Friday 27 October 2017

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

27 October  2017

Meta Law & Human Rights

Most investors in Sri Lanka, recognise that there is a problem. But when asked, each would give a different form to the problem. It is like ‘One demon different forms’. The same disease will be differently received or rejected by people of apparently Equal footing exposed to the disease. In a true environment – problem would be present with its opportunity. Equal footing confirms this balance where neither problem nor opportunity is recognized by our conscious memory.

As per my life as Sri Lankan, the first problem that I registered in my brain was as a Colombo citizen in 1958, when I was 8 years of age. We left our home in the border of  Colombo and went inwards and stayed at our uncle Sanmugarajah’s home where the neighbours were also Tamils. After the 1958 riots, we moved to Jaffna where there was no challenge faced by me where I was part of  a racial and religious majority. I moved to Colombo for higher education followed by employment and did not record  any racial discrimination as an individual. I did however register the parallel of 1958 problem in 1977 – when I was pregnant with my third child. The difference this time was that I was in Colombo 7 – a high class suburb. Associated Motorways Ltd. where I was then working was made up of majority Sinhalese and its CEO – to my mind was a true Buddhist. It was when I heard about workers on their way to and from work, being asked to speak in Sinhalese – so their pronunciation would confirm whether they were Sinhalese or Tamils – that I stopped going to work and that too – after my friend Mrs. Malar Fonseka (Tamil married to Sinhalese) asked me to take care of myself while on the roads. Of my three children the youngest born a couple of months after the 1977 riots  is the least healthy of all. At least some part of it I believe is due to my anxiety during that period.

I left Sri Lanka in 1982. Hence all other manifestations starting with the 1983 July riots – were experienced largely through my family members. I would therefore present my form of the demon as:
(i)            As a Colombo Resident – lack of discipline in the Government that opened its brain indiscriminately to the emotions of majority race that was more or less assured of forming government.
(ii)          As a member of the Tamil Community taken as a whole – lack of discipline for elected Tamil leaders to stay within their stated mandate but rather copying Sinhalese leaders to entertain emotional majority of the day

To my mind, the discrimination pain I experienced here in Australia  at the workplace was due to my memory of being recognized on merit basis in Sri Lanka. At community level, we Tamils are a small minority here in Australia, unlike in Sri Lanka where we have established our sense of  self-governance as a Community – including through the intellectual pathway.

This relativity to my past in Sri Lanka was important for me to register the pain that my investment in intellectual pursuit to ownership of the institution/nation was not recognized by the custodians of professional employment power here in Australia. That institution is the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka.
Since it was not recognized, I made it ‘internal’ to know that I am ‘right’ as per the fundamentals. Its parallel is Tamils withdrawing into the folds of their local community when they are hurt by majority power. In Vaddukoddai where the first Political declaration  of independence was made, the parallel is the junior castes who feel unjustly hurt by the caste system withdrawing to their own villages – like Thunaivi.

At the global level – if Australia is the farmer caste – Sri Lanka is the toddy tapper caste. At regional level – they are India’s Tamil Nadu and Sinhalese respectively.
It was that very need to feel my Sovereignty that prevented me from using the past titles  expressly in the then current environment where I would have heard again and again that Sri Lankan qualifications were not recognized here in Australia. The more I heard it without rejecting it, the more I would have demoted Sri Lanka in my thoughts and therefore my own origins. By internalising the pain – I was developing ownership Energy in that subject – beyond national borders. That drives me to comprehend financial and human resource problems as they are in any home environment.

To my mind, Sovereignty supports  living in the present and living in the present supports enjoyment of Sovereignty. It is therefore important not to be conscious of the past except to maintain the Sovereignty of  our home group - the whole group that strengthens our self-confidence and keeps our ‘internal’ thoughts healthy and balanced.
My knowledge in Accounting therefore did not change. But the way I presented it to my Australian supervisors and customers – changed naturally as per my performance on the basis of  my interpretation of their needs and legitimate expectations.
It was when this also was not recognized that I brought legal action against my then employers on the basis of racial discrimination. Through my Australian work as per the positions allocated to me by the other side – I earned the jurisdiction to sue as an Australian in Australia through Australian law – the person who had the responsibility to uphold that law. The motivation was the pain in internalising the problem.  

 I believe that the Energy I put into that action, despite the probability of me winning being very slim – that helped maintain the Sovereignty I felt as an Australian. I believe it went towards the dismissal of the then Vice Chancellor of the University of NSW and the then Prime Minister of Australia to whose level the matter was escalated by me on the basis of my Belief that I was right and they were wrong as per Australian Law. The American minded Vice Chancellor was living in the future while ‘White Only’ group’s Prime Minister was living in the past.

The challenge I faced was to convert my emotional pain to the language of the law. I did not win in Courts – but the book I wrote – showing why I considered it to be wrong for me as an individual – has found a home in the National Library of Australia.  The pathway of getting to the library  was Natural and without any conscious contribution by me. To me it is the pathway of Meta Law – the Source of which is Human Rights and the end is Sovereignty.

The fact that I have no knowledge of any specific person or institution contributing to this passage – confirms to me that Truth works on Its own and manifests Itself when there are no visible carriers to represent It in a particular system.

To my mind, Tamils becoming the Equal Opposition in Sri Lankan Parliament in 1977 and in 2015 happened due to the investment made by all Sri Lankans in Sovereignty of the individual and as institutions – starting with family. They may call themselves, Tamils, Muslims, Burghers or Sinhalese. But when it happens on that land called Sri Lanka by outsiders – it goes towards maintaining the Sovereignty of Sri Lankans.

Right now, Tamil National Alliance (TNA) being the leading Opposition in Parliament despite being very much a minority in terms of numbers, we are entitled to confirm that the Energies of Tamils in Sovereignty as a group has exceeded the investment of Sinhalese in Sovereignty. As per published records Tamils are  minority at around 12% of the population, relative to the Sinhalese being a majority at around 70%. This as per my knowledge was about the same – before militants hijacked the agenda. They also contributed but their excesses killed the contributions made by other Tamils – especially the more educated Tamils in Politics. More damaging was the collusion with Sinhalese leadership to oust Indian forces and later to kill former Prime Minister of India – who to many Tamils was a saviour at the time they felt  the need. Eventually this resulted in denying voting rights to Tamils by colluding with immediate past president of Sri Lanka.

A mind that accepts the LTTE as Freedom fighters will reject collusions with Sinhalese Politicians. A leader who ‘forgets’ such collusions at the fundamental level and claims to represent Tamils through LTTE mandate – would lead her/his followers to dilute their investment in the Sovereignty of Tamils. Likewise Sinhalese who cover up collusion with the very group that they call Terrorists.  Showing wins through armed power is the parallel of majority power. As my mother said – two wrongs don’t make a right. LTTE did enjoy its own freedom within its territory. This did not extend to educated Tamils and Global minded Tamils nor to those who genuinely followed their religious and customary laws.

Currently, within Tamils, the problem is largely recognised as lack of autonomy to contribute to the strengthening of our  consolidated investment in Sovereignty. Majority Tamils are emotionally driven and hence a certain degree of separation is needed. The problem as pictured by the Government at its best could be taken from the following presentation by the Hon Dayasiri Jayasekara, Minister for Sports:
[Emphasing that he was a good Sinhala Buddhist opposed to the division of the country, the Minister said "Let me ask you’ll a question. The Tamils fought for autonomy for nearly 30 years. If you now tell them that devolution even within a united Sri Lanka is not possible, then you cannot rule out the possibility of another conflict."
Responding to a question, Jayasekera said that the government would consider the views expressed by the Mahanayakes as well in drafting a new Constitution.
He said that the prelates understood fully well that devolution would not lead to Eelam as explained to them by both President Maithripala Sirisena and Prime Minister Ranil Wickrermesinghe, but they were under pressure from some Sinhala extremists to issue various statements.]

At the level of Parliament – the picture has been completed to render Equal status to Tamils at National level. All Tamils who are Sovereign – would recognize that the deeper Energies beyond the seen and the known have been active to produce this outcome. If they allow their sons and daughters to rebel through weapons – then they would lose this support of Divine forces – especially if they win at the primary level – which usually is the family and the community itself.
The above mentioned minister himself recognizes only that which he recognized and registered as an adult. As per published details Mr. Dayasiri Jayasekara was only 8 years of age in 1977 and 14 years of age in 1983, when the worst riots of our times happened in Colombo which resulted in active enrolment of Tamil youth with militant groups. But this leaves out the struggle by politicians who relative to the militants, to my mind made a far stronger intellectual contribution through lawful pathways to up hold their Sovereignty as individuals and as part of the Tamil Community. They continued to use the lawful pathway and hence the support from Sovereignty Itself.

To my mind, the law of logic says that a higher theory must satisfy all other theories that apply at the lower level. The way to diffuse the majority’s desires and fears, to my mind is – to add the provision that in each Province, the religion of majority in that province at the time of voting will be the foremost religion of that province and where such group is more than 50% of the population of that Province,  the Provincial Government has the responsibility to take visible steps to ensure by specific law, the protection of privacy of other religions to practice their religion within their private areas.

Article 9 of the Sri Lankan Constitution provides for Buddhism to be the foremost religion of the Nation. With this – one cannot call this a democratic Constitution. But the removal could bring back a regime that did not respect the law and often used emotional power to keep its position. Militants matched this with weapons. A parent can devolve only the power that s/he has. Hence to address both needs – the avenue that comes to my mind is to provide for the parallel at Provincial level – with the provision that in Provinces where Buddhism is a minority it would be the link religion – linking that Province to the Nation – as English links us to the wider world – as provided for  in the Constitution through Article 18 (3) which states:
‘English shall be the link language.’

That would satisfy the system of Karma or the Christian advice that we ought to do unto others as we would have those others do unto us. 

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