Friday 20 October 2017

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

20 October  2017

Wonders of  Mind Network

‘They say that great minds think alike or that fools seldom differ.’ In Tamil the best form of demonstration of this is ‘Naan Pesa Ninaipathelaam Nee Pesa Vendum’ by Poet Kannadasan. . (Your words must be my thoughts)

To the extent my mind is great to me – the other mind that thought with me is also great. We see  others’ Truth through our Truth.  

On 13 October I wrote under the heading Media’s Mental Disorder’   at

Yesterday, on Deepavali day, when light of Truth eliminates Dark ignorance -   Prime Minister the Hon Ranil Wickemesinghe is reported by Daily Mirror  to have asked ‘How can media mislead the public in this manner? The draft of the constitution is yet to be made. Will you give front page headlines for my story as well? You went ‘Kade’ for Rajapaksas once. Do you have to do it again?

As per the Daily Mirror Report dated 18 October, that the Prime Minister was referring to The Karaka Maha Sangha Sabha, of the Malwatu & Asgiriya Chapters today decided that there was no necessity of a new Constitution or amendments to the present Constitution of the country and urged to stop the Constitution drafting process. The decision has been taken during a special meeting held at the Dalada Maligawa, Kandy yesterday evening, with the participation by the members of the Karaka Maha Sangha Sabha of the Asgiriya and Malwatu Chapters led by Anunayake of the Malwatte Maha Vihare, Ven. Dimbulkumbure Wimaladharma Thera, Anunayakes of the Asgiriya Maha Vihare Ven. Wedaruwe Upali Thera and Anamaduwe Sri Dammadassi Nayaka Thera.

But according to the Prime Minister’s genuine work based expression published yesterday:One of the gentlemen gathered here said there are allegations with regard to the new constitution. Who is making those allegations? Look at the newspapers today. They are carrying a story saying the most venerable Maha Nayaka Theras are against the new constitution. I spoke to venerable Maha Nayaka Thera of the Malawathu chapter. He is out of the country at the moment. I spoke to him today.’

Ultimately – published work whether it is that of the politician or the media or the Buddhist clergy – the way we relate to it is as per our own inner ‘system’. It is therefore important to develop a base that would support us when we are with ourselves and therefore with all those we carry in our minds and their relativity to us. Common laws help us develop common mind. Truth makes us Universally common. Truth brings us the support we need when we need it. The fact that I published the weakness in the media of twisting ‘facts’ before Mr. Wickremesinghe, confirms that my group is now  ‘facility’ that the Government could learn from – including to craft the new Constitution.

My group is the small project group which helps people focus on governance in their own home-groups even if that group is just the family or village. Self-employment often helps us give form to both sides – costs as well as benefits.  When this is in place, exercise of authority to ‘show’ status diminishes in value and thus the folks would identify with false status – be it by politicians and religious leaders  or by militants.

One of the charges that carried the severest of punishments by the LTTE was disloyalty. But they who hijacked the Vaddukoddai Resolution which had the blessings of Truth, did not want to even talk about their disloyalty to the People they claimed to represent – and who were represented by elected Politicians. I keep hearing the comments by Vaddukoddai folks that they seem to suffer from high level of mental disorder, relative to others. If the LTTE had not promoted itself in Vaddukoddai – especially amongst the youth – Vaddukoddai would have been saved this fear of mental disorder. Once the Vaddukoddai Resolution was hijacked by those who were against politicians in that area – the root value of Vaddukoddai Resolution would not support those who are disloyal to the group that established that root. That is the way of Truth.

When we complete our family relationships we get naturally promoted to the next level – and we will form new and higher relationships with wider society. Those who fail to complete their local relationships – would lack the natural powers to form wider relationships. This is the problem with attributing  National level recognition to a particular form of diversity. Once that distinction is made – that part is Equal to the rest. In Australia for example, White-Only policy naturally separated White Australians from the rest who did not believe they were White. Natural Diversity promotes independence through separation. Hence the above policy had the effect of separating Whites from Non-Whites even when the latter were Christians. But at local level, Christians merged through their belief in Jesus. I find this happening in Sri Lanka also.

Yesterday, I received the article ‘Rev. Fr. Dr. Peter A Pillai OMI Apostle of Social Justice
by Stanley E. Abeynayake from an Australian of Sri Lankan-Sinhalese origin which included the following:

[ In 1940 Rev. Fr. Dr. Pillai was appointed as the first Sri Lankan Rector of St. Joseph's College, Colombo, the premier, Catholic Collegiate school in the island which post he held with great acceptance and distinction for 21 years till 1961.]

I was then reminded of my inner voice urging me to go to Jaffna when I was in pain due to having to cancel our Pongal (Harvest ) celebrations at our family temple. The cancellation was due to serious misconduct by the youth in that area who were playing Hindi cinema songs early in the morning using someone else’s land for their music system. I was really upset and cancelled the arrangements. I was upset because it was just that morning that I thanked my mother who kept the tradition going even after our father passed away. Back then we were respected as Temple owners who also demonstrated the higher values of education.

After cancellation, we had a quiet poojah by the Priest and the regular group of devotees. I left for Colombo as scheduled but on the way to the station, I felt the need to stop at the church of Our Lady of Refuge – at 4th Cross Street, close to Jaffna Railway station. The common urge is my mother who prayed at the church regularly when she was pregnant with our brother – 13 years after I was born. We lived close to that church while schooling at Jaffna Holy Family Convent. Hence our belief in Divinity was given that form also. I now believe that to the extent I completed my relationship with my mother, I am able to invoke the powers of all forms of Belief in Mothers. I felt comforted in many ways – including through a call from a Catholic nurse whom I had helped access this Government as a facility. That Royalty would keep going to the current Prime Minister.

I still did not appreciate the significance of that ‘call’ until recently when it so happened that I was led to book my next stay with Jetwing Jaffna – which is next to Cargills and KFC which are committed to  global standards of service. The Penny dropped when I read the following in relation to Constitutional issue:

[Despite declining regional disparity Western province continues to contribute most to the Gross Domestic Product(GDP) contributing 42% of the GDP while the second highest the Southern Province only represents 10.8% of the GDP while Uva and Northern provinces representing the least with 5% and 3.6% respectively.]

To my mind, the highest component being from Western province is due to its Multiculturalism which helps connect to global providers. Christianity the source of which is furthest away from Sri Lanka has the strongest power to unite Tamils and Sinhalese. As per my knowledge during current times, Christianity and Islam are the only religions that include both Tamils as well as Sinhalese.   Both communities share common beliefs with money-rich nations. Within Northern Province, Jaffna is the parallel of Western Province due to Christian schools and the minds they develop which naturally connect through Common Belief.
The deeper our faith, the less particular we become in ‘form’.

We are therefore able to merge with any group with a different form of belief or respect as Equals sharing One space. That was how this Global minded Australian diffused national borders to mentally participate in Sri Lankan Constitution making – without the leaders being conscious of it. The way the citizen receives the Government’s work is also of Equal status in constitution-making. This was possible because I completed my citizenship in Australia by sharing my Truth through the official system and beyond – i.e. with the blessings of the abstract official system. 

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