Monday 23 October 2017

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

23 October  2017

Healthy Escalation of Conflict

They say that it is healthy to escalate a conflict. Hence one could legitimately conclude that conflict is healthy at the escalated level. Conflict between Tamils and Sinhalese was healthy until it was demoted to thuggery followed by armed resistance followed by armed attacks on Government followed by indiscriminate armed attacks by the Government. To most of us this experience is of value at family and workplace levels. Only a few would contribute directly to policy.

As per Ceylon Today’s recent report headed ‘President dares critics provide solutions to devolution :
[He also remarked that all the people who criticized his policies on devolution, did not have alternative proposals either !
The President, while highlighting that there was no Constitution ready as of now and that even the Draft Bill was not prepared at this stage, said that there could be amendments which could be made, as this was still at the discussion stage. He also highlighted that the foremost place will be given to Buddhism and the unitary status of the country have not been compromised.]

Whether it be the Joint Opposition led by the former President or the Official Opposition leadership in Parliament led by the TNA (Tamil National Alliance) – Buddhism foremost is the Policy level trump-card used, to demote the Government in the minds of voters. If that is taken away, it would be difficult for the average  member of the Public to form a picture in her / his mind, as to why there was a war in Sri Lanka between two ethnicities. Hence it is healthy for Buddhism foremost to stay on in the Constitution to motivate higher level competition. The parallel of that for Tamils is the Eelam claim which resulted in Tamil also being recognized as National language.

At the primary level – these cards help express emotions and make a connection to the Government. Otherwise when there are losses – our pain is taken out at individual level – where the physically stronger person wins – as in jungle warfare. At the Tertiary level, what happens at reality level becomes largely irrelevant – provided that Policy is the true version of one or more believers’ experience escalated through Due Process, within Sovereign borders. Completed experiences naturally add strength confirm to our Sovereignty.

‘Buddhism’s importance’ stated at Constitutional level, would naturally produce Separations between religions and in this instance a coalition of minority religions as the opposition – along the lines expressed by Mr. G.G.Ponnambalam – through his 50:50 policy alternative which was rejected back then. To the extent the above provisions are accepted by at least one member of minority religion who realises Sri Lankan ownership – the ‘other’ side is automatically generated by the system of God/Nature. There are many to whom Sri Lanka is ‘home’ – without the Constitutional advantage. They are the winners – first amongst equals. The pathway through which they realized this ownership is the more harmonious pathway for Sri Lankans. If there was no religion used in this pathway – as is the case with TNA – then they have the duty to use enough energy to diffuse the advantage by the other side. This is facilitated to be through  debating the point in Parliament and more importantly – promoting actively amongst their voters the pathway used by them – including  the business pathway of money equality at transaction level.

Every completed relationship adds natural governance value to the Nation and moves the local borders to cover wider area. That is how we become global in small ways. When we uphold Truth – Truth supports us.

I was reminded of the blessings of Natural Powers last night also when Uber walked up to us and delivered a dinner package when we were hungry after our trip from  Melbourne during which Jetstar service in terms of updating the schedule boards in the main waiting area left much room for improvement and upset us enough to spoil my travel experience. Since I am usually particular in following their rules to the letter, including paying attention when they take us through the safety measures at the beginning of the flight, I naturally developed the ‘credit’ for them to ‘listen’ to me when I said that the electronic information boards were not showing the right information and that it was my intuition that brought me to the gates within the stated boarding time. There was very weak response from the staff and I decided to complain to Jetstar later today through their web facilities.

Then I started feeling hungry and instead of Jetstar, Uber returned my goodwill service after satisfactory response that we were from the local area. Today when I looked up Uber meals – I learnt that they are now developing Airbnb’s parallel in meals. To my mind, these are the networks of those who enjoy homemaking activities, which includes managing extended families – after completing  which activity we were returning to Sydney yesterday. I was reminded of the time in Kathirgamam Hindu Murugan Shrine, when the Sinhalese Assistant to the Priest handed over sweet rice prepared for the ceremony – mistaking me for a Sinhalese lady. Then also I was hungry but came to the temple instead of eating first. It was this morning that I realised that it is now Kantha Sashti time -  during which mother Shakthi / Energy empowered her son Murugan to oppose and facilitate Soora Pathman the demon to defeat himself and surrender to the Lord.  I did not consciously fast yesterday – but I felt I was blessed by Lord Muruga for being a good mother. The true Believer knows within and makes the connection.

The President must do what he believes to be best for Sri Lanka. The rest will happen through the Lord’s system which includes home governance.

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