Thursday 27 September 2018

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

27 September 2018

Are you Right or Are you True?

[We are the tools and vassals of rich men behind the scenes. We are the jumping jacks, they pull the strings and we dance. Our talents, our possibilities and our lives are all the property of other men."
 *"We are intellectual prostitutes."*] - John Swinton (1829–1901) - a Scottish-American journalist, newspaper publisher, and orator.
To my mind, the reason why we ‘prostitute’ is due to excessive production of  Data – taken in its raw form to emotionally rouse the readers. Where majority are emotionally driven, this results in status being allocated as per ‘popularity’. Structured marriage comes with the blessings of those developed families with institutional values. De facto partnerships are as per the individuals concerned. The former is vertical and latter is lateral. The two should not be indiscriminately mixed.
 A newspaper is an institution with its own structures confirming its Independent mind. The truth of an individual would naturally merge with this if the individual is positioned as per the expressed value of that Truth. The way we express the Truth in a free environment would tend to be  as per the pathway through which we were successful in the past. Generally, in a free environment – those driven by seen and heard ‘outcomes’ tend to use immediate outcomes on de facto basis. It’s like hearing through the ear and speaking through the mouth. This naturally forms a harmonious structure for those with least consciousness of heritage. But the authority to ‘judge’ cannot be taken by producing more of such outcomes in excess of the need of that community. Judgment power comes from vertical elevation of the benefits in our custody. Parents who produce money and status – share those outcomes with their children. Hence their status is higher than that of the children. To the extent the children pay their respects to those parents – that group qualifies as a ‘sovereign unit’. Where the structure is more lateral – production must cease at breakeven point to confirm ownership which is no profit nor loss status. At that point – the value of readers’ efforts would equal the value of writers’ work. The lowest common value in democratic politics is the voter. The party that gets the second highest vote in a Sovereign unit is elevated to the level of the party that got the highest votes – to maintain this Sovereignty of the whole. This elevation is as per the vertical system – and the confirms the workings of our autocratic genes/heritage. Majority vote maintains harmony only when we limit it to form of our work values. It’s the parallel of who goes first in a game of  Equal numbers. Tossing the coin to see who goes first is different to tossing the coin to see who the winner is.

Sri Lanka was not born today. Those of us who completed our contribution to own Sri Lankan values – but are not current voters – need to share our Truth with current voters who then become our messengers. Truth is so wonderful that when it does not have enough believers to ‘show’ the other side – it demotes the party  with second highest votes. That was how the Tamil Political group became Leader of Opposition in 1977 and in 2015. The former was due to the intellectual contribution by those who were then voters. The latter was due to heritage powers that could influence those who liberated themselves from the prison of majority power, towards which they forewent benefits coming on de-facto basis. I believe I am one who invoked such powers in Jaffna as well as in Colombo in 2015. I had direct influence in 1977 due to my investment in being Sri Lankan. Without the latter – the 2015 outcome would not have happened. That happened due to continued investment in commonness despite separatism forces on both sides. Not many Tamils identify with this part of the 2015 election outcomes.

In his UN speech this week, the President of Sri Lanka stated:

["I was elected the president of Sri Lanka in 2015. At that time the president held excessive powers, in fact these powers exceeded the powers of a monarch, and reached almost the powers of an emperor. However, these excessive powers of the executive presidency, have been handed over to Sri Lanka parliament by me. It is with happiness I inform you of the manner in which I have let go of the powers of the executive presidency]

There is no recognition of the contribution of the root cause that brought him this victory due to the sufferings of Tamils under the former regime and their power to demote such a ruler. It is more a demotion of the former than promotion of the current. By failing to identify with this Truth – the President increases the risk of becoming the target of majority force – the whole being not as defined by land space but as per number of humans practicing a particular culture/form of governance.

 Former Prime Minister of India – became a target of this in Sri Lankan war. The Sri Lankan Forces by policy joined Indian Peace-Keeping Forces (IPKF) and later with the Tamil Tigers and therefore against the IPKF. They remained mere messengers without belief, to their current pay masters. The idle capacity invoked by Indian leaders returned to those who generated that idle capacity. True belief would cease production at breakeven point – i.e. – enough  to defend only. That is when military power was prostituted by politicians.

In the recent reports an Indian is reported to have had plans to assassinate the Sri Lankan President:

[The Indian High Commission in Colombo on Wednesday said the Indian national, who had been arrested in Sri Lanka over the alleged assassination attempt of President Maithripala Sirisena, his predecessor Mahinda Rajapaksa and family members ‘has had a history of mental disturbance since 2000.’] Daily Mirror report ‘Arrested Indian has a history of mental imbalance: HC
The question is who caused this imbalance? Economy Next throws some light on this:

[ECONOMYNEXT - An Indian national arrested in connection with an investigation into an alleged plot to assassinate Sri Lanka’s President and several others is an asylum seeker who had applied to the UN for refugee status, police sources said Wednesday.

A man identified as Marcili Thomas, an Indian from the southern state of Kerala had been arrested over his links with Namal Kumara, the former police informant and air force deserter who publicly declared that there was a plan to kill Maithripala Sirisena and others
Kerala and Jaffna have much in common in terms of culture. Hence the mind-structure of a Kerala citizen would be similar to the mind structure of a Jaffna citizen. The more the former learns about Northern Tamils successfully finding new homes in other parts of the world, the more he would ‘fill’ the gap by imagining himself as the victim of the Sri Lankan war. The disorderly mind ‘sees’ the manifestation of majority and believes. There were reports of Indians setting themselves on fire during the height of the war due to such influence of majority. They orphan themselves by giving up on their natural power to be sovereign. Hence instead of using UN rule to self-assess – they use majority influence – the same way servants driven by money killed when their masters gave the orders.
Our Truth gives us protective structure provided we stay and operate within the boundary of Truth. Then we become institution of Sovereignty. But those driven by majority vote would lose this power of protection the more they depend on outcomes shown to impress than to confirm sovereignty at breakeven level.

The 2015 elections confirmed that Sri Lanka needs stronger laws born out of Truth to maintain and protect its Sovereignty. One who is driven by majority would produce idle capacity without a belief based brain. To that mind – the President would seem no different to the voter. One could call this madness or just disorder due to lack of ability to use one’s brain to preserve one’s Sovereignty.

Being right as per irrelevant law – carries imaginary capacity. It is used when one thinks s/he is free. Being true to oneself produces the right measure – that keeps us self-disciplined. That Truth then becomes our law and our guide.

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