Thursday 6 September 2018

 Gajalakshmi Paramasivam from Jaffna

Australian Federal Police must arrest also the NSW Police Officers

It is my discovery that those who desire credit through subjective powers demote the other person at least in their mind. Allocating  Equal status to the unknown person helps prevent unjust discrimination on subjective basis.

Mohamed Kamer Nizamdeen is a Sri Lankan. Was it therefore proper for the NSW Police to use Mr Nizamdeen in work that involved the psyche of ‘Australians’ ?

[In 2016, Nizamdeen and a group of students collaborated with NSW police and the NSW government to create an app to help foreign students protect themselves against fraud when they arrived in Australia.
The articulate and confident Sri Lankan was the star of promotional material about the project and was named UNSW Hero of the Week. A university press release – vanished since Friday – about the app, called ALICE (Artificial Learning Intelligence for Centralised Education) quotes Nizamdeen at length and alone among others involved in the project.] Sunday Times article - Aussie police probing how well loved Lankan Uni student became radicalized
The structure of a Sri Lankan mind is different to the structure of an Australian mind. The same manifestation would be interpreted differently by different groups. The protection of Sovereignty is afforded to Nations to prevent one nation invading another.  The University of NSW is very backward in globalization. The coalition of  UNSW and NSW Police minds, resulted in the Police listing me as ‘Sri Lankan’ when they could not find any lawful reason to punish me. The stated reason was Trespass. But the law Inclosed Lands Protection Act 1901 did not  provide for such. In fact , by (ab)using that legislation, the UNSW Central Administrators and the NSW Police became guilty of Racial Discrimination. To my mind, by listing me as ‘Sri Lankan’ despite my strong protests – that I was Australian by law – they provided clear objectively measurable evidence of their breach of the Racial Discrimination Act 1975. But they stuck to it and to my mind that confirmed their urge to ‘demote’ me to deliver to their seniors in the subjective system – the UNSW Central Administrators.
As per the above report the NSW Police sought the cleverness of the Sri Lankan mind allegedly towards protecting ‘fraud’ . Did they not commit such a fraud against me – a migrant from Sri Lanka who has a track record of contributing to Democratic management of Resources? My book ‘Naan Australian’  is an account of the mental torture I suffered due to such demotion and denial of my human rights.
If Mr Nizamdeen had read that book – he probably would have distanced himself from the NSW Police. It found its way to the National Library of Australia and is available in Sri Lanka also. I donated a copy to the University of Jaffna. But the passage to National Library of Australia happened Naturally – without any intervention on my part.
Just last month – when we bought a couple of  lounge sofas – I was painfully reminded of the break and enter by NSW law enforcement officers – who took away most of our future to pay for the legal fees incurred by the UNSW in hiring external lawyers.
Benjamin Franklin said ‘That it is better 100 guilty Persons should escape than that one innocent Person should suffer. I feel that my pain after all these years had the power to invoke that karma of UNSW-NSW Police coalition. They are natural colluders with a negative karma in Racial Equality – which is a fundamental Human Right that I was denied as an Australian.
Sri Lankan Government Minister Faizer Mustapha who is a relation of Mr. Nizamdeen – is reported to be ‘waiting’ for our Judiciary to deliver. They may be more careful with the relative of a minister than they were with me – a nobody – an orphan who was abandoned by the Australian workmates and employers as well as the Sri Lankan community of various shapes and forms in Australia. My close friends and relatives did sign a petition to be presented to courts – headed by Magistrate Pat O’Shane who sent me for mental ill treatment.
As per the above report ‘Psychologists have been called into the investigation to help determine whether Nizamdeen intended, and was capable of, carrying out the threats detailed in the material attributed to him.’
 As per the report of the Psychologists (one was Sri Lankan) – there was no independent logic between their recommendations and their discovery about my mind structure. They mention specifically my belief in Swami Sathya Sai Baba & Gandhi. THAT is the real risk faced by Nizamdeen unless the assessors are influenced by the Sri Lankan ministerial connection.

The question before us is – how were the NSW Police fooled by Mr Nizamdeen? If Mr Nizamdeen is guilty – so are the NSW Police who are of similar mind structure and therefore carry the same risk of ‘terrorism’ as Mr Nizamdeeen. Should they not also be charged on the same basis? In fact as Australian they are more guilty of a mind structure as per subjective assessment, than a foreigner who is protected by Sri Lankan Sovereignty. They may deport him but not punish him through subjective assessments of those who do not have the mind structure of Islamic faith. THAT Separation of powers is essential to uphold democracy. 

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