Wednesday 12 September 2018

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam 
12 September 2018
Return Karma for the  Un-Sri Lankan President?

[President Maithripala Sirisena Monday went into a rage describing how the national carrier served him cashew nuts that were unsuitable for consumption, even by dogs.

Addressing farmers in Hambantota, the president said SriLankan airlines served him nuts while travelling from Kathmandu to Colombo via New Delhi but he simply could not eat the poor quality cashew
.] Economy Next report ‘President Sirisena slams SriLankan in nut rage’

The above report if true, confirms that the current President of Sri Lanka is un-Sri Lankan. Sri Lankan Airlines being Sri Lankan owned, is an ‘internal’ organization of the Sri Lankan Government. It is very much part of the Global arm of Sri Lanka. Like our elders, I am part of the positive Karma that Energizes those who are currently  with Sri Lankan Airlines and who are doing more than their duty as per their positions. Such ‘beyond duty’ contributions become permanent Energy guarding that institution. Likewise, there are permanent negative Energies/ SINS  that are accumulated by neglecting one’s duties as per one’s position. To my mind, 9/11 happened due to such accumulated negative energies.

The  real position is determined by the benefits allocated and taken by the employee as per her/his cognizance. The apparent position is one that others who relate to that position  collectively recognize. That is the parallel of majority vote. The stated position may or may not coincide with either of these. It’s the gap between the stated position and the real that works the natural energies to support or alienate the current investor.

The President is stated to be investing in Sri Lankan Airlines through the Presidential Commission of Inquiry. Politicizing the current weaknesses in Sri Lankan Airlines – through the nut matter confirms robbing Sri Lanka’s Global arm to pay Sri Lanka’s local farmers. The parallel of this happened when the current incumbent in the President’s position was part of the Rajapaksa regime that demanded seats already allocated to business customers. Even though Mr Sirisena did not directly participate in that karma, by failing to internally question the then President – Mr Sirisena failed in his duty to the Sri Lankan Public – especially the global minded Sri Lankan. That karma was invoked through the nut matter.

Ignoring the workings of karma as per one’s Truth is in breach of Article 9 of the Sri Lankan Constitution. Every Buddhist has to consciously learn the workings of the system of karma if we are to be supported by positive Energies of  all those to whom Sri Lanka is ‘Home’. All of us who raised our contributions to positive Energy level would support current positive contributors and all those who contributed to negative Energies would remain as debilitating planets  ready to join the current negatives in that institution nation. This is why one must pay one’s respects to one’s elders who are no longer active in the family / institution / nation.

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