Friday 4 January 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

04 January 2019

What is Lord Buddha saying about the Lankan Constitution? 

My friend Harry de Sayrah also shared with me his appreciation of the life of Dr Ravi Perumalpillai, Oxford surgeon who became a Jaffna farmer. I ask myself as to which would the best way to value my own life? The response from within was ‘Higher Education followed by Professional ethics’. I value Dr Ravi Perumalpillai not because he became a farmer but because he became accessible to those seeking to invest in higher education and professional ethics. Higher education helped me think at the common level and use common measures to develop family and contribute to reliable institutions. Professional ethnics helped me attribute credit to the appropriate source that disciplined me to not take credit for others work and therefore share in common, family and institutional values.
My parallel of Dr Ravi Perumalpillai’s hobby of farming, is our family temple in Thunaivi. As per the article by Jekhan Aruliah ‘Ravi had created the Oxonian Heart Foundation to bring cardiac surgery to North and East Sri Lanka.’ The Trustees of Oxonian Heart Foundation are listed as follows:
Our Trustees

The above group is very much Sri Lankan, headed by Tamil – confirming higher commonness through institutional values. The parallel of that is our Australian Tamil Management Service headed by myself with Mr Nishantha Patabendige of Sinhalese origin as corporate secretary. That is the heritage I developed through global life.

Recently, I said to my son that I expected his children to attribute credit to me to the extent they felt supported by me. I said otherwise he – my son would take credit and his children would take credit. My son promptly said that he did not take credit. I agreed that he did not take credit – but said that this sometimes led to others taking credit for his work. Paying our respects to my elders / seniors has been my natural pathway.  I did, from time to time upset some of my seniors – starting with my parents – but that was always on the basis of my own Truth. This often happened when the cultural pathways became unreliable and therefore failed to return the value of my work. From then on, my Truth was my guide and I believe that this is what sustained me beyond my local borders – in wider world. This is the heritage I share with my family and multicultural democratic community.

To the extent I respected elders, I expect to be respected by my juniors. Those who fail to do so become equals and have to ‘show’ independent outcomes in order  to be included in the facilities I provide.  This is necessary to develop family and institutional structures. Where I do not get the respect nor the output  and I believe that  my presence is important to the other person/s involved – I am there taking my position as per my Truth. When this is blocked I keep my distance but am still available – should the other side need me. When all else fails, I pray – so I would not feel let down. My Truth never lets me down. Praying clears my mind and helps me focus on my Truth. I then know that my investment is being taken care of.

I expect any government to which I have added my Truth/ Energy – also to do likewise. Kelum Bandara of Daily mirror reports in regards to development of the Sri Lankan Constitution :

[The government has decided to resume the Constitution-making process which had been at a standstill for a while as a result of the recent political crisis and prorogation of parliament.  ]
The political crisis was part of the Constitution-Development. It showed large variances between Budget and Actuals – Theory and Practice of the Constitution by its own makers. Some factors were seasonal due to heightened emotions and others are more or less permanent.  The latter needs believers to negate its negativity – just as Paava / debilitated Planets in the horoscope need Pariharam / compensation to offset that which has gone past its correct-by environment.

A balanced and reliable constitution  would start with zero advantage and finish with absolute value of that theory to the practitioner. The current Sri Lankan  constitution’s structural value starts with status advantage to the Buddhist and if practiced genuinely would show disadvantage to the Buddhist. Truth, like the sun, never fails in its duty. Non-Buddhists who genuinely practiced the law – would end up with identical degree of advantage at the time the Buddhist experiences disadvantage. If one does not correct oneself  within an environment of Equality, one starts experiencing the return of the advantage as disadvantage.  That is what happened with the TNA led by Mr Sampanthan who identified with his own Truth and the Truth of those who practiced the laws of democracy and shared that value with Sri Lankan Tamils.

The Buddhist tenets  would naturally combine forces to excite or depress non-practitioners who take advantage of Buddhism status. This is called ‘thanakkhe sooniyam vaikirathu’ / ‘practicing black magic on own-self’. Those who introduced ‘Buddhism foremost’ clause in the Sri Lankan Constitution  and those who failed to balance the apparent advantage despite the opportunities – are actually cursing/damaging themselves. This is the warning they got from Lord Buddha. Those who seek religious advantage should renounce Democracy to uphold their Truth. THAT is what Lord Buddha would have said if the developers had asked Lord Buddha representing  their inner Truth.  

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