true to myself and if Dr Laksiri Fernando is also true to himself – the two are not operating at the same wavelength. We therefore do not become Equal Opposition but outsiders to each other due to different environments – for example one living in Tamil only and the other in Sinhala only. Intellectual theories / laws help raise the level of the lower mind structure to the higher level and hence the Constitution. This was usually the role of the father in the traditional family. Hence the saying in Tamil that there is no greater mantra than the father’s word. Mother and Father become equal when mother foregoes competition and accepts as right the status allocated by such a father. If the mother’s sacrifices for the family are deeper than the father’s, then the mother is the Energy that works the whole – including the father. Protests through Peaceful assembly are based on this value. One who attacks such an assembler confirms her/his true violence. Truth invokes Truth.

Minorities who operate within their Truth peacefully are the mothers of that group. As a Sri Lankan, I am a minority in terms of Buddhism. But to the extent I believe Lord Buddha to be Global Buddha and Truth are One. I responded as follows to confirm this:

[Thank you Laksiri for responding. I did understand as per my belief in Lord Buddha. So please do not be sorry. As Spring Koha says we – including you would be reporting about the elephant as per our own perception. Buddha’s teaching is the elephant here. When you say that I pretend to have achieved peace of mind you are leaving your own experience of the elephant and you are relating to mine through yours. Wherever you go your Truth comes with you and mine with me. We will enjoy the full elephant so long as we do not speak for the other’s experience through another part. Truth is beyond relativity and therefore the physical. It does not need any calculations to prove Itself. Take it or leave it.]

Keeping that as the base I identify with the True status allocated to Tamils by the current government as being that of junior instead of Equal partner. Hence the ‘collusion of minds’ in relation to Leader of the Opposition position.  

On 20 December 2018, I wrote as follows in this regard, under the heading ‘Dual Citizenship and Dual Political Membership’:

As highlighted by Mr Hakeem, article 99 (13) of the Sri Lankan constitution states as follows:
[(13) (a) Where a Member of Parliament ceases, by resignation, expulsion or otherwise, to be a member of a recognized political party or independent group on whose nomination paper (hereinafter referred to as the “relevant nomination paper”) his name appeared at the time of his becoming such Member of Parliament, his seat shall become vacant upon the expiration of a period of one month from the date of his ceasing to be such member ]

But the Speaker continued to ignore the Truth and read it on First Past the Post basis. That was how insignificant it was to the Speaker and the current Government.

Financial Times reports under the heading ‘MR to assume duties as Opposition Leader at SLPP HQ’:
[Following the announcement of Speaker Karu Jayasuriya, Tamil National Alliance (TNA) leader R. Sampanthan vacated the Opposition Leader’s office in Parliament but continues to occupy his office in central Colombo. “Office of the Opposition Leader has not been provided to me yet. But I will not wait until I get an office to serve people of this country,” Rajapaksa told reporters at SLPP headquarters after ceremonially beginning duties in 2019. Parliamentarians who support MP Mahinda Rajapaksa, MPs Bandula Gunawardena, Shehan Semasinghe, and Gamini Lokuge were also present at the event along with members of several trade unions and supporters of SLPP. Former Minister Basil Rajapaksa arrived at the office after the ceremony was concluded. ]

All of the above have ignored the provisions of the Constitution – as if they were the Constitution. Mr Sampanthan is confirming that he is of the same wavelength as the Prime Minister who also vacated the Parliamentary seat – but not the Temple Trees which is the office that People access.
Anyone who votes for the above SLPP leaders are confirming lower mind structures than Sri Lanka is capable of.

Mrs Vijayakala Maheswaran was disciplined for invoking the LTTE. If Mr Karu Jayasuriya fails to take action against  all of the above – for using SLPP instead of SLFP headquarters then reading as per my identity with the Constitution – Mr Karu Jayasuriya also is of the same mind structure as the above Parliamentarians who have attributed hearsay value to the Constitution.

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