Tuesday 31 October 2017

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

31 October  2017

God does not trust the British in the dark

Dr. Colvin R. de Silva who, when told that `the Sun will never set on the British Empire`, an oft-repeated quote during the colonial era, responded with the tart remark; `That`s because God does not trust the British in the dark.’ – Lanka Newspapers Editorial – 13 March 2005
Dr. Colvin R de Silva who also represented the suburb of Wellawatte – generally known as the Tamil suburb, is reported to have presented his mind on the Sinhala Only legislation as follows:
[In 1952 he lost the Wellawatte-Mount Lavinia seat to a United National Party candidate, but regained it in 1956 and 1960. During the passing of the Sinhala Only Act, he spoke his famous last words: "Do we... want a single nation or do we want two nations? Do we want a single state or do we want two? Do we want one Ceylon or do we want two? And above all, do we want an independent Ceylon which must necessarily be united and single and single Ceylon, or two bleeding halves of Ceylon which can be gobbled up by every ravaging imperialist monster that may happen to range the Indian ocean? These are issues that in fact we have been discussing under the form and appearance of language issue." His predictions came true a few years later with the formation of LTTE and subsequent civil war between the LTTE separatist movement and the Sri Lankan government.] Wikipedia

Yesterday, Parames, the sister of Mr Subramaniam Sivapathasundaram (Sundaram) said to me that the assurance given by me during the eulogy speech at her brother’s funeral  - were now a reality. Parames to my mind is a humble and spiritual person. Yesterday, Sundaram’s son Dr. Ganeshawaran married Laura O’Carrigan according to Hindu rites at the Sydney Murugan Temple. It so happened that I arrived at the very moment the groom and his entourage  were being ushered in and they needed someone to carry one of the auspicious trays. One of the gentlemen there asked me to carry the tray with the Wedding Necklace. I felt that it was Sundaram himself, speaking through that gentleman to whose mind I was a stranger. I blessed the union whole-heartedly – on behalf of the groom’s father – Sundaram also. I was not going to attend due to my other commitments – but Kaye – wife of Sundaram insisted that I did, saying we were there when she most needed support. After the honour through natural forces – when I was asked to carry the tray, I realised that it was both parents of the groom saying thank-you. Yet another example of Natural Forces bring us the honor beyond the order of clever minds. To my mind, there are Natural Relationships formed as per our Gunas – Characteristics. These are the true structures that work independently to render us Peace of mind.

I learnt about this real relationship through my Spiritual Guru who says  that there are three ‘I’s :
(i)            Who others think I am
(ii)          Who I think I am
(iii)        Who I really am.

I believe that this applies  also to our Family, Home-Community and Home-Nation. The way each of this is managed in the mind gives structure to our pathway way to Peace and Happiness. Being in who I really am is the ultimate goal. 

A  Constitution that confirms Natural Justice will work itself.

Sri Lanka is currently exploring ways to improve its Legal Constitution. Like in the case of the individual,  the Constitution also has three identities. One that works with the support of Natural Powers would protect us and protect itself. The challenge is to invoke Natural Forces to work the Constitution to lead us to Peace and keep us there.

At family level – to the extent we use our Belief in each other, we would share Naturally. Towards this, we maintain confidentiality and show only one outcome to wider world, in the hierarchical structure and one system in lateral democracy.

Tamils – especially Tamil militants led by the LTTE,  have played a key role in establishing the need for the current remaking of the Constitution. The following excerpt from the Sunday Observer article ‘FROM NANDIKADAL TO HANDI-KADAAL’ confirms this:

[the Japanese expert (Mr. Motoo Noguchi ) said, there were complex issues that needed to be cleared.
“For instance, we need to ensure that the accountability mechanism is not limited to the members of the Sri Lankan security forces. But, the LTTE, on the other hand, is now defunct and almost all its leaders have been killed in the battle. So, who will take responsibility for the crimes committed by the LTTE? We need to find answers to these questions” he added.
“We need to find a way out of this deadlock.”]
The LTTE mind may be positive to some and negative to others. While LTTE are seen as relatives of Tamils as per their outer makeup and their stated reasons for resorting to arms, they are relatives of Sinhalese driven by unofficial armed power, as per their Characteristics. Hence they collude when faced by a third enemy – be it the British, the Indians or the genuine Sri Lankan Politician. The recent reports of threats by Sinhalese Political opposition, of bombing the parliament if there was a new Constitution confirms that the JVP is still living in the minds of Sinhalese Politicians. In contrast, Tamil Opposition Politicians’ mind is presented as follows:
[Tamil political representatives' acceptance of proposals in the interim report of the Constitutional Assembly represents a "historic" moment for Sri Lanka, a senior TNA legislator told parliament here today.
The Tamil National Alliance's M A Sumanthiran was addressing the House when it met as the Constitutional Assembly started discussions on the interim report of the all-party steering committee in order to formulate a new Constitution to replace the existing 1978 charter.] The Outlookindia.com article – Lanka Tamils agreeing to Constitutional proposal historic.
It is noteworthy that the above article published came to the public through an Indian medium and not a Sri Lankan medium. To my mind we are connected through the Natural system of sharing information in this regard. Both our contributions, to the extent they are Service oriented go towards the development  of the actual Constitution – no matter what it looks like on the outside.
Recently I contributed to the development of the restructure of  Sri Lankan Airlines as follows:
[Hence the direct interference of a member of the Government amounts to acting in breach of the fundamentals of Commercial structures  as well as the structure of the elected Government itself.
Continuing with this kind of mismanagement would lead to Sri Lankan Airlines becoming more and more like Air Ceylon – under which structure,  staff were slaughtered by heir seniors to appease politicians. ]

Today, I read the Island report dated 29 October, as follows:

[Ajith Dias Chairman, SriLankan Airlines Limited, has issued the following statement on our news item, yesterday, Sri Lankan chairman gets ticking off from the Prime Minister:
"My attention was drawn to the Sunday Island article -SriLankan chairman gets ticking off from prime minister.
At the NEC meeting held last Tuesday nothing on government procurement procedures was discussed and that I was ticked off by the Prime Minister or the other comments attributed to him is completely false.
There were several ministers, the secretary to the treasury and the Governor of the Central bank present at the meeting, who can verify this. Either the report is a figment of the writer’s imagination or the top source he quotes is intent on creating mischief between the parties who are trying their best to restructure airline."]

The above confirms that Sri Lankan Airlines is able to report about itself. To the extent I identify with it through a still mind that is neither excited nor depressed – I believe that I am also contributing to the development of the new structure of the Airline.  Likewise the Constitution. The media also contributes to the making of the Constitution. When politicians are driven by publicity they become the sources to feed frivolous media minds and v.v.

The Constitution is like the Palace with many rooms – each with its own special purpose. We have the parallels in our homes. In a hierarchical structure – the office room or the shrine room would be the most important part of the home. This is the parallel of Parliament. In Democracy, they are all of equal importance as per their diversity.

Tamils if they are important to all those with the power to give form to the apparent Constitution could be the toilet – now that LTTE has been allocated Pariah (toilet cleaner) status. We must not forget that they were needed to balance their equals within Sinhalese community. The manifestation of wrongs by the previous regime – including through  the National carrier – confirm the need to keep Tamils inside Sinhalese Management to stem the fall of Sinhalese politician in a parliament without toilet cleaners, into the gutters.

Tamils on the other hand, could develop their allocated space into a place of meditation  – even though it may be called the toilet by outsiders. When Tamil politicians  develop this mind, other true Parliamentarians would merge their minds to become global. Our Australian Prime Minister is reported to be visiting Sri Lanka this week. Mr  Turnbull  who is reported by adaderana.lk, to have stated :
I look forward to continuing our discussions on strengthening our economic links, defence engagement, and our work together to combat trans-national crime, particularly people-smuggling

Mr. Turnbull as Prime Minister confirmed that he failed to do his Due Diligence work in relation to Indian Business and ended up with Adani infection during his visit to India. Is he likely to be infected by the parallel of ‘Buddhism foremost’ bug by failing to do his Due Diligence work on Sri Lankan politicians by catering to their wishes  through ‘people-smuggling’ rhetoric, thus killing the genuine war-refugee in the womb?

At a time like this Sri Lanka needs his wisdom in Democracy. If he has none to offer – he needs to stay away from Sri Lanka at this point in time. It’s that dual citizenship demon inherited through his party that prevents true globalization – otherwise known as duality karma. Is our PM reminding us that the Sun has not set on the British empire?

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