Wednesday 26 September 2018

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

26 September 2018

Confirmation of War-Crimes – through Separatism

[Rear Admiral Sarath Weerasekera has told the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva that the Tamils were discriminated by the Vellalas and not by the Sinhalese.] –Daily Mirror article ‘Tamils were discriminated by Vellalas: Sarath’

The above is a statement on behalf of the current Government of Sri Lanka. According to the above form, Vellals were not Tamils. This is factually false. But to Rear Admiral Sarath Weerasekera, who recognized Tamils through the Rebels his side defeated – Vellalas were a separate community above ‘Tamils’ as defined by his experience. THAT was how he pictured the problem.
Similarly, when JVP rebelled in South – they were Sinhalese and the Government they rebelled against was Sri Lankan.
If the UN were to ‘group’ us – we Vellalas also would have been ‘included’ as Tamils. When participating in UN,  we need to use UN measure and not our own local measure. Hence, when representing the Government, the Common National  measure is the measure that ought to have been used to express conclusions. The UN has the DUTY to demote the group represented by Rear Admiral Sarath Weerasekera as not qualifying to be heard on the same footing as those who use the UN measures.
Rear Admiral Sarath Weerasekera has separated  the Tamil community – by failing to apply common measures. This therefore confirms that the actions of the Armed Forces were due to Separatism practices by the Government. As per the above report:
[In his speech on ‘racial discrimination’ he said the majority Sinhalese are charged with discriminating the Tamil minorities but in fact it was a section of the Tamils who discriminated another section of the Tamils.
“The high caste Vellalas kept away the low caste Tamils from Temples, schools, and Kovils. They did not share a drop of water with the low caste. In 1968, one C Sundaralingam went as far as the Privy council to defend Vellala supremacy denying low caste people from entering a Hindu kovil. Ponnambalam Ramanathan went to London to urge the colonial masters to legalise the caste system in Jaffna. In 1951, when Sinhala leaders brought social disabilities act to protect the rights of the low caste Tamils the Vellala Tamils travelled to Britain to demand the British government to annul the Act,” he said.]
Discrimination could be driven by positive or negative Energy in a particular environment. Government status is higher than Citizen status due to discriminative separation and vertical arrangement. As per that system – one who takes responsibility for the other is the senior. Farmers who were landowners were therefore seniors and those who were employed to work in those lands were juniors – just like Vice Chancellor  and cleaner respectively,  in an Australian University. Seniors represent structures and juniors represent processes that link various parts of the respective structure. If there are more processes than are needed to connect the various parts of the structure – the structure becomes weak. When processes are less in value than structures – the Energy  from Senior to Junior  flows smoothly in a reliable environment.  Hence the vertical arrangement.  Learning happens through faith in the senior as well as direct learning from the original source. When the latter is greater than the former – we need the system of Democracy – with the right to express our outcomes independently.

When juniors produce their own outcomes they separate themselves from seniors to that extent. Where this happens due to the senior not having enough Energy to flow naturally through the system, such manifestation would be ‘right’ for the whole. Where there is lack of Democracy and Equal Opportunity in that structure - the pyramid gets turned upside down. An Army Officer representing the Civilian community also confirms that to the Government of Sri Lanka – the inverted pyramid structure seems the right one. It is the parallel of Mrs Vijayakala Maheswaran claiming that  the LTTE leadership was the right one for her group. This often happens when Government fails civilians and hence uses the ‘outcomes’ produced by armed groups to falsely take senior positions.

Majority in today’s Sri Lankan Tamil Community  may also have the inverted pyramid structure and hence their own representations at the UN. But, to the extent they do not have an official status as a Sovereign body, their manifestations as juniors would be junior in value to those who come through structured official governments. If their value is greater than the value of the Sri Lankan Government – then they become facilities and earn the right to be treated as Equals. Hence the Federal  structure. Most such Tamil groups are pro-rebels. Hence their certification is from that part of the Tamil Community that leads by showing outcomes with little Energy to flow downwards.

Hence Defending Vellala Supremacy was needed to keep ORDER in an educated community where, by structure the hierarchy of work performed confirmed order of status. Many Vellala folks who are committed to their Traditional pathway use this separation to uphold their inherited higher structures. They are right – to the extent the juniors carry forward their own heritage and do not discipline themselves to follow the more educated leaders.

As for Temple Water – I also found fault with my father who was conscious of his ancestral high status and  followed the above hierarchy. I found fault, once I got married and started living in multicultural society, here in Australia.  It took me to have my own experience as part of the Toddy Tapper community of Thunaivi – to learn about this hierarchical arrangement with those who had little respect for Seniors largely because they produced more of the lower level outcomes. Farming is Senior relation of Toddy Tapping. If we make the two equal – Toddy / intoxicants become part of our daily diet.

The individual in Vice Chancellor position is as Sovereign as the individual in Cleaner position. But when they wear their respective positions/uniforms – they agree to be positioned as seniors and juniors as per the core purpose of the institution. Unless therefore Thunaivi villagers submitted to this hierarchy – we are of different structures. During my father’s time in which my father accepted the likes of Mr C Sundaralingam as the leader in making policy – just like he accepted  his own ancestors who made policy in their own environment  - my father was right in areas where the space was common. Most of the Toddy Tapper community who came to our temple back then, came in their underwear – which was / is their uniform for tapping toddy. It was therefore appropriate that they would pray from outside and not come into the temple. It is not different to cleaners  standing  as observers from a corner in a graduation ceremony at the University.  We AGREE to become Seniors and Juniors in a common structure for work purposes.

Any possible excess by my father was negated by me – by developing a more democratic system – through which we included the children and grandchildren of Toddy Tappers as our juniors through an education program specially resourced by us. In turn those who come under this program structure – are allocated tasks in the altar as well as management of the temple. Now a Toddy Tapper is the elected Councillor of that village. But to represent the whole of Vaddukoddai district – he would need to have the wisdom through painful experience and / or wait for his grandchildren to earn membership with  educational structures in that area – topped by Jaffna College.

In contrast to the above, restless  rebels inverted the pyramid – which seriously damaged our learning-heritage. This has resulted in outcome driven Administration which comes with Separation by those who resist reverse discrimination. I myself moved out of Thunaivi once the youth started stoning our cottage because we went to the Police to report theft.

Most manual workers are emotionally driven. When we raise emotions to knowledge level – by curtailing / disciplining the urge to react at physical level – we are able to learn lessons. Majority cadre in rebel forces were emotionally driven. Their leaders ‘showed’ heightened emotions that  invoked fear and this would not have been possible without that vertical hierarchy. The listeners who the projected outcomes/promises carried their own fears. When the value of intellectual leadership diminishes, the fears are given form as oppression of the intellectuals. A true search towards common good would confirm this also in the case of Sinhalese rebels.

The difference is that we the Tamil Community were able to learn from our experience and hence LTTE is yet to be  Tamil representative in the UN. Their Equal other side – the Army – which claimed ‘victory’ has limited the Sinhalese majority to their armed  leadership. Both were disorderly because they claimed to be of  intellectual standards – and in the case of Sinhalese – of UN standards. Tamils are largely treating it as a project whereas Sinhalese have made the war a program. This confirms excessive production of outcomes that would ‘impress’. One needs Belief to go deeper to connect at root level.

Like the British Royalty – Vellala Tamils may become Tamil Royalty symbolizing our past. Those who go into that era would therefore separate themselves from current structures – and are fearful of the ghosts. Sinhalese who also used caste-hierarchy would thus fear these leaders who criticize that system.
Tamils who live as heirs of the vertical system – are needed for Education to lead the Tamil community. As minorities we need to mentally reproduce ourselves exponentially. If this group is ignored – we also risk armed group leading Sri Lankan Tamils during that period – as they did during successful invasion by Indian kings.

Rear Admiral Sarath Weerasekera invoked that leadership in a culture to which he did not contribute. He thus invoked their parallel in the inverted pyramid system – for another victory through armed supremacy. The result would be greatger disorder within the armed forces led by such a leaders.  This would lead to more risk of war-crimes charges by the intellectual investors in the UN.

In his article ‘The Story Of A Tamil Boomerang’  , Professor Mahesan Niranjan refers to the rebellion as Boomerang. To my mind anyway. To me the Vaddukoddai Resolution 1976  was Brahmastram presented as follows by Wikipedia:

[Since Lord Brahma is considered the Creator of Sanatana Dharma, it is believed by Hindus that Brahmastra was created by Him for the purpose of upholding Dharma and Satya, to be used by anyone who wished to destroy an enemy who would also happen to be a part of his (Brahma's) creation. The target, when hit by Brahmastra, would be utterly destroyed.]

One who creates the structure is the higher owner.  The main source of fear in the minds of Sinhalese leaders about Tamils is the latter’s deeper investment in education. Vaddukoddai Resolution confirmed this structure by intellectual Tamils – including through Vellala group. Their Brahmastram (Creator’s Weapon of Truth) demoted the intellectual leadership of Sinhalese at the global level and this has been confirmed by Rear Admiral Sarath Weerasekera also. The Boomerang sent by armed rebels could be awakened any time – so long as the Tamil Community respects Education and logical order of the brain as the leader. Now that the Boomerang has come back – it has the opportunity to remain passive until our intellectual leadership lacks the Energy to function as required to lead the whole. Until then, like sleeping dogs they will lie in their passive corners, when not needed for Defence purposes.  

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