Tuesday 18 September 2018

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

18 September 2018

Lord! Did you hear my Prayer?

[The Tamil Tigers were notorious for carrying out suicide bombings and recruiting child soldiers, but to many Tamils - both within and outside Sri Lanka - they were heroes.] – BBC article ‘Sri Lanka war: I wanted 'my side' to lose
The problem is NOT with the Tigers but with the likes of Mr Jude Ratnam maker of film ‘Demons in Paradise’. The way Mr Ratnam included ‘himself’ with the Tamil side in the war – Justice Weeramantry also included himself as follows:

[We have grown accustomed to war that we do not see it as the barbarism, the absurdity, the bestiality, the outrage to all civilized values, the savagery, the human catastrophe that it really is." Professor C G Weeramantry- Judge of the International Court of Justice.] – quoted in The Island article ‘Do we need a counter terrorism law that will target mainly Sri Lanka’s Sinhala extremists?’

In both instances/pathways  – to the extent the makers are driven by the outcomes, they do not identify with the spirit. We have to become part of the problem through victims or perpetrators to be part of the solution. In many ways, both sides to this part of the war – won because now majority civilians  fear weapon based war. Even though the Constitution states ‘Buddhism foremost’,  in action Sri Lanka has become ‘weapons foremost’ country. How does one reconcile between the two?

On 21 September 2004, Professor Weeramantry quoted Gandhi as follows:

["To you, young Ceylonese friends, I say, don't be dazzled by the splendour that comes to you from the west. Do not be thrown off your feet by this passing show".] The Relevance of Ahimsa – published by Daily News on 04 October 2004.

To me it was no coincidence that I read this article and responded to it concluding as follows:

[AHIMSA is not absence of physical war. It is absorbing other people's mistakes by doing extra work to make up for their unearned benefits and absorbing losses through one's personal credits - to become the whole.]
Professor Weeramantry was honoured as follows by Australian leaders:
[His Excellency Christopher G Weeramantry, until recently a judge and later Vice President of the International Court of Justice, has received the rare honour for a non-citizen, of appointment to the Order of Australia.  On 28 November 2003 it was announced by the Governor-General of Australia that Judge Weeramantry had been appointed an honorary  Member in the General Division of the Order.]
Earlier that year – my complaints to the NSW Administrative Decisions Tribunal, as a victim of Racial Discrimination at the workplace (University of NSW) was dismissed – as lacking in substance. I was already an Australian citizen by then. I forewent  future employment opportunities to uphold my Truth in a migrant county. I endured the punishment.
Whilst Justice Weeramantry – who was NOT Australian by law at that time, was honored as an honorable Australian – I was demoted by the Australian authorities to foreigner status – as Sri Lankan.  That is the gap between the Right Answer and the Truth of the Australian Government and the Judiciary. Justice Weeramantry got citizenship in the ‘educated’ community of Australia through the Right Ticks from those to whom the law was pathway to high status. In turn I got citizenship with the victims of unpracticed laws – including Racial Discrimination Act 1975. This was confirmed by Daily News publishing my response on 01 November 2004 – when I was sent by the Waverly Local Court to be assessed for mental illness. At Prince of Wales where I had positive working karma,Dr. Peter Vaux who had the status,  declared that I was a follower of Gandhi. I did not know then that Daily News had published my work. But the timing confirmed that the system of Truth – to which Gandhi contributed strongly – had supported me through fellow Australian Dr Peter Vaux. This happened again this time in Northern Sri Lanka about which I wrote to the Registrar of Mallakam District  Court as follows:
[I refer to my visit to your office on Friday, 07 September 2018, in relation to the above matter. The fact that  you were discussing that very matter with your staff – in relation to an additional account about which Mr. Yogendra, had successfully moved a motion meant that I was meant to attend and discuss matters with you. The Natural forces worked that way. To my mind, that is the way of Natural Justice. I myself did not plan but was directed by my inner voice to see you in person rather than talk to you over the phone. I confirm that I bow to that inner voice.]
When we listen to our Truth and clear the way of Maya (delusions) we experience the Truth – which then confirms that we are absolutely right. Outcomes without belief are Maya. There was much of it in the status attributed to and accepted by Justice Weeramantry in 2003 – by leaders who did not have the authority of Truth to do so. Likewise, in Northern Sri Lanka, where the Courts unlawfully took-over power to Administer the Estate of my brother in law while ruling that no Administration was needed for the wealth in Sri Lanka. The system of Truth helped me ‘catch red handed’  the Court officers who were following the orders of the Judge – as if they were the Administrators. The wonderful experience I had was that Truth comes to us and leads us once we are independent of  outcomes that are not supported by belief.
In essence, the Lord heard my prayer. A Northern Tamil to whom the Tamil Tigers are heroes – because he does not have a higher measure – asked me this morning about a dream he had had this morning. It was in essence – about the voice from our  temple altar saying that if he planted a ‘Soolam/Trident’ in the altar  from where the Trident had moved – he would not realize his higher self. The young father was upset – and asked me to interpret for him. I said that the message was to be influenced by  the ‘Spirit’ and not the form.
I tried to communicate this in many ways – but that community was not receptive as they were driven by immediate outcomes. Ex-Minister Mrs Vijayakala Maheswaran was invoking the ‘form’. There was a change in the receptiveness of this community between my previous visit and this one. I said that if they followed the form – that Mrs Maheswaran was showing then they would not enjoy true self-governance.
Likewise in the case of Mr Jude Ratnam – to the extent his motive in making this film is popularity and money  - it would give him admission with the perpetrators’ club – including from within the rebel ‘community-in-waiting’ for the next war. But that would stop well short of the Truth – that at citizens’ level – Tamils and Muslims and Sinhalese are integrating at business level – due to commonness in war pain. The Lord heard their/our prayers.

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