Tuesday 4 September 2018

Gajalakshmi Paramsivam from Jaffna
04 September 2018

Sri Lankan in Australian University Karma

  I found in today’s mail, an analysis by Tamil Rebel supporter – showing the Kerala connection between the latest Kerala Natural Disaster and the role of Malayali leaders within Indian Government who contributed to the Sri Lankan Tragedy. – especially in 2009. I did identify with the logic of it at that level. But as myself – I went deeper and identified with the way of Natural forces as per the land  of those who felt victimized. Rebels who invoked the ‘Tamil only’ separatism went back in time and invoked the old powers that remain dormant until invoked by a current  custodian. These old powers do include Kerala culture in Jaffna. I realized this when we went to Kerala in 1997 – on a business trip. The fences and  the food gave us the feeling that we were in Jaffna. We share more in common with Kerala in this regard, than with Tamil Nadu. I concluded that it must have happened through natural and harmonious ‘sharing’ between the two groups.. By going back in time, to claim separation ‘rights’ the rebels invoked those ownership powers. Hence as per the system of Nature / Truth – those who claimed  ‘priority rights’ to rule – i.ee – LTTE led rebels made themselves the Opposition of all forces before their own group.. Tamil Nadu is younger  than Kerala in human exports to Jaffna. The Tamil Rebels who were led by language -  fought for Tamil Nadu migrants who are economically prominent in Colombo than they were before 1983. The post 1983 rebel training happened largely in Tamil Nadu. That is the amazing way in which the Natural powers delivered post-war outcomes.

To the extent Jaffna Tamils who invested in higher education as a priority were hurt by the Tamil-only mandate  - their ancestors were invoked to defeat those to whom majority power through the sword became priority. The older the ancestral power the stronger the veracity  of the current manifestation. One who believes in the power of education would  stay away from groups that believe in the power of the gun. Such Tamils of Jaffna would have invoked the Kerala ancestry. To that extent, the Sri Lankan government was only a messenger and not the cause. Land based research will deliver the appropriate solution.

It is Nallur festival time and a couple of days back when I ‘filled my mind with the glorious form of  Lord Muruga, with Thveyanai and Valli Ammayars – the words of Saint Arunagirinathar  sang so beautifully by a devotee melted my heart. It is stanza 17 of Kanthar Anupoothi.

Yaam odhiya kalviyum, yem arivum,
Thaame pera Velavar thandathanaal,
Poo mel mayal poy aara mey punarveer,
Naa mel nadaveer, Nadaveer iniye., 17
Our Education and the knowledge we have
Are due to Lord Muruga’s Grace – so we would realize the Absolute
So renounce the attachment to the temporary exterior Maya and
Feel the Truth  within.
From now on – do not walk above the words of wisdom

I realized then that that was the solution I was seeking and contributing to through my own writing work. I have just completed my book – about ‘My Jaffna Heritage’ and I felt blessed by Jaffna – the land.
Those who invoke the past for current purposes need to attribute credit to those ancestors before taking credit for current actions. If the war was in the name of Tamil Liberty – then the ancestral power of every Tamil to whom a part of Sri Lanka is ‘home’ in invoked. Mine was educational power and hence any current work in education would invoke the power of those ancestors – including Catholic institutions in Jaffna. I will not fail in Jaffna through the educational pathway.

The parallel of the above land power happened also in Australia – at the University of NSW. The Sydney Morning Herald report  ‘Someone set him up': UNSW terror-accused was framed, says brother’ Shows the connection of return Karma for the pain and suffering caused to me by UNSW in my Home area.

Until the UNSW makes amends – the anxiety of Terrorism is a reality at that place. The reason is that I – a true owner through my independent investment in education – was treated as a criminal for performing my duty as an owner through the democratic pathway. To me it is no coincidence that the Sri Lankan who was rewarded by the UNSW became the victim – i.e. -= Opposition of my ancestral educational power.  I was listed as Sri Lankan – despite my strong protests that I was legally Australian. This guy :Kamer Nizamdeen – in the system of UNSW is therefore a relative of mine. The report states about the way he was treated by the UNSW system :

[Kamer Nizamdeen appears in a 2016 promotional video for a project by the NSW government body Study Sydney and an education start-up. ]

According to the UNSW  system therefore Mr Nizamdeen is my senior by merit in educational investment. THAT would have invoked the ancestral powers of the UNSW who supported me during my deepest moment of need. Heritage invokes Itself to support a true Heir.

It is interesting to note the following part of the report::

[Kamer Nizamdeen, 25, was arrested in his office high above the university campus on Thursday and charged with making a document to prepare for terrorism that allegedly included high-profile targets such as Malcolm Turnbull, Julie Bishop and the Sydney Harbour Bridge.]

The parallel of that in my case was the open following of Due Democratic Process  which I did not have in common with the UNSW Executive nor the Police who arrested me nor the Judiciary that punished me. They were all of Mr Nizamdeen’s culture of autocracy and secret deals / quid pro quos. Their assessment of him would be more reliable for Australians who are autocratic.

To my mind it is no coincidence that Mr Turnbull who to my mind ranks second after Mr Paul Keating as PM – got dismissed by a group that is strongly attached to White-Only policies. Mr Nizamdeen was stopped by the system of Democracy that Mr Turnbull and his supporters have invested in. Mr Turnbull has NOT lost that power. Hence he resigned. Mr Howard whom I sued – was dismissed by the people. If not he would been more at risk of becoming a victim of Terrorism than Mr Turnbull.

There deeper revelation regarding the karmic connection:

1.      ‘On Monday, the ABC reported that Mr Nizamdeen is the nephew of Sri Lanka's Sports and Local Government Minister Faiszer Musthapha.’
Minister Musthapha’s father,  Mr Faiz Musthpha PC appears for the parties who unlawfully got custody of my land in Colombo 5.  But Mr Mustapha successfully postponed  the Appeal hearing despite knowing that I was representing myself  after dismissing our Senior Counsel who failed to follow the spirit  of  ethics in undertaking without even informing me – to represent our opposition in a Jaffna Testamentary matter. After I revealed in my early written submission that the guy who claimed prescriptive rights was confessing through a court document to have lived outside that property at the time of he claimed to have lived there – the assistant to Mr Mustapha avoided my calls which were to find out about court dates which were strongly influenced by Mr Mustapha’s convenience. Later, when we engaged the team – Mr Harsha Fernando assisted  by Mr Revan Weeraqsinghe   - Mr Mustapha’s team tried to settle ‘out of court’. Given my deep investment in the legal system and the sacrifices I made to take my ‘junior’ position in court – as allocated by that system – I declined. In the system of Truth / Dharma – all those who take credit as relatives of Mr Mustapha would be infected by that negative karma due to failure to allocate Equal position to the opposition in Court. That is the problem with abusing common power for personal benefits.
I am a common victim of UNSW Executive and the Sri Lankan Judiciary where Mr Mustapha (Snr) is effectively part of the Executive.
2.     [The Facebook post said that Mr Nizamdeen, who was formally refused bail at Waverley Local Court on Friday, had not been in contact with any of his family since the dramatic arrest.]

I was also tried as a Sri Lankan criminal at Waverley Local Court which upheld the Police version of my  citizenship as Sri Lankan. I contacted the then in the position of Consul General of Sri Lanka, but he refused to get involved – claiming I was Australian.  Sri Lankans who are beneficiaries of such government influences – would get the return karma for the punishment of the real owners in places that carry such Energy of true ownership. Once our experience is Common through the Land and/or time the power would work to support us and allocate the punishment to the perpetrators and their  relatives due to enjoyment of benefits from the common system – taken outside the common boundaries.

Relationships  through common structures protect us from such abuse.  Those acting outside such boundaries need the support of Truth which is beyond the control of  humans but could be accessed as a facility by those who contribute to the system of Truth.

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