Sunday 20 January 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

20 January 2019

Beware of women scorned and minorities scorned

Every action of ours impacts our current environment. Be it positive or negative, it becomes our heritage that is shared with that environment. Experience is true. What happened becomes true only when we experience it. When we keep recognizing our own truth – we would enjoy good mind order and peace of mind. All those to whom our  environment is home – would also enjoy peace of mind.
The Sunday Observer, through its report headed ‘Lasantha’s daughter takes Gota head on’:

[“If Lasantha’s daughter wants to know who his murderers are,” Rajapaksa said, “ask her to come to Sri Lanka and meet me. I will tell her what happened.” The former defence secretary made these comments in an interview published in a Sinhalese weekly yesterday……………………
The former defence secretary quipped that Lasantha Wickrematunge’s “first wife, second wife, daughter, brother and successor as Editor of The Sunday Leader are all overseas. The journalists who wrote for him also live overseas. Only Lasantha’s corpse is here now.” He alleged that “all of them know the assassin” but that “no one wants these investigations done properly.]

Journalists who share their truth through their work are global. Their ownership rights should not be limited to one particular area of the earth. In contrast those who ‘show’ outcomes of common work as if they alone produced those outcomes become stagnant.

The mind that is continuously purified by Truth – is steady and becomes the source of peace for the person and all those in that person’s network.

Both – Mr Gotabaya Rajapaksa as well as Ms Ahimsa Wickrematunge may believe that they are right as per their own conscience. Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa and Mr Prabhakaran could have opposed each other only if they were on the same plane. As per the rules of Dharma – one cannot defeat one’s junior. One who claims victory therefore confirms having operated on Equal plane. This was possible only if they were foreigners. One who claimed victory confirms that her/his side was operating at the same level as the other side. This means also that the rules of war were abandoned. This was wrong because LTTE were Sri Lankans by law and the actions taken against them ought to have rendered the satisfaction that the ruler had done his duty. Instead, Victory was celebrated – confirming that the LTTE were external enemies taken to be of the same level of operation as the Government’s armed forces.

A government that disciplines, would bring the disorderly forces under common order of the government. One who celebrates victory, confirms equal level of disorderliness within its own group. One who so celebrates confirms inheritance of such disorder. Such a person cannot be an heir of Buddha – the Emperor accepted by majority Sinhalese.

Inheritance of Separatism was confirmed by Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa recently as follows:
[The Opposition Leader’s office was previously used to represent a particular group of people and a region, Opposition Leader Mahinda Rajapaksa said]

His brother who was Defence Secretary during the last phase of the war – also demonstrates such inheritance in the case of Lasantha Wickrematunge who is known to have opposed the Rajapaksa  clan. One who experienced the Truth – would not separate individuals who act as family nor separate their investment as being ‘foreign’ to Sri Lanka.

Completed experiences confirm truth and truth purifies the mind. What happened, happened due to many forces. The way we experience  them is as per our truth. One who experiences hardship to maintain that truth – becomes the law that regulates that environment.

They say ‘Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned’.

The woman back then was considered a minority power in family. Hence as per the above  minority scorned would be furious and they have the power to burn down kingdoms.

The final stages of the 2009 war happened in the area of Vattapalai Kannagi Amman temple. Kannagi Amman burnt down Mathurai because the ruler falsely found her husband guilty of stealing a crown jewel. The power to burn down the kingdom  developed because  Kannagi was a true wife and endured much hardship to be a true wife. Every believer of Vattapalai Kannagi Amman is a natural owner of that land. Every ruler who falsely punishes such natural owners stands condemned by Natural powers. So long as we seek on the basis of our experienced truth we will identify with these manifestations of nature. We must seek and have the experience and not sell ‘what-happened’ for votes or popularity. When we do – the place that we call home becomes haunted.

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